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Absolutely Fabulous (Ab Fab) – BBC 1992–1996; 2001–2004; 2011–2012

Edina “Eddy” Monsoon and Patsy Stone are a pair of high-powered career women on the London fashion scene. Eddy runs her own PR firm, and Patsy is an editor at a top British fashion magazine.

It was derived from a sketch in French & Saunders.

The character of Edina was based on PR guru Lynne Franks.

Serge Turtle is Edina's older child and only son. He is an unseen character.

Patsy’s name is Eurydice Colette Clytemnestra Dido Bathsheba Rabelais Patricia Cocteau Stone.

Set in Holland Park.

Edina Monsoon                                         Jennifer Saunders

Patsy Stone                                              Joanna Lumley

Saffron, Edina’s daughter                         Julia Sawalha

Mother, Edina’s mother                            June Whitfield

Bubble, Edina’s personal assistant          Jane Horrocks

After Henry – ITV 1988-1992

Started on BBC Radio 4 in 1985

Sarah France is the widow of a GP, Henry. She shares a house with her demanding mother, Eleanor Prescott, and her obstinate daughter, Clare.

Sarah works at Bygone Books

Sarah France                                            Prunella Scales

Eleanor Prescott                                       Joan Sanderson

Clare France                                             Janine Wood

Agony – ITV 1979-1981. Agony Again – BBC 1995

Jane Lucas is a successful agony aunt (for Happening Radio and Person magazine) whose personal life is chaotic.

This was the first British sitcom to portray a gay couple (Rob and Michael) as non-camp, intelligent and happy people.

The series was revived in 1995 by the BBC with Jane as the host of television show Lucas Live.

Jane Lucas                                               Maureen Lipman

Laurence Lucas                                        Simon Williams

Bea Fisher                                                Maria Charles

Andy Evol                                                  Peter Blake

Rob                                                           Jeremy Bulloch

Michael                                                      Peter Denyer

Val Dunn                                                   Diana Weston

Vincent Fish                                              Bill Nighy

Daniel (Agony Again)                                David Harewood

Debra (Agony Again)                                Doon Mackichan

Ain’t Misbehavin’ – BBC 1994-1995

Writer: Roy Clarke.

Wronged spouses get together to scupper the illicit affair being conducted by their other halves.

Clive Quigley                                             Peter Davison

Sonia Drysdale                                         Nicola Pagett

Melissa Quigley (series 1)                        Lesley Manville

Melissa Quigley (series 2)                        Karen Drury

Dave Drysdale                                          John Duttine

All About Me – BBC 2002-2004

Set in Birmingham and about a multi-cultural family. The 'me' in the title is cerebral palsy sufferer Raj, whose thoughts are heard in a voiceover.

Colin Craddock                                         Jasper Carrott

Rupinder Craddock (series 1)                  Meera Syal

Rupinder Craddock (series 2 and 3)        Nina Wadia

Raj                                                             Jamil Dhillon

All Gas and Gaiters – BBC 1966-1971

Set in the close of the fictional St Ogg's Cathedral and concerned various intrigues and rivalries among the clergy.

Bishop Cuthbert Hever                             William Mervyn

Archdeacon Henry Blunt                           Robertson Hare

Reverend Mervyn Noote                           Derek Nimmo

'Allo 'Allo! – BBC 1982-1992

The story is set in Café Rene in the town of Nouvion, in German-occupied France during the Second World War. It is a parody of Secret Army and was created by David Croft, who also wrote the theme music, and Jeremy Lloyd.

Military from the Axis powers have occupied the town and stolen all of its valuable artefacts. These include a painting of The Fallen Madonna by Van Klomp (known to those who have seen it as The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies).

The café is being used as a safe house for two British airmen, Fairfax and Carstairs.

A secret communication device between London and the resistance (codename "Nighthawk") is hidden under a bed.

Officer Crabtree is a British spy posing as a French police officer. Greeting – “Good moaning!”

Rene Artois                                               Gordon Kaye

Edith Artois, Rene’s wife                          Carmen Silvera

Yvette Carte-Blanche, waitress                Vicki Michelle

Major-General Klinkerhoffen                    Hilary Minster

Lieutenant Gruber                                     Guy Siner

Herr Otto Flick, Gestapo officer                Richard Gibson

Helga Geerhart, lover of Herr Flick          Kim Hartman

Michelle Dubois, Resistance leader         Kirsten Cooke

Officer Crabtree                                        Arthur Bostrom

And Mother Makes Three – ITV 1971-1973. And Mother Makes Five – ITV 1974-1976

Widow Sally Harrison has two sons. Widower David Redway has one daughter. You do the maths.

Sally Harrison                                           Wendy Craig

Simon Harrison                                         Robin Davies

Peter Harrison                                           David Parfitt

David Redway                                           Richard Coleman

Jane Redway                                            Miriam Mann

Andy Capp – ITV 1988

Sitcom based on the cartoon strip of the same name and created by Reg Smythe.

Andy Capp                                                James Bolam

Flo Capp                                                   Paula Tilbrook

Are You Being Served? – BBC 1972-1985

Created and written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft.

Set in the retail ladies' and gentlemen's clothing floor departments of a fictional London department store called Grace Brothers.

Proposed but never taken up US adaptation was to be called Beanes of Boston (only a pilot was recorded).

Grace & Favour (BBC 1992-1993) was a sequel to Are You Being Served?. It was set in the Millstone Manor country hotel.

Mrs Betty Slocombe                                 Molly Sugden

Mr Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries    John Inman

Captain Stephen Peacock                        Frank Thornton

Mr Cuthbert Rumbold                               Nicholas Smith

Miss Shirley Brahms                                 Wendy Richard

Mr Ernest Grainger                                   Arthur Brough

Mr Dick Lucas                                           Trevor Bannister

Mr Harman                                                Arthur English

Young Mr Grace                                       Harold Bennett

The Army Game – ITV 1957-1961

The series followed the escapades of National Service conscripts Hut 29 at Nether Hopping Camp, Staffordshire. It inspired Carry On Sergeant, the first Carry On film, which also featured Hartnell, Hawtrey and Rossington.

A spin-off Bootsie and Snudge – ITV 1961-1963 and 1974 – saw Bisley and Snudge back in civilian life.

Maj. "Upshot" Bagley                                Geoffrey Sumner

Sgt. Maj. Percy Bullimore                         William Hartnell

Cpl. Springer                                             Michael Medwin

Pvt. Montague "Excused Boots" Bisley    Alfie Bass

Pvt. "Cupcake" Cook                                Norman Rossington

Pvt. "Professor" Hatchett                          Charles Hawtrey

Pvt. "Popeye" Popplewell                         Bernard Bresslaw

Sgt. Maj. Claude Snudge                         Bill Fraser

Cpl. "Flogger" Hoskins                              Harry Fowler

As Time Goes By – BBC 1992-2002

Writer: Bob Larbey.

The series followed two young lovers who, having gone their separate ways, meet again in middle-age and rekindle their romance.

Lionel Hardcastle                                                         Geoffrey Palmer

Jean Pargetter (previously Hanson)                           Judi Dench

"Judi" Deacon (née Hanson), Jean's daughter           Moira Brooker

Alistair Deacon, Judith's husband                               Philip Bretherton

Sandy Edwards, Jean's secretary                               Jenny Funnell

Richard "Rocky" Hardcastle, Lionel's father               Frank Middlemass

Madge Hardcastle                                                       Joan Sims

Babes in the Wood – ITV 1998-1999

The series was set in St John’s Wood, where 3 twenty-somethings share a flat.

Leigh Jackson                                           Denise van Outen

Caralyn Monroe/Munroe                           Natalie Walter

Charlie Lovall                                            Karl Howman

Benito                                                        Mark Hayford

Ruth Ford/Frause                                      Samantha Janus

Francesca "Frankie" Fraiser-Jones          Madeleine Curtis

Bachelor Father – BBC 1970-1971

Peter Lamb is a rich man who fosters a variety of diverse children.

Peter Lamb                                               Ian Carmichael

Mrs Rathbone                                           Sonia Graham

Bad Education – BBC 2012-2014

Creator: Jack Whitehall.

Alfie Wickers is the new history teacher at Abbey Grove School, in Watford.

Alfred Frufrock "Alfie" Wickers                           Jack Whitehall

Shaquille Banter "Simon" Fraser                       Mathew Horne

Isobel Pickwell                                                    Michelle Gomez

Rosie Gulliver                                                     Sarah Solemani

Professor Celia "Pro Green" Green                   Samantha Spiro

Martin Wickers                                                   Harry Enfield

Olive Mollinson                                                   Leila Hoffman

Chantelle Parsons                                              Nikki Runeckles

Jing Hua                                                             Kae Alexander

Joe Poulter                                                         Ethan Lawrence

Mitchell Harper                                                   Charlie Wernham

Leslie "Rem Dogg" Remmington                       Jack Binstead

Stephen Carmichael                                          Layton Williams

Frank Grayson                                                   Jack Bence

Cleopatra Ofoedo                                               Weruche Opia

Barbara – ITV 1995(pilot), 1999-2003

Set in Leeds, the series revolved around the sometime surreal goings on in Barbara’s family and her work as a doctor’s receptionist. She was shot in the last episode, leaving a cliffhanger ending to the series.

Barbara Liversidge                                   Gwen Taylor

Ted Liversidge                                          Sam Kelly

Neil Liversidge                                          Benedict Sandiford

Jean Nesbitt                                              Sherrie Hewson

Linda Pond                                                Elizabeth Carling

Martin Pond                                              Mark Benton

Doreen                                                      Madge Hindle

Queenie Liversidge                                   Jean Alexander

Beast – BBC 2000-2001

Series created by Simon Nye.

Set in a veterinary practice where the owner Nick doesn’t actually like animals.

Nick, vet and owner of the practice          Alexander Armstrong

Kirsten, receptionist                                  Doon Mackichan

Jade, vet’s assistant                                 Emma Pierson

Andrew, vet                                               Steven Alvey

Briony, vet                                                 Sylvestra Le Touzel

Beggar My Neighbour – BBC 1966-1968

Class based comedy where two sisters (Rose and Lana) live next door to each other and are respectively married to an office worker and a manual worker.

Gerald Garvey (series 1)                          Peter Jones

Gerald Garvey (from series 2)                  Desmond Walter-Ellis

Rose Garvey                                             June Whitfield

Harry Butt                                                  Reg Varney

Lana Butt                                                   Pat Coombs

Benidorm – ITV 2007-

The adventures of holiday makers and staff at the all-inclusive Solana hotel in Benidorm.

Mateo Castellanos                                    Jake Canuso

Jacqueline Stewart                                   Janine Duvitski

Geoff Maltby                                             Johnny Vegas

Noreen Maltby                                          Elsie Kelly

Les/Lesley Marshall                                  Tim Healy

Joyce Temple-Savage                              Sherrie Hewson

Joan Collins                                              Crystal Hennessy-Vass

Birds of a Feather – BBC 1989-1998 and ITV 2014-

Series created by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

Long-running BBC sitcom revived by ITV in 2014.

Sharon moves in with her sister Tracey in her large house in Chigwell after their husbands are sent to prison for armed robbery. They are visited on a daily basis by man-mad (usually a younger man) neighbour Dorien Green.

In the revived series Dorien is rich, having written “Sixty Shades of Green” and reconnects with her daughter Naomi, whom she gave up for adoption 50 years before. Sharon, Tracey and Dorien end up living in Tracey’s house back in Chigwell.

The last two BBC series were set in Hainault but the action returned to Chigwell in the ITV revival.

Matt Willis from Busted/McBusted played Tracey’s son Garth for one series.

Sharon Theodopolopodos (1989–98, 2014–)             Pauline Quirke

Tracey Stubbs (1989–98, 2014–)                                Linda Robson

Dorien Green (1989–98, 2014–)                                 Lesley Joseph

Garth Stubbs (2014)                                                    Matt Willis

Garth Stubbs (2015–)                                                  Samuel James

Travis Stubbs (2014–)                                                 Charlie Quirke

Chris Theodopolopodos (1989, 1997–98, 2014)        David Cardy

Chris Theodopolopodos (1990–94)                            Peter Polycarpou

Darryl Stubbs (1989–94)                                             Alun Lewis

Darryl Stubbs (1997)                                                   Doug McFerran

Marcus Green (1989, 1993, 1997)                              Nickolas Grace

Marcus Green (1990)                                                  Stephen Greif

Black Books – Channel 4 2002-2004

The series was created by Dylan Moran and Graham Linehan.

Cynical and drunken Bernard Black runs a bookshop with the help of assistant Bianco.

Bernard Black                                           Dylan Moran

Manny Bianco                                           Bill Bailey

Fran Katzenjammer                                  Tamsin Greig

Blackadder – BBC 1983-1989

The Black Adder – BBC 1983

The first series was written by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson.

Set in 1485 and written as an alternate history in which Richard III wins the Battle of Bosworth Field only to be mistaken for someone else and murdered by Edmund “The Black Adder”. He is succeeded by Richard IV, one of the Princes in the Tower. Edmund begins the series as a bit of an idiot but by the end is more worldly and conniving. Miriam Margolyes makes an appearance in the series as Infanta Maria Escalosa of Spain. Rik Mayall plays Mad Gerald in the final episode.

Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh, “The Black Adder”       Rowan Atkinson

King Richard IV                                                            Brian Blessed

Gertrude, Queen of Flanders                                      Elspet Gray

Percy, Duke of Northumberland                                 Tim McInnerny

Baldrick, son of Robin the Dung Gatherer                  Tony Robinson

Blackadder II – BBC 1986

The second, third and fourth series were written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton.

Set during the reign of Elizabeth I, a capricious monarch who will have you beheaded on a whim. Edmund spends the series trying to keep in her good books, often in competition with Lord Melchett.

Miriam Margolyes plays Lady Whiteadder. Rik Mayall makes an appearance as Lord Flashheart. Gabrielle Glaister makes her/his first appearance as “Bob” (or rather Kate who elopes with Flashheart).

Lord Edmund Blackadder                                                     Rowan Atkinson

Lord Percy Percy, Heir to the Duchy of Northumberland     Tim McInnerny

Baldrick                                                                                  Tony Robinson

Queen Elizabeth I of England                                               Miranda Richardson

Lord Melchett, the Lord Chamberlain                                   Stephen Fry

Nursie                                                                                    Patsy Byrne

Blackadder the Third – BBC 1987

Set during the Regency Period with Edmund as head butler to the dim Prince Regent (George, Prince of Wales).

Edmund Blackadder                                 Rowan Atkinson

Baldrick                                                     Tony Robinson

George, Prince Regent                             Hugh Laurie

Mrs Miggins                                              Helen Atkinson-Wood

Blackadder Goes Forth - BBC 1989

Set in 1917 on the Western Front. Edmund is now captain in the British Army with Baldrick his batman. Blackadder spends most of the series trying to prevent himself and his men being sent ‘over the top’ by the incompetent High Command in the person of Lord Melchett. He ultimately fails in this endeavour.

Rik Mayall and Gabrielle Glaister reprised characters (Lord Flashheart and “Bob” respectively) they had played in earlier series.

‘Good luck everyone’ – Blackadder’s last words before going ‘over the top’ in the last episode.

Captain Edmund Blackadder                                      Rowan Atkinson

Private Baldrick                                                            Tony Robinson

George, Prince Regent                                                Hugh Laurie

General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett         Stephen Fry

Captain Kevin Darling                                                  Tim McInnerny

Bless Me Father – ITV 1978-1981

A series about a Catholic priest and his young curate set in St Judes (in an unnamed London suburb).

Father Charles Clement Duddleswell       Arthur Lowe

Father Neil Boyd                                       Daniel Abineri

Bless This House – ITV 1971-1976

Generational comedy (the first episode was called “Generation Gap”) set in Birch Avenue, Putney.

Sid Abbott                                                 Sidney James

Jean Abbott                                               Diana Coupland

Mike Abbott, son                                       Robin Stewart

Sally Abbott, daughter                              Sally Geeson

Trevor Lewis, next door neighbour           Anthony Jackson

Betty Lewis, next door neighbour             Patsy Rowlands

Bob Martin – ITV 2000-2001

This was an attempt to replicate The Larry Sanders Show in a UK television setting. It ended with the sinking of Michael Barrymore’s career.

Bob Martin                                                Michael Barrymore

Bottle Boys – ITV 1984-1985

Writer: Vince Powell

Apparently originally written for Jim Davidson, this morphed into an attempt to replicate Askwith’s “success” in the “Confessions of...” film series (this time as a randy milkman) It often makes it onto lists of the worst ever sitcoms.

Dave Deacon                                            Robin Askwith

Bottom – BBC 1991-1995

“Anarchic” slapstick strewn sitcom set in a flat at 11 Mafeking Parade, Hammersmith.

Edward "Eddie" Elizabeth Hitler               Adrian Edmondson

Richard "Richie" Richard                          Rik Mayall

Brass – ITV 1983–1984; Channel 4 1990

A satire on the then current television costume dramas set in the fictitious Northern town of Utterley in the 1930s where two rival families are constantly at loggerheads - the wealthy Hardacres and the working-class Fairchilds.

In the revived series both families had moved to London.

Bradley Hardacre                                      Timothy West

Lady Patience Hardacre                           Caroline Blakiston

Isobel Hardacre                                        Gail Harrison

Charlotte Hardacre                                   Emily Morgan

Austin Hardacre                                        Robert Reynolds

Morris Hardacre                                        James Saxon

“Red” Agnes Fairchild                               Barbara Ewing

George Fairchild                                       Geoffrey Hinsliff

George Fairchild (1990)                            Geoffrey Hutchings

Jack Fairchild                                            Shaun Scott

Matthew Fairchild                                      Gary Cady

Bread – BBC 1986-1991

Writer: Carla Lane.

The series followed the trials and tribulations of an extended Liverpool family during the late 1980s. There was also a Boswell family in Carla Lane’s Liver Birds.

Mrs Nellie Boswell                                    Jean Boht

Freddie Boswell                                        Ronald Forfar

Joey Boswell                                             Peter Howitt

Joey Boswell                                             Graham Bickley

Jack Boswell                                             Victor McGuire

Adrian Boswell                                          Jonathon Morris

Aveline Carter (née Boswell)                    Gilly Coman

Aveline Carter (née Boswell)                    Melanie Hill

Billy Boswell                                              Nick Conway

Grandad                                                    Kenneth Waller

Shifty                                                         Bryan Murray

Lilo Lill                                                       Eileen Pollock

Reverend Oswald Carter                          Giles Watling

Celia Higgins                                             Rita Tushingham

Brighton Belles – ITV 1993-1994

A British adaptation of The Golden Girls.

Frances                                                     Sheila Hancock

Annie                                                         Wendy Craig

Bridget                                                       Sheila Gish

Josephine                                                  Jean Boht

The Brittas Empire – BBC 1991-1997

The series was set in and around Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre, where Gordon Brittas is the manager.

Gordon Brittas                                           Chris Barrie

Helen Brittas                                             Pippa Haywood

Laura Lancing                                           Julia St. John

Colin Weatherby                                       Michael Burns

Carole                                                       Harriet Thorpe

Julie                                                           Judy Flynn

Linda                                                         Jill Greenacre

Gavin                                                         Tim Marriott

Tim                                                            Russell Porter

Brothers in Law – BBC 1962

Writers: Frank Muir and Denis Norden.

Legal comedy based on a novel and 1956 film of the same name.

Yootha Joyce made her TV debut in this series.

Roger Thursby                                          Richard Briers

Kendall Grimes                                         John Glyn-Jones

The Brothers McGregor – ITV 1985-1988

A spin-off from Coronation Street.

Cyril McGregor                                          Philip Whitchurch

Wesley McGregor                                     Paul Barber

Brush Strokes – BBC 1986-1991

Writers: John Esmonde and Bob Larbey

The amorous adventures of housepainter Jacko.

The theme music “Because of You” was written and performed by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Jacko                                                         Karl Howman

Eric                                                            Mike Walling

Jean                                                          Nicky Croydon

Lionel Bainbridge                                      Gary Waldhorn

Butterflies – BBC 1978-1983

Writer: Carla Lane

Set in Cheltenham. Housewife Ria, married to a dentist, has a mid-life crisis.

Theme music: cover by Clare Torry of Dolly Parton’s "Love Is Like a Butterfly".

Ria Parkinson                                           Wendy Craig

Ben Parkinson                                          Geoffrey Palmer

Russell Parkinson                                     Andrew Hall

Adam Parkinson                                       Nicholas Lyndhurst

Leonard                                                     Bruce Montague

Thomas                                                     Michael Ripper

Ruby                                                          Joyce Windsor

Casanova ’73 – BBC 1973

Writers: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson

This series is best remembered for being the programme which was moved to another time slot and was replaced by Mastermind, which then became popular.

Henry Newhouse                                      Leslie Phillips

Carol Newhouse                                       Jan Holden

Catterick –BBC 2004

Creators: Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

Surreal sitcom.

Carl Palmer                                                        Bob Mortimer

Chris Palmer and DI Keith Fowler                     Vic Reeves

Roy Oates and Dan, Dan the Shellfish Man      Matt Lucas

Tony                                                                   Reece Shearsmith

Tess                                                                    Morwenna Banks

Mark                                                                   Mark Benton

Ian                                                                       Tim Healy

Pat the Barman                                                  Charlie Higson

Chambers – BBC 2000-2001

Legal comedy transferred from Radio 4.

John Fuller-Carp                                       John Bird

Ruth Quirke                                               Sarah Lancashire

Alex Kahn                                                 Nina Wadia

Hilary Tripping                                           James Fleet

Chance in a Million – Channel 4 1984-1986

Odd ball who is always at the centre of trouble, finds love.

Tom Chance                                             Simon Callow

Alison Little                                               Brenda Blethyn

Mr. Little                                                    Ronnie Stevens

Mr. Little                                                    Hugh Walters

Mrs. Little                                                  Deddie Davies

Chef! – BBC 1993-1996

Chef Gareth owns and runs the financially struggling “Le Château Anglais” restaurant with his wife.

Gareth Blackstock                                    Lenny Henry

Janice Blackstock                                     Caroline Lee-Johnson

Everton Stonehead                                   Roger Griffiths

Lucinda                                                     Claire Skinner

Gustave LaRoche                                     Jeff Nuttal

Piers                                                          Gary Parker

Cyril Bryson                                              Dave Hill

Citizen James – BBC 1960-1962

The series featured many of the cast of Hancock and was initially written by Galton and Simpson. Sid begins as a bit of a chancer but by the second series has become a campaigner.

Sidney “Balmoral” James                         Sid James

Bill                                                             Bill Kerr

Liz                                                              Liz Frazer

Albert and Charlie                                     Sidney Tafler

Citizen Khan – BBC 2012-

Set in Sparkhill, Birmingham, Khan had already featured in the BBC Two comedy series Bellamy's People.

Mr Khan                                                    Adil Ray

Mrs Razia Khan                                        Shobu Kapoor

Shazia Malik                                             Maya Sondhi

Alia Khan                                                   Bhavna Limbachia

Amjad Malik, Shazia’s fiancé                    Abdullah Afzal

Dave, manager of the mosque                 Kris Marshall

Citizen Smith – BBC 1977-1980

Writer: John Sullivan

Unemployed Wolfie is the self-proclaimed leader of the Tooting Popular Front – catchphrases "Power to the People" and "Freedom for Tooting".

Walter Henry "Wolfie" Smith                     Robert Lindsay

Ken Mills                                                   Mike Grady

Shirley Johnson                                        Cheryl Hall

Florence Johnson                                     Hilda Braid

Charlie Johnson                                        Peter Vaughan

Charlie Johnson                                        Tony Steedman

Tucker                                                       Tony Millan

Anthony "Speed" King                              George Sweeney

Harry Fenning                                           Stephen Greif

Clarence – BBC 1988

Writer: Bob Ferris (really Ronnie Barker – Bob Ferris is a character in The Likely Lads)

Short-sighted removal man finds love. This was Barker’s final sitcom before his retirement.

Clarence Sale                                           Ronnie Barker

Jane Travers                                             Josephine Tewson

Colin's Sandwich – BBC 1988-1990

British Rail complaints department clerk aspires to become a writer.

Colin Watkins                                            Mel Smith

Jenny Anderson                                        Louisa Rix

Come Back Mrs. Noah – BBC 1977-1978

Writers: Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft

A housewife is accidently blasted into space. Another candidate for the list of worst British sitcom.

Mrs. Gertrude Noah                                  Mollie Sugden

Clive Cunliffe                                             Ian Lavender

Carstairs                                                    Donald Hewlett

Fanshaw                                                   Michael Knowles

TV Presenter                                             Gorden Kaye

Coming of Age – BBC 2007-2011

The series focuses on the lives of sixth-form students at Wooten College.

Matthew "Matt" Cobbett                            Tony Bignell

Darren "DK" Karrimore                             Joe Tracini

Jasmine "Jas" Brown                                Hannah Job

Oliver "Ollie" Sinclair                                 Ceri Phillips

Chloe "Clo" Wheeler                                 Anabel Barnston

Jane Reed                                                Ellen Thomas

Wilberforce De Wilde                                Matthew Earley

Comrade Dad – BBC 1984-1986

Set in a Britain where the Soviet Union has taken over.

Reg Dudgeon                                            George Cole

Treen Dudgeon                                         Barbara Ewing

Gran                                                          Doris Hare

Constant Hot Water – ITV 1986

Rivalry grows between landladies in neighbouring B&Bs in Bridlington. Pat Phoenix died shortly after the only series was broadcast.

Phyllis Nugent                                           Pat Phoenix

Miranda Thorpe                                        Prunella Gee

Count Arthur Strong – BBC 2013-

Writers: Steve Delaney and Graham Linehan

Adapted from a radio series about an eccentric semi-retired Music Hall performer.

Count Arthur Strong                                  Steve Delaney

Michael Baker                                           Rory Kinnear

Bulent                                                        Chris Ryman

Sinem                                                        Zahra Ahmadi

John the Watch                                         Andy Linden

Coupling – BBC 2000-2004

Writer: Stephen Moffat

The various couplings, de-couplings and re-couplings of six friends.

It won "Best TV Comedy" at the 2003 British Comedy Awards.

Theme music: "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" performed by Mari Wilson.

Steve Taylor                                              Jack Davenport

Susan Walker                                           Sarah Alexander

Jeff Murdock                                             Richard Coyle

Sally Harper                                              Kate Isitt

Patrick Maitland                                        Ben Miles

Jane Christie                                             Gina Bellman

Oliver Morris                                             Richard Mylan

Cuckoo – BBC 2012-

Set in Lichfield. Unbeknown to her parents, Rachel Thompson has married Cuckoo whilst on her gap year.

Ken Thompson                                         Greg Davies

Lorna Thompson                                       Helen Baxendale

Rachel Thompson (series 1)                    Tamla Kari

Rachel Thompson (series 2)                    Esther Smith

Dylan Thompson                                       Tyger Drew-Honey

Dale "Cuckoo" Ashbrick                            Andy Samberg

Dale Jr.                                                      Taylor Lautner

The Cuckoo Waltz – ITV 1975-1980

The newlywed Hawthornes are struggling financially so take in a lodger.

Fliss Hawthorne                                        Diane Keen

Chris Hawthorne                                       David Roper

Gavin Rumsey                                          Lewis Collins

Adrian Lockett                                           Ian Saynor

Curry and Chips – ITV 1969

Writer: Johnny Speight

Spike Milligan blacked-up as Asian immigrant Kevin O'Grady who worked at Lillicrap Ltd. Considered racist even in the late 1960s it was dropped after 6 episodes.

Kevin O’Grady                                          Spike Milligan

The Foreman                                            Eric Sykes

Shop Steward                                           Norman Rossington

Dad – BBC 1997-1999

Writer: Andrew Marshall

Generational comedy.

Alan Hook                                                 Kevin McNally

Brian Hook                                                George Cole

Vincent Hook                                            Toby Ross-Bryant

Beryl Hook                                                Julia Hills

Dad's Army – BBC 1968-1977 (80 episodes)

Writers: Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

First episode: The Man and the Hour

Last episode: Never Too Old. Corporal Jones marries Mrs. Fox.

The squad meetings were held at St. Aldhelm’s Church Hall, Walmington on Sea.

Captain Mainwaring was the manager of Swallow’s Bank. His wife Elizabeth is never seen.

Godfrey was a conscientious objector in WWI but was awarded the Military Medal for bravery as a combat medic.

Catchphrases: "Don't panic!"; "You stupid boy!"; “They don’t like it up ‘em”; “We’re doomed”.

Theme tune: "Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler?" sung by Bud Flanagan.

Captain George Mainwaring                     Arthur Lowe

Sergeant Arthur Wilson                            John Le Mesurier

Lance-Corporal Jack Jones                      Clive Dunn

Private James Frazer                               John Laurie

Private Joe Walker                                   James Beck

Private Charles Godfrey                           Arnold Ridley

Private Frank Pike                                    Ian Lavender

ARP Warden William Hodges                  Bill Pertwee

The Reverend Timothy Farthing               Frank Williams

Maurice Yeatman                                      Edward Sinclair

Mrs. Mavis Pike                                        Janet Davies

Mrs. Fox                                                    Pamela Cundell

Private Sponge                                         Colin Bean

Private Cheeseman                                  Talfryn Thomas

Dear John – BBC 1986-1987

Writer: John Sullivan

A series based around the 1-2-1 Singles Club.

John Lacey                                               Ralph Bates

Kate                                                           Belinda Lang

Ralph                                                         Peter Denyer

Kirk St Moritz/Eric Morris                          Peter Blake

Dear Ladies – BBC 1983-1984

Hinge and Bracket live in the quiet village of Stackton Tressel.

Doctor Evadne Hinge                               George Logan

Dame Hilda Bracket                                  Patrick Fyffe

Desmond’s – Channel 4 1989-1994 (71 episodes)

Set around a barber’s shop in Peckham.

Spin-off: Porkpie – Channel 4 1995-1996

Desmond Ambrose                                                      Norman Beaton

Shirley Ambrose                                                          Carmen Munroe

Michael Ambrose                                                         Geff Francis

Gloria Ambrose                                                            Kimberley Walker

Sean Ambrose                                                             Justin Pickett

Augustus Neapolitan Cleveland "Porkpie" Grant        Ram John Holder

The Detectives – BBC 1993-1997

Creator: Jasper Carrott

A spoof of police dramas which originated from a five-minute sketch on Jasper Carrott's sketch/stand-up show Canned Carrott.

David Briggs is the name of one of the creators of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

David Briggs                                             Robert Powell

Bob Louis                                                  Jasper Carrott

Superintendent Cottam                             George Sewell]

Nozzer                                                       Tony Selby

Dinnerladies – BBC 1998-2000

Creator: Victoria Wood

Set entirely in the canteen of HWD Components.

Brenda Furlong                                         Victoria Wood

Tony Martin                                               Andrew Dunn

Dolly Bellfield                                            Thelma Barlow

Jean                                                          Anne Reid

Twinkle                                                      Maxine Peake

Anita                                                          Shobna Gulati

Stan Meadowcroft                                     Duncan Preston

Philippa Moorcroft                                     Celia Imrie

Petula Gordino, Brenda’s mother             Julie Walters

Doctor in the House – ITV 1969-1970

Based on the books and a film of the same name by Richard Gordon.

The adventures of medical students at St Swithin's hospital.

It was followed by Doctor at Large, Doctor in Charge, Doctor at Sea, Doctor on the Go, Doctor Down Under (for Australian Television) and Doctor at the Top.

Michael A. Upton                                      Barry Evans

Duncan Waring                                         Robin Nedwell

Dick Stuart-Clark                                       Geoffrey Davies

Paul Collier                                               George Layton

Helga                                                         Yutte Stensgaard

Huw Evans                                                Martin Shaw

Daniel Hooley                                           Jonathan Lynn

Professor Geoffrey Loftus                        Ernest Clark

Doctor at Large - ITV 1971

Duncan Waring                                         Robin Nedwell

Dick Stuart-Clark                                       Geoffrey Davies

Paul Collier                                               George Layton

Professor Geoffrey Loftus                        Ernest Clark

Dr Lawrence Bingham                              Richard O'Sullivan

Dr Maxwell                                                Arthur Lowe

Sue Maxwell                                             Madeline Smith

Dr Whiteland                                             Fabia Drake

Doctor in Charge - ITV 1972-1973

Duncan Waring                                         Robin Nedwell

Dick Stuart-Clark                                       Geoffrey Davies

Paul Collier                                               George Layton

Professor Geoffrey Loftus                        Ernest Clark

Dr Lawrence Bingham                              Richard O'Sullivan

Doctor at Sea - ITV 1974

Duncan Waring                                         Robin Nedwell

Dick Stuart-Clark                                       Geoffrey Davies

Captain Norman Loftus                             Ernest Clark

Doctor on the Go - ITV 1975-1977

Duncan Waring                                         Robin Nedwell

Dick Stuart-Clark                                       Geoffrey Davies

Professor Geoffrey Loftus                        Ernest Clark

Doctor at the Top - BBC 1991

Duncan Waring                                         Robin Nedwell

Dick Stuart-Clark                                       Geoffrey Davies

Paul Collier                                               George Layton

Professor Geoffrey Loftus                        Ernest Clark

Dr Lionel Snell                                          Roger Sloman

Geraldine Waring                                      Georgina Melville

Rebecca Stuart-Clark                               Chloë Annett

Don’t Forget to Write! – BBC 1977-1979

A successful playwright suffers from “writers block”.

George Maple                                           George Cole

Mabel Maple                                             Gwen Watford

Wilfred Maple                                            Ron Emslie

Kate Maple                                                Claire Walker

Tom Lawrence                                          Francis Matthews

Don't Wait Up – BBC 1983-1990

Writer: George Layton

Father and son doctors move in together after their relationships end.

Dr. Toby Latimer                                       Tony Britton

Dr. Tom Latimer                                        Nigel Havers

Angela Latimer                                          Dinah Sheridan

Dressing for Breakfast – Channel 4 1995-1998

Louise is looking for the perfect man.

Louise                                                       Beatie Edney

Carla                                                         Holly Aird

Liz                                                              Charlotte Cornwell

Dave                                                          Nigel Lindsay

Drop the Dead Donkey – Channel 4 1990-1998 (65 episodes)

Writers: Andy Hamilton and Gary Jenkins.

Set in the offices of "GlobeLink News" TV news company

Gus Hedges                                              Robert Duncan

George Dent                                             Jeff Rawle

Alex Pates                                                 Haydn Gwynne

Helen Cooper                                            Ingrid Lacey

Henry Davenport                                       David Swift

Sally Smedley                                           Victoria Wicks

Damien Day                                              Stephen Tompkinson

Dave Charnley                                          Neil Pearson

Joy Merryweather                                     Susannah Doyle

Duck Patrol – ITV 1998

A series about the River Thames police.

PC Roland "Prof" Rose                             Richard Wilson

Simon "Darwin" Brown                             David Tennant

Gillian "Marilyn" Monroe                           Samantha Beckinsale

Malcolm "Sarge" White                             Geoffrey Hutchings

Hero                                                          Craig Fairbrass

Val Rutland                                               Sue Johnston

Angie Tennant                                          Jan Ravens

The Dustbinmen – ITV 1969-1970

The adventures of the crew of dustcart 'Thunderbird 3'.

Winston Platt                                             Graham Haberfield

Cheese and Egg                                       Bryan Pringle

Heavy Breathing                                       Trevor Bannister

Eric                                                            Tim Wylton

Smellie Ibbotson                                       John Barrett

Bloody Delilah                                           Brian Wilde then John Woodvine

Duty Free – ITV 1984-1986

Set in Marbella, filmed in Leeds.

David Pearce                                            Keith Barron

Amy Pearce                                              Gwen Taylor

Linda Cochran                                          Joanna Van Gyseghem

Robert Cochran                                        Neil Stacy

Carlos the Waiter                                      Carlos Douglas

Early Doors – BBC 2003-2004

Writers: Craig Cash and Phil Mealey.

The setting is The Grapes, a pub in Stockport.

Ken Dixon                                                 John Henshaw

Joe                                                            Craig Cash

Duffy                                                          Phil Mealey

Janice                                                        Maxine Peake

Eddie Bell                                                  Mark Benton

Joan Bell                                                   Lorraine Cheshire

Tommy                                                      Rodney Litchfield

Tanya                                                        Susan Cookson

Jean Dixon                                                Rita May

Winnie Cooper                                          Joan Kempson

Melanie Dixon                                           Christine Bottomley

Liam                                                          James McAvoy

Dean                                                         Lee Ingleby

Debbie                                                       Lisa Millett

Phil                                                            James Quinn

Nige                                                           Peter Wight

Keith Braithwaite                                       Eamon Boland

Episodes – BBC 2011-

Matt LeBlanc plays a fictional version of himself about a British television series that is remade for an American audience. LeBlanc won the 2012 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy for his performance.

Matt LeBlanc                                             Matt LeBlanc

Beverly Lincoln                                         Tamsin Greig

Sean Lincoln                                             Stephen Mangan

Merc Lapidus                                            John Pankow

Carol Rance                                              Kathleen Rose Perkins

Morning Randolph                                    Mircea Monroe

Ever Decreasing Circles – BBC 1984-1989

Writers: John Esmonde and Bob Larbey.

Martin’s world is upset by the arrival of the handsome and charming Paul as his new next-door neighbour.

The title music was Shostakovich's Prelude No. 15.

Martin Bryce                                              Richard Briers

Ann Bryce                                                 Penelope Wilton

Paul Ryman                                              Peter Egan

Howard Hughes                                        Stanley Lebor

Hilda Hughes                                            Geraldine Newman

Executive Stress – ITV 1986-1988

Writer: George Layton.

An office based sitcom where Penelope Keith plays a middle-aged woman who decides to return to work.

Theme tune: "Why We Fell in Love" was a Rice and Lloyd Webber composition sung by Julie Covington.

Caroline Fairchild (née Fielding)              Penelope Keith

Donald Fairchild                                        Geoffrey Palmer then Peter Bowles

Edgar Frankland Jr                                   Harry Ditson

Anthea Duxbury                                        Elizabeth Counsell

Sylvia                                                        Wanda Ventham

Extras – BBC 2005-2007

Writers: Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

A sitcom about extras working in television, film, and theatre.

Sitcom within a sitcom: When the Whistle Blows.

Andy Millman                                            Ricky Gervais

Maggie Jacobs                                          Ashley Jensen

Darren Lamb                                             Stephen Merchant

Barry from EastEnders                             Shaun Williamson

Greg Lindley-Jones                                  Shaun Pye

Fairly Secret Army – Channel 4 1984-1986

Harry Truscott decides to organise a paramilitary organization.

Harry is possibly the same character as Reginald Perrin’s brother-in-law Jimmy (see The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin immediately below).

Major Harry Kitchener Wellington Truscott        Geoffrey Palmer

Sgt. Major Throttle                                             Michael Robbins

Doris Entwisle                                                    Liz Fraser

Beamish                                                             Jeremy Child

Nancy                                                                 Diane Fletcher

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin – BBC 1976-1979

Creator: David Nobbs.

Reggie Perrin lives at 12 Coleridge Close on the "Poets Estate" in Climthorpe, a London suburb. He works as a sales executive at Sunshine Desserts.

Reggie fantasises about having an affair with his secretary Joan and always pictures his mother-in-law as a hippo.

He fakes suicide, comes back and opens a shop called “Grot” which sells useless products.

He then begins a community called Perrins for the middle-aged middle class. When that fails he joins Amalgamated Aerosols.

Catchphrases: “I didn’t get where I am today” (CJ); “Great” (Tony Webster); “Super” (David Harris-Jones); "Bit of a cock up on the catering front." (Jimmy).

Reginald Iolanthe Perrin                           Leonard Rossiter

Elizabeth Perrin                                        Pauline Yates

Mark Perrin                                               David Warwick

Linda Patterson                                         Sally-Jane Spencer

Tom Patterson                                          Tim Preece the Leslie Schofield

Joan Greengross                                      Sue Nicholls

CJ (Charles Jefferson)                              John Barron

Tony Webster                                           Trevor Adams

David Harris-Jones                                   Bruce Bould

Jimmy Anderson                                       Geoffrey Palmer

Doc Morrissey                                           John Horsley

A series called The Legacy of Reginald Perrin aired in 1996, 12 years after the death of Leonard Rossiter.

The series was revived in an “updated” version as Reggie Perrin (BBC 2009-2010).

This time Reggie’s wife is called Nicola and he works for Groomtech.

Reginald "Reggie" Perrin                          Martin Clunes

Nicola Perrin                                             Fay Ripley

William                                                      Geoffrey Whitehead

Marion Perrin                                            Wendy Craig

Chris Jackson                                           Neil Stuke

Jasmine Strauss                                       Lucy Liemann

Vicki                                                          Kerry Howard

Sue                                                            Susan Earl

Anthony                                                     Jim Howick

Steve                                                         Nick Mohammed

David                                                         Alexander Armstrong

Father, Dear Father – ITV 1968-1973

Divorced father lives with his two teenage daughters, nanny and St Bernard dog named H G Wells. Set in Hampstead.

Patrick Glover                                           Patrick Cargill

Karen Glover                                             Ann Holloway

Anna Glover                                              Natasha Pyne

Nanny                                                        Noel Dyson

Barbara Glover, Patrick’s ex-wife             Ursula Howells

Father Ted – Channel 4 1995-1998

Writers: Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan.

Catholic Priest Father Ted Crilly lives on Craggy Island with the dense young priest Father Dougal and foul-mouthed ("FECK!", "ARSE!", "DRINK!", "GIRLS!") Father Jack. They are looked after by the housekeeper, the refreshment-obsessed Mrs Doyle.

Father Dougal has a pet rabbit called Sampras.

Father Ted Crilly                                       Dermot Morgan

Father Dougal McGuire                            Ardal O'Hanlon

Father Jack Hackett                                  Frank Kelly

Mrs Doyle                                                  Pauline McLynn

Fawlty Towers – BBC 1975-1979 (12 episodes)

Writers: John Cleese and Connie Booth.

The hotel experience is based on Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay, owned by Donald Sinclair.

The US version was called Whispering Pines. In the Spanish version, Manuel is Italian.

The street address of Fawlty Towers is 16 Elwood Avenue.

The paperboy rearranges the letters on the "Fawlty Towers" sign to read various phrases - “Fawlty Towers”, "Fawlty Tower”, "Fawty Tower"; "Fawty Toer"; "Warty Towels"; "Watery Fowls"; "Flay Otters"; “Fatty Owls"; "Flowery Twats"; "Farty Towels".

Basil Fawlty                                               John Cleese

Sybil Fawlty                                               Prunella Scales

Polly Sherman                                          Connie Booth

Manuel                                                      Andrew Sachs

Terry Hugh                                                Brian Hall

Major Gowen                                            Ballard Berkeley

Miss Tibbs                                                 Gilly Flower

Miss Gatsby                                              Renee Roberts

Mr. O'Reilly                                               David Kelly

A Fine Romance – ITV 1981-1984

Creator: Bob Larbey.

An awkward romance develops after Helen sets up her sister Laura with landscape gardener Mike. Real-life husband and wife Williams and Dench play the couple.

Judi Dench sings the theme tune (from the musical Swing Time)

Laura Dalton                                             Judi Dench

Mike Selway                                              Michael Williams

Helen, Laura’s sister                                 Susan Penhaligon

Phil, Helen’s husband                               Richard Warwick

Filthy Rich & Catflap – BBC 1987

Creator: Ben Elton

A series featuring theatrical agent Filthy, a resting actor Rich and his bodyguard Catflap.

Ralph Filthy                                               Nigel Planer

Richard Rich                                             Rik Mayall

Edward Didgeridoo Catflap                      Adrian Edmondson

For the Love of Ada – ITV 1970-1971

Creators: Vince Powell and Harry Driver.

The series charts the burgeoning romance between two pensioners.

Ada Cresswell                                           Irene Handl

Walter Bingley                                           Wilfred Pickles

Ruth Pollitt                                                Barbara Mitchell

Leslie Pollitt                                               Jack Smethurst

The Fosters – ITV 1976-1977

This series was adapted from the US series Good Times and was the first British sitcom to have an entirely black cast.

Samuel Foster                                          Norman Beaton

Pearl Foster                                              Isabelle Lucas

Vilma                                                         Carmen Munroe

Sonny Foster                                            Lenny Henry

Shirley Foster                                            Sharon Rosita

Benjamin Foster                                        Lawrie Mark

Fresh Fields – ITV 1984-1986 French Fields – ITV 1989-1991

Writer: John Chapman

Hester takes up various new hobbies whilst her husband William is trying to have a quiet life. Set in Barnes

In French Fields, William and Hester relocate to France.

Hester Fields                                             Julia McKenzie

William Fields                                            Anton Rodgers

Nancy, Hester’s mother                            Fanny Rowe

Guy, Hester’s father                                  Ballard Berkeley

The Gaffer – ITV 1981-1983

Fred Moffatt runs a small and struggling engineering firm.

Bill Maynard                                              Fred Moffatt

Russell Hunter                                          Harry

Game On – BBC 1983-1985

Creators: Andrew Davies and Bernadette Davis.

Three childhood friends, agoraphobic Matt, wimp Martin and man-mad Mandy share a flat in Battersea.

Theme tune: "Where I Find My Heaven" by the Gigolo Aunts.

Matthew Norman Malone                         Ben Chaplin (series 1)

Matthew Norman Malone                         Neil Stuke (series 2 & 3)

Martin Henson                                          Matthew Cottle

Amanda "Mandy" Wilkins                         Samantha Womack (nee Janus)

Clare Monahan                                         Tracy Keating

Archie Glenister                                        Crispin Bonham-Carter

Gavin & Stacey – BBC 2007-2010

Writers: James Corden and Ruth Jones.

This sitcom followed the, initially, long-distance relationship between Gavin, who is from Billericay in Essex, and Stacey who lives in Barry, Glamorgan. A sub-plot concentrated on the even more tempestuous relationship between Gavin’s friend Smithy and Stacey’s friend Nessa.

A short-lived US remake was titled Us & Them.

Gavin Shipman                                                                      Mathew Horne

Stacey Shipman (née West)                                                 Joanna Page

Neil "Smithy" Smith                                                               James Corden

Vanessa Shanessa "Nessa" Jenkins                                    Ruth Jones

Michael "Mick" Shipman                                                       Larry Lamb

Pamela Andrea "Pam" Shipman (née Gryglaszewska)       Alison Steadman

Bryn West                                                                              Rob Brydon

Gwen West                                                                            Melanie Walters

George and Mildred – ITV 1976-1979

Spin-off from Man About the House in which the Ropers were the landlords.

They received a compulsory purchase order from the Council and move to 46 Peacock Crescent in Hampton Wick. The Fourmile family lives next door.

The Roper’s Yorkshire Terrier is called Truffles (Truffles duBorbon Fitzwilliam III).

Mildred Roper                                           Yootha Joyce

George Roper                                           Brian Murphy

Tristram Fourmile                                      Nicholas Bond-Owen

Jeffrey Fourmile                                        Norman Eshley

Ann Fourmile                                            Sheila Fearn

George and the Dragon – ITV 1966-1968

Writers: Harry Driver and Vince Powell.

Chauffeur George crosses swords with “battleaxe” housekeeper” Gabrielle.

George Russell                                         Sid James

Gabrielle Dragon                                       Peggy Mount

Colonel Maynard                                       John le Mesurier

Get Back – ITV 1992-1993

Writers: Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

The series features an early TV appearance by Kate Winslet as one of Ray Winstone’s daughters.

Prudence Sweet                                       Jane Booker

Martin Sweet                                             Ray Winstone

Loretta Sweet                                            Carol Harrison

Albert Sweet                                             Larry Lamb

Bernie Sweet                                            John Bardon

Eleanor Sweet                                          Kate Winslet

Joanna Sweet                                           Michelle Cattini

Get Some In! – ITV 1975-1978

Writers: John Esmonde and Bob Larbey

A sitcom about National Service in the Royal Air Force.

Ken Richardson                                        David Janson

Jakey Smith                                              Robert Lindsay then Karl Howman

Matthew Lilley                                           Gerard Ryder

Bruce Leckie                                             Brian Pettifer

Corporal Percy Marsh                               Tony Selby

Mrs Fairfax                                                Angela Thorne

Gimme Gimme Gimme – BBC 1999-2001

Loudmouthed Linda and gay Tom share a flat.

Linda La Hughes                                       Kathy Burke

Tom Farrell                                               James Dreyfus

Suze Littlewood                                        Beth Goddard

Jez Littlewood                                           Brian Bovell

Girls on Top – ITV 1995-1996

Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax and Tracey Ullman share a flat. This was a failed attempt to create a female version of The Young Ones.

Amanda Ripley                                         Dawn French

Jennifer Marsh                                          Jennifer Saunders

Shelley DuPont                                         Ruby Wax

Candice Valentine                                    Tracey Ullman

Lady Chloe Carlton                                   Joan Greenwood

The Gnomes of Dulwich – BBC 1969

Writer: Jimmy Perry

The escapades of garden gnomes living at 25 Telegraph Road, Dulwich.

Big                                                             Terry Scott

Small                                                         Hugh Lloyd

Going Straight – BBC 1978

Writers: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais

Sequel to Porridge (see below). Fletch tries to go straight after leaving prison. His erstwhile cell-mate is now his daughter’s boyfriend.

Ronnie Barker sang the theme tune.

Norman Stanley Fletcher                          Ronnie Barker

Lennie Godber                                          Richard Beckinsale

Ingrid Fletcher                                           Patricia Brake

Raymond Fletcher                                    Nicholas Lyndhurst

The Good Life – BBC 1975-1978 (30 episodes)

Writers: Bob Larbey and John Esmonde.

Plastics designer Tom Good decides to quit the “rat race” and live a sustainable existence along with his wife Barbara. This leads to several adventures which also feature their good friends and neighbours the Leadbetters.

‘Plough your own Furrow’ – first episode

‘The Anniversary’ – last episode

They had pigs (Pinky and Perky), a goat (Geraldine) and a cockerel named Lenin.

The series was set in Surbiton but filmed in Northwood.

Esmonde and Larbey chose Felicity Kendal and Penelope Keith for the parts of Barbara and Margot after seeing them on stage together in The Norman Conquests.

Tom Good                                                 Richard Briers

Barbara Good                                           Felicity Kendal

Margo Leadbetter (née Sturgess)            Penelope Keith

Jeremy "Jerry" Leadbetter                        Paul Eddington

Andrew/Sir                                                Reginald Marsh

Goodnight Sweetheart – BBC 1993-1998 (58 episodes)

Series created by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

In 1993 television repair man Gary Sparrow walks down Duckett’s Passage and finds himself back in 1940s London during the Blitz. Keeping this time portal secret from his 1990s wife Yvonne, he strikes up a relationship with Phoebe, the barmaid (and later manager) of the “Royal Oak”. He eventually marries Phoebe and they have a son, Michael, who Gary later meets in the present day. Meanwhile Yvonne becomes a high-powered millionaire businesswoman.

During the series Gary crosses paths with George Formby, Clement Atlee, Noel Coward (played by David Benson) and Jack the Ripper (when Gary goes back in time by mistake).

It ran for 6 series and after series 3 both the actresses playing Yvonne and Phoebe (Holmes and Kirwan) moved on and were replaced (by Amos and Carling).

The vocal talents of Amos and Carling were both shown off in the series with Amos playing Marie Lloyd in the Jack the Ripper episode and Carling later releasing an album of wartime songs.

In the 1940s Gary plays many more contemporary songs on the piano and claims they are his own compositions (including a few Beatles numbers).

Gary Sparrow                                            Nicholas Lyndhurst

Yvonne Sparrow                                       Michelle Holmes then Emma Amos

Phoebe Bamford                                       Dervla Kirwan then Elizabeth Carling

Ron Wheatcroft                                         Victor McGuire

Reg Deadman                                           Christopher Ettridge

Michael Sparrow                                       Ian Lavender

Grandma’s House – BBC 2010-2012

Creators: Simon Amstell and Dan Swimer

Amstell plays a version of himself with each episode set at his grandmother’s house.

Simon                                                        Simon Amstell

Grandma (Lily)                                          Linda Bassett

Grandpa (Bernie)                                      Geoffrey Hutchings

Tanya                                                        Rebecca Front

Green Green Grass – BBC 2005-2009

Creator: John Sullivan.

This was a spin-off from Only Fools and Horses. Boycie testifies against the Driscoll brothers but they go free so Boycie, Marlene and son Tyler have to leave Peckham in order to escape retribution.

They end up on Winterdown Farm, Oakam, Shropshire.

Terrence Aubrey Boyce (Boycie)             John Challis

Marlene Boyce                                          Sue Holderness

Tyler Boyce                                               Jack Doolan

Elgin Sparrowhawk                                   David Ross

Bryan                                                         Ivan Kaye

Imelda Cakeworthy                                   Ella Kenion

Green Wing – Channel 4 2004-2007

Set in the fictional East Hampton Hospital where some of the staff are eccentric whereas others are surreal.

Angela Hunter                                           Sarah Alexander

Kim Alabaster                                           Sally Bretton

Boyce                                                        Oliver Chris

Harriet Schulenburg                                  Olivia Colman

Caroline Todd                                           Tamsin Greig

Sue White                                                 Michelle Gomez

Joanna Clore                                            Pippa Haywood

Alan Statham                                            Mark Heap

Naughty Rachel                                        Katie Lyons

Guy Secretan                                            Stephen Mangan

Karen Ball                                                 Lucinda Raikes

"Mac" Macartney                                       Julian Rhind-Tutt

The Grimleys ITV 1999-2001

The trials and tribulations of a working-class family in the Midlands.

Narrated by Darren Grimley.

Set on a council estate in Dudley in the mid-1970s.

Baz Grimley                                              Nigel Planer

Gordon Grimley                                        James Bradshaw

Geraldine Titley                                         Amanda Holden

Darren Grimley                                         Ryan Cartwright

Janet Grimley                                            Jan Ravens

Lisa Grimley                                              Corrieann Fletcher

Nan Grimley                                              Barbara Keogh

Doug "Dynamo" Digby                              Brian Conley

Neville Holder                                           Noddy Holder

Grownups – BBC 2006-2009

Writer: Susan Nickson.

Twenty-somethings in Manchester consider their futures.

Michelle Booth                                          Sheridan Smith

Claire Finnerty                                          Fiona Wass

Grant Grant                                               Steven Meo

Alex Salade                                               Warren Brown

Hancock's Half Hour (series 1-5)/Hancock (series 6) – BBC 1956-1961

Writers: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson

Based on the radio series but with the “action” moved from 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam to Earl’s Court.

The final series included the classic episodes The Blood Donor, The Radio Ham and The Bowmans.

Anthony Aloysius Hancock                       Tony Hancock

Sidney Balmoral James                            Sid James

Happiness – BBC 2001-2003

Writers: Paul Whitehouse and David Cummings

Danny Spencer is a successful voice artist for a popular cartoon bear called Dexter.

Danny Spencer                                         Paul Whitehouse

Terry                                                          Mark Heap

Rachel                                                       Fiona Allen

Charlie                                                       Johnny Vegas

Sid                                                             Pearce Quigley

Angus                                                        Clive Russell

Happy Ever After – BBC 1974-1979

After five series this sitcom became Terry and June (see below), with the Fletchers becoming the Medfords. The location also shifted from Ealing to Purley.

Terry Fletcher                                           Terry Scott

June Fletcher                                            June Whitfield

Aunt Lucy                                                  Beryl Cooke

Hardware – BBC 2003-2004

Creator: Simon Nye

The series focuses on the staff of "Hamway's Hardware Store".

Mike                                                          Martin Freeman

Kenny                                                        Peter Serafinowicz

Rex                                                            Ken Morley

Steve                                                         Ryan Cartwright

Hark at Barker – ITV 1969-1971

A combination of sitcom and sketch show set in Chrome Hall, a stately home where Lord Rustless gives a lecture every week on different topics.

Ronnie Corbett appeared in some of the sketches.

Announcer/Lord Rustless                         Ronnie Barker

Dithers                                                       David Jason

Badger                                                      Frank Gatliff

Mildred Bates                                            Josephine Tewson

Effie the maid                                            Moira Foot

Heartburn Hotel – BBC 1998-2000

Writers: John Sullivan and Steve Glover

The series focuses on the owner and the regular occupants of the Olympic Hotel, owned by ex-serviceman Harry.

Harry Springer                                          Tim Healy

Duggie Strachen                                       Clive Russell

Simon Thorpe                                           Peter Gunn

Hi-de-Hi! – BBC 1980-1988 (58 episodes)

Writers: Jimmy Perry and David Croft

Set in Maplins Holiday Camp in Crimpton-on-Sea from 1959 through to the early 1960s.

Jeffrey Fairbrother, Entertainment Manager (Series 1–5)      Simon Cadell

Clive Dempster, Entertainment Manager (Series 6–9)           David Griffin

Gladys Pugh, Chief Yellowcoat                                               Ruth Madoc

Ted Bovis, Camp Host                                                            Paul Shane

Spike Dixon, camp comic                                                        Jeffrey Holland

Peggy Ollerenshaw, chalet maid                                            Su Pollard

Fred Quilley, riding instructor                                                  Felix Bowness

Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves, dancing instructress                   Diane Holland

Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, dancing instructor                          Barry Howard

William Partridge, children's entertainer (Series 1–7)            Leslie Dwyer

Uncle Sammy Morris, children's entertainer (Series 7-9)       Kenneth Connor

Sylvia Garnsey                                                                        Nikki Kelly

The High Life – BBC 1994-1995

The antics of the crew on Air Scotia flights from Prestwick.

Sebastian Flight                                        Alan Cumming

Steve McCracken                                     Forbes Masson

Shona Spurtle                                           Siobhan Redmond

Captain Hilary Duff                                   Patrick Ryecart

Hilary – BBC 1984-1986

Hilary is a researcher for Eagle TV.

Hilary Myers                                              Marti Caine

George                                                      Philip Madoc

Lyn                                                            Carolyn Moody

Kimberley                                                  Jack Smethurst

The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – BBC 1981

Writer: Douglas Adams

An adaptation of the original BBC Radio 4 radio series.

Arthur Dent escapes from earth with the help of Ford Prefect, just before it is destroyed by a Vogon Constructor Fleet.

Theme music: "Journey of the Sorcerer" by The Eagles.

The Book (narrator)                                  Peter Jones

Arthur Dent                                               Simon Jones

Ford Prefect                                              David Dixon

Trillian                                                       Sandra Dickinson

Zaphod Beeblebrox                                  Mark Wing-Davey

Marvin (voice)                                           Stephen Moore

Slartibartfast                                              Richard Vernon

Deep Thought                                           Valentine Dyall

Bodyguard                                                Dave Prowse

Dish of the Day                                         Peter Davison

Holding the Fort – ITV 1980-1982

Writers: Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

Russell becomes a “house-husband” whilst his wife serves in the WRAC.

Russell Milburn                                         Peter Davison

Penny Milburn                                           Patricia Hodge

Fitzroy, or "Fitz"                                        Matthew Kelly

Home James! – ITV 1987-1990

Jim works as a chauffeur to Robert Palmer. Sequel to Up the Elephant and Round the Castle (see below)

Jim London                                               Jim Davidson

Robert Palmer                                           George Sewell

Henry Compton                                         Harry Towb

Home to Roost – ITV 1985-1990

Creator: Eric Chappell

This is an age gap comedy where divorced Henry has his peace and quiet disturbed by the arrival of his eldest son to live with him.

Henry Willows                                           John Thaw

Matthew Willows                                       Reece Dinsdale

Enid Thompson                                         Elizabeth Bennett

Fiona Fennell                                            Joan Blackham

Julie Willows                                             Rebecca Lacey

Hot Metal – ITV 1986-1989

Writers: Andrew Marshall and David Renwick.

The Daily Crucible is acquired by a new owner.

Terence "Twiggy" Rathbone/Russell Spam      Robert Hardy

Harry Stringer                                                     Geoffrey Palmer

Greg Kettle                                                         Richard Kane

Bill Tytla                                                              John Gordon Sinclair

Maggie Troon                                                     Caroline Milmoe

How Do You Want Me? – BBC 1998-1999

Creator: Simon Nye

Ian elopes with Lisa but later moves to the country near her family. He becomes the village photographer.

Ian Lyons                                                  Dylan Moran

Lisa Lyons                                                 Charlotte Coleman

Astley Yardley                                           Frank Finlay

Helen Yardley                                           Emma Chambers

Dean Yardley                                            Peter Serafinowicz

Pam Yardley                                             Diana Fairfax

Warren Yardley                                         Simon Bateson

How Not to Live Your Life – BBC 2007-2011

Writer: Dan Clark

Dan is neurotic and continually makes poor life decisions.

Donald "Don" Danbury                             Dan Clark

Samantha Parker                                      Laura Haddock

Abby Jones                                               Sinéad Moynihan

Hugh and I – BBC 1962-1967

Terry and Hugh live with Terry’s mother at 33 Lobelia Avenue, Tooting. In series 5, Hugh wins £5000 on the Premium Bonds and series 6 took place on a cruise.

Sequel Hugh and I Spy (BBC 1968) saw the pair enter the world of espionage.

Himself                                                      Terry Scott

Himself                                                      Hugh Lloyd

Mrs Scott                                                   Vi Stevens

Arthur Crispin                                            Wallas Eaton

Ethel Crispin                                             Mollie Sugden

Cecil Wormold                                          Jack Haig

Griselda Wormold                                     Patricia Hayes

Hyperdrive – BBC 2006-2007

The crew of spaceship “HMS Camden Lock” try very hard to protect British interests in the galaxy.

Space Commander Michael Henderson            Nick Frost

First Officer Eduardo Pauline York                    Kevin Eldon

Diplomatic Officer Chloe Alice Teal                   Miranda Hart

Navigator Dave Vine                                          Stephen Evans

Technical Officer Karl Jeffers                             Dan Antopolski

Sandstrom                                                          Petra Massey

I Didn't Know You Cared – BBC 1975-1979

Creator: Peter Tinniswood.

The series was based on Tinniswood’s books about a family in South Yorkshire.

Uncle Staveley had the ashes of Corporal Parkinson in a box around his neck. His catchphrase was "I heard that! Pardon?".

Carter Brandon                                         Stephen Rea then Keith Drinkel

Uncle Mort                                                Robin Bailey

Annie                                                         Liz Smith

Les                                                            John Comer

Pat Partington                                           Anita Carey then Liz Goulding

Uncle Staveley                                          Bert Palmer then Leslie Sarony

Auntie Lil                                                   Gretchen Franklin

I'm Alan Partridge – BBC 1997 & 2002

Alan Partridge has failed as a TV presenter and is now a DJ for Radio Norwich. In series one he is living at the Linton Travel Tavern and in the second he is in a static caravan next to the house he is having built.

TV formats Alan puts forward which are rejected by Tony Hayers, BBC commissioning editor: "Swallow", "Alan Attack!”, “Arm Wrestling with Chas and Dave”, "Knowing M.E., Knowing You", "Inner-City Sumo", “Cooking in prison”, "A Partridge Amongst the Pigeons", “Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank" (which was used in an advert in 2015) and "Monkey Tennis".

The title of every episode contains the word "Alan".

A mockumentary sitcom, Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge, aired on the web and Sky TV in 2012.

Alan Partridge                                           Steve Coogan

Lynn Benfield                                            Felicity Montagu

Michael                                                      Simon Greenall

Dave Clifton                                              Phil Cornwell

Susan Foley                                              Barbara Durkin

Sophie                                                       Sally Phillips

Ben                                                            James Lance

Sonja                                                         Amelia Bullmore

Tony Hayers                                             David Schneider

In Sickness and in Health – BBC 1985-1992 (47 episodes)

Writer: Johnny Speight

A sequel to Till Death Us Do Part (see below).

Dandy Nichols died in February 1986 and her place as a permanent cast member was taken by Carmel McSharry.

Alfred 'Alf' Garnett (Series 1-6)                 Warren Mitchell

Elsie 'Else' Garnett (Series 1)                   Dandy Nichols

Rita Rawlins (Series 1-2)                          Una Stubbs

Arthur (Series 1-5)                                    Arthur English

Winston ('Marigold') (Series 1-3)              Eamonn Walker

Mrs. Camille Hollingbery (Series 2-6)      Carmel McSharry

Min Reed (Series 2-5)                              Patricia Hayes

Gwenneth (Series 2-3)                             Irene Handl

Fred Johnson (Series 1-6)                        Ken Campbell

Harry the milkman (Series 1-6)                Harry Fowler

Harry Carey (Series 4-6)                          Hugh Lloyd

Mrs. Carey (Series 4-6)                            Pat Coombs

In Loving Memory – ITV 1979-1986

Set in 1930s Yorkshire about an undertaking business run by widow Ivy and her nephew Billy.

Ivy Unsworth                                             Thora Hird

Billy Henshaw                                           Christopher Beeny

Amy Jenkinson                                         Avis Bunnage

Ernie Hadfield                                           Colin Farrell

Mary Braithwaite/Henshaw                       Sherrie Hewson

The Inbetweeners – E4 2008-2010

Writers: Damon Beesley and Iain Morris

A series following the lives of four teenage boys who go to Rudge Park Comprehensive.

Big screen versions: The Inbetweeners Movie (2011) and The Inbetweeners 2 (2014).

Will McKenzie                                           Simon Bird

Simon Cooper                                           Joe Thomas

Neil Sutherland                                         Blake Harrison

Jay Cartwright                                           James Buckley

Carli D'Amato                                            Emily Head

Charlotte Hinchcliffe                                 Emily Atack

Polly McKenzie                                         Belinda Stewart-Wilson

Mark Donovan                                          Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Mr. Gilbert                                                 Greg Davies

Is it Legal? – ITV 1995-1996 (series 1-2); Channel 4 1998 (series 3)

Writer: Simon Nye

Legal sitcom set in a solicitor’s office in Hounslow.

Colin Lotus                                                Richard Lumsden

Dick Spackman (Series 1-2)                     Jeremy Clyde

Stella Phelps                                             Imelda Staunton

Bob Birch                                                  Patrick Barlow

Alison                                                        Kate Isitt

Darren                                                       Matthew Ashforde

Sarah Chivers                                           Nicole Arumugam

It Ain't Half Hot Mum – BBC 1974-1981 (56 episodes)

Writers: Jimmy Perry & David Croft.

Set in India and Burma between May and September 1945 and focuses on a Royal Artillery concert party based at Deolali.

There was some controversy as the Indian born British actor Michael Bates (who died in 1978) was cast as Indian Rangi Ram – he was “blacked-up” for the part.

Don Estelle and Windsor Davies reached #1 in the UK charts with Whispering Grass in 1975

Bearer Rangi Ram                                             Michael Bates

Colonel Charles Reynolds                                 Donald Hewlett

Captain Ashwood                                               Michael Knowles

Sergeant Major 'Shut Up' Williams                    Windsor Davies

Bombardier 'Solly' Solomons                             George Layton

Gunner 'Gloria' Beaumont                                  Melvyn Hayes

Gunner 'Lofty' Harold Sugden                            Don Estelle

Gunner 'Parky' Nigel Parkin                               Christopher Mitchell

Gunner ‘La-di-da’ 'Paderewski' Graham            John Clegg

Gunner 'Atlas' Mackintosh                                 Stuart McGugan

Gunner 'Nobby' Clark                                         Kenneth MacDonald

Gunner 'Nosher' Evans                                      Mike Kinsey

Char Wallah Muhammad                                   Dino Shafeek

Punkah Wallah Rumzan                                    Babar Bhatti


The IT Crowd – Channel 4 2006-2013

Writer: Graham Linehan

Set in the I.T. department of Reynholm Industries. Roy and Maurice are I.T. technicians, and Jen is their manager.

Roy Trenneman                               Chris O'Dowd

Maurice Moss                                  Richard Ayoade

Jen Barber                                       Katherine Parkinson

Douglas Reynholm                          Matt Berry

Denholm Reynholm                         Chris Morris

Richmond Avenal                            Noel Fielding

It Takes a Worried Man – ITV 1981-1982; Channel 4 1983

Philip is suffering a mid-life crisis.

Philip Roath                                     Peter Tilbury

Liz                                                    Sue Holderness

Jam & Jerusalem – BBC 2006-2009

Creator: Jennifer Saunders

The series focuses on a Women's Guild in Clatterford St. Mary and in particular Sal and Tip.

The theme song was Kate Rusby’s cover of the Kinks’ "The Village Green Preservation Society".

Sal Vine                                           Sue Johnston

Tip Haddem                                     Pauline McLynn

Caroline Martin                                Jennifer Saunders

Rosie Bales                                     Dawn French

Delilah Stagg                                   Joanna Lumley

Eileen Pike                                      Maggie Steed

Dr. James Vine                                David Mitchell

Natasha 'Tash' Vine                        Sally Phillips

Just Good Friends – BBC 1983-1986

Writer: John Sullivan.

The series follows the on-off relationship between Vince and Penny who bump into each other 5 years after he left her at the altar.

There is also a class clash between the working-class Pinner family, who have money thanks to a successful scrap metal business and the middle-class Warrender family who suffer when Norman is made redundant.

Vincent Pinner                                 Paul Nicholas

Penny Warrender                            Jan Francis

Daphne Warrender                          Sylvia Kay

Norman Warrender                         John Ringham

Rita Pinner (Series 2 onwards)       Ann Lynn

Les Pinner                                       Shaun Curry

Clifford Pinner                                  Adam French

Lennie                                              James Lister

Keeping Up Appearances – BBC 1990-1995

Writer: Roy Clarke

Snob Hyacinth Bucket’s (which she insists is pronounced like Bouquet) attempts at climbing the social ladder are hindered by her sisters Daisy and Rose and Daisy’s husband Onslow.

Hyacinth lives at The Residence, Blossom Avenue, Binley Woods, Coventry. Her son Sheridan is never seen.

Hyacinth Bucket                              Patricia Routledge

Richard Bucket                                Clive Swift

Elizabeth 'Liz' Warden                     Josephine Tewson

Daisy                                                Judy Cornwell

Onslow                                             Geoffrey Hughes

Rose                                                Shirley Stelfox then Mary Millar

Violet                                                Anna Dawson

A Kind of Living – ITV 1988-1990

Schoolteacher Trevor moves to London from Bolton but eventually returns north when his wife leaves him.

Trevor Beasley                                Richard Griffiths

Carol Beasley                                  Frances de la Tour

Brian Thompson                              Tim Healy

Linda                                                Anita Carey

Kiss Me Kate – BBC 1998-2000

Counsellor Kate has enough problems of her own without having to deal with those of her clients and colleagues as well.

Kate Salinger                                   Caroline Quentin

Douglas Fielding/Cameron             Chris Langham

Mel                                                   Amanda Holden

Craig Chapman                               Darren Boyd

The Lady is a Tramp – Channel 4 1983-1984

Writer: Johnny Speight

A series about two “bag ladies”.

Old Pat                                             Patricia Hayes

Lanky Pat                                         Pat Coombs

The Larkins – ITV 1958-1964

The Larkins live at 66 Sycamore Street but run a café in later series.

Ada Larkin                                       Peggy Mount

Alf                                                     David Kossoff

Eddie                                               Shaun O'Riordan

Joyce                                               Ruth Trouncer

Jeff                                                   Ronan O'Casey

Hetty Prout                                      Barbara Mitchell

Major Osbert Rigby-Soames           Hugh Paddick

Last of the Summer Wine – BBC 1972-2010 (295 episodes)

Writer: Roy Clarke

The seemingly endless adventures of 3 old blokes in rural Yorkshire (although the line-up changes rivaled those of the Sugababes).

Compo – short for ‘compensation’.

Pilot episode: Of Funerals and Fish

Final episode: How Not to Cry at Weddings.

Compo Simmonite                                    Bill Owen

Norman Clegg                                           Peter Sallis

Cyril Blamire                                             Michael Bates

Walter "Foggy" Dewhurst                         Brian Wilde

Seymour Utterthwaite                               Michael Aldridge

Herbert "Truly of the Yard" Truelove        Frank Thornton

Tom Owen                                                Tom Simmonite

Nora Batty                                                 Kathy Staff

Walter 'Wally' Batty                                   Joe Gladwin

Ivy                                                              Jane Freeman

Sid                                                             John Comer

Milburn, aka "Crusher"                              Jonathan Linsley

Wesley Pegden                                         Gordon Wharmby

Edith "Edie" Pegden                                 Dame Thora Hird

Glenda Wilkinson                                      Sarah Thomas

Barry Wilkinson                                         Mike Grady

Ros Utterthwaite                                       Dora Bryan

Howard Sibshaw                                       Robert Fyfe

Pearl Sibshaw                                           Juliette Kaplan

Marina                                                       Jean Fergusson

Auntie Wainwright                                     Jean Alexander

Clem "Smiler" Hemmingway                    Stephen Lewis

Lucinda Davenport                                   Josephine Tewson

Elijah "Eli" Duckett                                    Danny O'Dea

Nelly                                                          June Whitfield

Morton Beemish                                        Christopher Beeny

Toby Mulberry Smith                                Trevor Bannister

Billy Ingleton                                             Sir Norman Wisdom

Law and Disorder – ITV 1994

A legal comedy in which barrister Philippa often crosses swords in court with rival Gerald.

Philippa Troy                                             Penelope Keith

Gerald Triggs                                            Simon Williams

Lead Balloon – BBC 2006-2011

Creator: Jack Dee and Pete Sinclair

Jack Dee plays a stand-up comedian. Theme tune: Paul Weller singing One Way Road.

Rick Spleen/Richard Shaw                       Jack Dee

Mel, agent and partner                             Raquel Cassidy

Marty, co-writer                                         Sean Power

Michael, café owner                                  Tony Gardner

Sam, daughter                                          Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Ben, Sam’s boyfriend                               Rasmus Hardiker

Magda, cleaner                                         Anna Crilly

Clive, neighbour                                        John Biggins

The League of Gentlemen – BBC 1999-2002

Creators: Jeremy Dyson, Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.

A sketch show cum sitcom set in Royston Vasey (the real name of Roy 'Chubby' Brown, who played the mayor in one episode).

Catchphrases: “Hello Dave” and “You're my wife now!" (Papa Lazarou); “This is a local shop for local people” (Tubbs); “We'll have no trouble here” (Edward); “Hokey-cokey-pig-in-a-pokey” (Pauline);

Amongst others:

Reece Shearsmith plays: Edward, Ross, Geoff, Samuel, Stella and Papa Lazarou.

Steve Pemberton plays: Tubbs, Harvey, Pauline, Mike, Maurice, Dave and Herr Lipp.

Mark Gatiss plays: David, Val, Mickey, Hilary, Les McQueen, Sheila and Mama Lazarou.

Let them Eat Cake – BBC 1999

Set in 1792 in pre-Revolution France.

Colombine, Comtesse de Vache              Jennifer Saunders

Lisette                                                       Dawn French

Bouffant                                                     Adrian Scarborough

Madame de Plonge                                  Alison Steadman

Eveline de Plonge                                     Lucy Punch

Marie Antoinette                                        Elizabeth Berrington

Marie Antoinette's Adviser                        Julian Rhind-Tutt

Life of Riley – BBC 2009-2011

Maddy and Jim marry and form a family with their children from previous marriages.

Maddy Riley                                              Caroline Quentin

Jim Riley                                                   Neil Dudgeon

Alison Weaver                                           Heather Craney

Katy Riley                                                  Lucinda Dryzek

Danny Riley                                              Taylor Fawcett

Life with the Lyons – BBC 1955, ITV 1956-1960

This was an early TV sitcom which was also a radio series 1950-1961. It featured a real-life family.

Himself                                                      Ben Lyon

Herself                                                       Bebe Daniels

Herself                                                       Barbara Lyon

Himself                                                      Richard Lyon

Aggie MacDonald                                     Molly Weir

Doris Rogers                                             Florrie Wainwright

Life without George – BBC 1987-1989

Jenny must come to terms with her husband (George) leaving her.

Larry Wade                                               Simon Cadell

Jenny Russell                                           Carol Royle

Mr Chambers                                            Ronald Fraser

Amanda                                                     Rosalind March then Elizabeth Estensen

Ben                                                            Michael Thomas

Sammy                                                      Kenny Ireland then Campbell Morrison

Carol                                                         Cheryl Maiker

Josephine                                                  Selina Cadell

The Likely Lads – BBC 1964-1966

Writers: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

Set in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Two childhood friends begin life as twenty-somethings. Terry is working-class, proud of it and considered a “canny lad”, whilst Bob is looking to “improve” his lot. They work at Ellison's Electrical. In the final episode Bob tries to join the army but fails (flat feet) but Terry, who only applied to keep Bob company, joins up.

Terry Collier                                              James Bolam

Bob Ferris                                                 Rodney Bewes

Audrey Collier, Terry’s sister                    Sheila Fearn

Cloughie                                                    Bartlett Mullins

Jack                                                           Don McKillop

Mrs Collier, Terry’s mum                          Olive Milbourn

Mr Collier, Terry’s dad                              Alex McDonald

The sequel Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads (BBC 1973-1974) took place after Terry’s demob from the army and return home. Bob marries librarian Thelma.

Features the episode No Hiding Place where The Lads try to avoid learning the result of an England football match before the TV highlights are shown that evening.

Cast (not in The Likely Lads, above):

Thelma Chambers                                             Brigit Forsyth

George Chambers, Thelma's dad                      Bill Owen

Mrs Chambers: Thelma's mum                          Joan Hickson then Noel Dyson

Susan Chambers: Thelma's sister                     Anita Carey

A big screen version was released in 1976.

The Liver Birds – BBC 1969-1979 and 1996 (86 episodes)

Creators: Carla Lane and Myra Taylor.

Two “dolly birds” share a flat on Huskisson Street in Liverpool.

Dawn left after the first series (just 4 episodes) to be replaced by Sandra. Beryl left after series 4.

A revival series in 1996 reunited Beryl and Sandra.

The title song was sung by The Scaffold.

Sandra Hutchinson                                   Nerys Hughes

Beryl Hennessey                                       Polly James

Carol Boswell                                            Elizabeth Estensen

Dawn                                                         Pauline Collins

Mrs Hennesey                                           Sheila Fay

Mrs Hutchinson                                         Mollie Sugden

Lucien Boswell                                          Michael Angelis

Lollipop Loves Mr Mole – ITV 1971-1972

Writer: Jimmy Perry.

Married late in life, Maggie and Reg must cope with the arrival of Reg’s brother Bruce and his wife Violet.

Maggie Robinson “Lollipop”                      Peggy Mount

Reg Robinson “Mr. Mole”                         Hugh Lloyd

Bruce Robinson                                        Rex Garner

Violet Robinson                                         Pat Coombs

Love thy Neighbour – ITV 1972-1976 (54 episodes)

Creators: Vince Powell and Harry Driver.

A distinctly non-politically correct sitcom in which the Reynolds (black, Conservative) move in next door to the Booths (white, working class). The terms used by the men-folk to address each other will not be repeated here.

Eddie Booth                                              Jack Smethurst

Joan Booth                                                Kate Williams

Bill Reynolds                                             Rudolph Walker

Barbie Reynolds                                       Nina Baden-Semper

The Lovers – ITV 1970-1971

Creator: Jack Rosenthal.

In this series Geoffrey (aka Geoffrey, bubbles bon bon to Beryl) spent most of his time unsuccessfully trying to get Beryl into bed (for a bit of Percy Filth).

Geoffrey Scrimshaw                                 Richard Beckinsale

Beryl Battersby                                         Paula Wilcox

Mrs Battersby                                            Joan Scott

Roland Lomax                                           Robin Nedwell

The Magnificent Evans – BBC 1984

Writer: Roy Clarke

Evans is a Welsh photographer.

Plantagenet Evans                                   Ronnie Barker

Rachel Harris, Evans's fiancée                Sharon Morgan

Bron                                                          Myfanwy Talog

Man about the House – ITV 1973-1976

Creators: Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer.

Robin is asleep in the bath after a farewell party for Chrissy and Jo’s flatmate Eleanor. The girls then insist he moves in on a strictly platonic basis. George Roper is the landlord, and is married to Mildred

Two spin-off series: George and Mildred (see above) and Robin's Nest (see below).

The US version was known as Three’s Company.

Robin Oswald Tripp                                  Richard O'Sullivan

Chrissy Plummer                                      Paula Wilcox

Jo                                                              Sally Thomsett

Mildred Roper                                           Yootha Joyce

George Roper                                           Brian Murphy

Larry Simmonds                                        Doug Fisher

The Many Wives of Patrick – ITV 1976-1978

Writer: Richard Waring.

Much married Patrick Woodford is contemplating divorcing his sixth wife.

Patrick Woodford                                      Patrick Cargill

Harold Randall                                          Robin Parkinson

David Woodford                                        Patrick Ryecart

Elizabeth Woodford                                  Ursula Howells

Helen Woodford                                        Elizabeth Counsell

Nancy Grenville                                        Elspet Gray

Madeline Woodford                                  Julie Dawn Cole

Amanda Woodford                                    Wendy Padbury

The Marriage Lines – BBC 1961-1966

Writer: Richard Waring.

Newly married George and Kate approach married life with some trepidation.

George Starling                                         Richard Briers

Kate Starling                                             Prunella Scales

May to December – BBC 1989-1994

Widowed solicitor Alec handles gym-mistress Zoë’s divorce and romance blossoms between them, despite the age gap. Set in Pinner.

The lyrics of the Anderson-Weill song "September Song", which is sung over the end credits, contain the title of the show.

Alec Callender                                          Anton Rodgers

Zoë                                                            Eve Matheson (series 1-2)

Zoë                                                            Lesley Dunlop (series 3-6)

Miles Henty                                               Clive Francis

Jamie Callender                                        Paul Venables

Simone Callender                                     Carolyn Pickles

Vera Flood                                                Frances White

Hillary                                                        Rebecca Lacey

Debbie                                                       Chrissie Cotterill

Dot                                                            Kate Williams

Rosie                                                         Ashley Jensen

Me and My Girl – ITV 1984-1988

Widower Simon, who runs an advertising agency called Eyecatchers, faces up to raising his adolescent daughter Samantha.

The theme song was written and performed by Peter Skellern.

Simon Harrap                                            Richard O'Sullivan

Derek Yates                                              Tim Brooke-Taylor

Nell Cresset                                              Joan Sanderson

Samantha Harrap                                     Joanne Ridley

Me Mammy – BBC 1968-1971

Bachelor Bunjy’s problems with his mother and girlfriend.

Benjamin "Bunjy" Kennefick                     Milo O'Shea

Mrs Kennefick                                           Anna Manahan

Miss Argyll                                                Yootha Joyce

Meet the Wife – BBC 1963-1966

Freddie is a plumber who likes to be sociable. Thora is hoping that a working class life can be improved upon.

Freddie Blacklock                                     Freddie Frinton

Thora Blacklock                                        Thora Hird

The Melting Pot – BBC 1975

Writer: Spike Milligan and Neil Shand

Bird and Milligan play father and son Pakistani illegal immigrants who end up in a multi-racial boarding house with stereotypical characters. It was cancelled after one episode.

Mr. Van Gogh                                           Spike Milligan

Mr Rembrandt                                           John Bird

Men Behaving Badly – ITV 1992-1994, BBC 1994-1998

Writer: Simon Nye.

Gary and Dermot (series 1)/Tony (series 2-6) share a flat. Dermot/Tony fancy neighbour Deborah. Gary is seeing Dorothy. Neither is really boyfriend material.

Gary Strang                                              Martin Clunes

Tony Smart                                               Neil Morrissey

Dermot Povey                                           Harry Enfield

Deborah Burton                                        Leslie Ash

Dorothy                                                     Caroline Quentin

George                                                      Ian Lindsay

Anthea                                                       Valerie Minifie

Les                                                            Dave Atkins

Ken                                                            John Thomson

Mind Your Language – ITV 1977-1986

Creator: Vince Powell

Jeremy teaches English as a foreign language to students who are cartoonish stereotypes of the various nationalities.

Mr Jeremy Brown                                                        Barry Evans

Miss Dolores Courtney                                                Zara Nutley

Giovanni Capello                                                         George Camiller

Anna Schmidt                                                              Jacki Harding

Juan Cervantes                                                           Ricardo Montez

Ranjeet Singh                                                              Albert Moses

Chung Su-Lee                                                             Pik-Sen Lim

Tarō Nagazumi                                                            Robert Lee

Maximillian Andrea Archimedes Papandrious            Kevork Malikyan

Danielle Favre                                                             Françoise Pascal

Ali Nadim                                                                     Dino Shafeek

Jameela Ranjhat                                                          Jamila Massey

Ingrid Svenson                                                             Anna Bergman

Zoltán Szabó                                                               Gabor Vernon

Miranda – BBC 2009-2015

Writer: Miranda Hart

Socially awkward Miranda, who runs a joke shop with her friend Stevie, spends a lot of time trying to romance Gary.

Miranda                                                                        Miranda Hart

Gary Preston                                                               Tom Ellis

Stevie Sutton                                                               Sarah Hadland

Penny, Miranda's mother                                            Patricia Hodge

Tilly                                                                              Sally Phillips

Clive Evans                                                                  James Holmes

Michael Jackford                                                          Bo Poraj

Miss Jones and Son – ITV 1977-1978

Creator: Richard Waring

A daring, for the time, sitcom about a single mother. A US made version was Miss Winslow and Son.

Paula Wilcox                                    Elizabeth Jones

Christopher Beeny                          Geoffrey

Mrs. Brown's Boys – BBC 2011-

Writer: Brendan O'Carroll

Based on O’Carroll’s character which he has developed through stage and radio work.

Agnes Brown                                   Brendan O'Carroll

Cathy Brown                                    Jennifer Gibney

Grandad Brown                               Dermot O'Neill

Dermot Brown                                 Paddy Houlihan

Winnie McGoogan                           Eilish O'Carroll

Betty Brown                                     Amanda Woods

Rory Brown                                      Rory Cowan

Maria Brown                                    Fiona O'Carroll

Mark Brown                                     Pat Shields

Mr Digby, Darling – ITV 1969-1971

Thelma looks after her boss Mr Digby at Rid-O-Rat pest exterminators very well.

Roland Digby                                   Peter Jones

Thelma Teesdale                             Sheila Hancock

Mixed Blessings – ITV 1978-1980

Creator: Sid Green

An inter-racial marriage faces disapproval.

Thomas Simpson                            Christopher Blake

Susan Lambert                                Muriel Odunton

Edward Simpson                             George Waring

Annie Simpson                                Sylvia Kay

William Lambert                               Stefan Kalipha

Matilda Lambert                               Carmen Munroe

Aunt Dorothy                                   Joan Sanderson

Moone Boy – Sky 2012-

Martin Moone is the only son of a family living in Boyle, County Roscommon. He has an imaginary friend, Seán who helps him get through life’s little problems.

The song over the opening credits is Where's Me Jumper by The Sultans of Ping FC.

Seán Murphy                                            Chris O'Dowd

Martin Paul Kenny Dalglish Moone          David Rawle

Debra Moone                                            Deirdre O'Kane

Liam Moone                                              Peter McDonald

Trisha Moone                                            Aoife Duffin

Fidelma Moone                                         Clare Monnelly

Sinéad Moone                                           Sarah White

Francie "Touchy" Fehily                            Steve Coogan

Crunchie Haystacks                                  Johnny Vegas

Mountain Goats – BBC 2015-

A sitcom following the adventures of a group of mountain rescue volunteers in the Scottish Highlands. The original title was Miller’s Mountain.

Jimmy Miller                                              Jimmy Chisholm

Bernie                                                        Kathryn Howden

Bill                                                             David Ireland

Conor                                                        Kevin Mains

Jules                                                          Sharon Rooney

Moving – ITV 1985

Frank and Sarah Gladwyn decide to move once the children have flown the nest but things do not go to plan.

The series was adapted from a stage play of the same name.

Sarah Gladwyn                                         Penelope Keith

Frank Gladwyn                                          Ronald Pickup

Liz Ford                                                     Prunella Gee

Jimmy Ryan                                              Roger Lloyd-Pack

Jane Gladwyn                                           Barbara Wilshere

My Family – BBC 2000-2011

A sitcom about dentist Ben, tour guide Susan and their dysfunctional family who live at 78 Lancaster Road, Chiswick.

Ben Harper                                      Robert Lindsay

Susan Harper                                  Zoë Wanamaker

Michael Harper                                Gabriel Thomson

Janey Harper                                   Daniela Denby-Ashe

Roger Bailey                                    Keiron Self

Abi Harper                                       Siobhan Hayes

Nick Harper                                     Kris Marshall

My Good Friend – ITV 1995-1996

Writer: Bob Larbey

Pensioner Peter moves out of his daughter’s home and moves into the same lodgings as fellow pensioner Harry.

Peter Banks                                     George Cole

Harry King                                       Richard Pearson

Ellie                                                  Minnie Driver then Lesley Vickerage

Betty                                                Matilda Ziegler then Annabelle Apsion

Miss Byron                                       Joan Sims

My Good Woman – ITV 1972-1974

Clive is married to a charity junkie who is constantly doing-good, possibly to the detriment of her marriage.

Clive Gibbons                                  Leslie Crowther

Sylvia Gibbons                                Sylvia Syms

Reverend Martin Hooper                 Richard Wilson

Philip Broadmore                             Keith Barron

Bob Berris                                        Glyn Houston

My Hero – BBC 2000-2006 (51 episodes)

Creator: Paul Mendelson

A sci-fi sitcom which sees superhero Thermoman from the planet Ultron marry mortal Janet Dawkins. They have two super-powered children Ollie and Cassie.

George Eamonn Sunday/Thermoman     Ardal O'Hanlon

Dr George Monday/Thermoman              James Dreyfus (final series)

Janet Charlotte Sunday/Dawkins             Emily Joyce

Apollo "Ollie" Sunday                                Finlay Stroud (voice)

Cassandra "Cassie" Sunday                    Madeline Mortimer (voice)

Dr Piers Crispin                                         Hugh Dennis

Arnie Kowalski                                          Lou Hirsch

Mrs Raven                                                Geraldine McNulty

Stanley Dawkins                                       Tim Wylton

Ella Dawkins                                             Lill Roughley

Tyler                                                          Philip Whitchurch

My Husband and I – ITV 1987-1988

Nora’s husband George becomes commissionaire at the firm where she works.

Nora Powers                                             Mollie Sugden

George Powers                                         William Moore

Bambi Bamber                                          Deddie Davies

Tracy Cosgrove                                        Carol Hawkins

My Wife Next Door – BBC 1972

Writer: Richard Waring

George and Suzie divorce and make separate moves to the country only to find themselves in neighbouring cottages.

George Basset                                          John Alderton

Suzie Basset                                             Hannah Gordon

Nearest and Dearest – ITV 1968-1973

Brother and sister Eli and Nellie share control of the Pledge’s Purer Pickles factory

Nellie Pledge                                             Hylda Baker

Eli Baker                                                    Jimmy Jewel

Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width – ITV 1967-1971 (41 episodes)

Jewish and Catholic tailors share a business.

Manny Cohen                                           John Bluthal

Patrick Kelly                                              Joe Lynch

Rabbi Levy                                                Cyril Shaps

Father Ryan                                              Eamon Kelly

The New Statesman – ITV 1987, 1989-1992; BBC 1988 and 1994

Alan B’Stard is a scheming Conservative backbencher, and MP for Haltemprice in North Yorkshire. He was the youngest MP at the age of 31, and has a 27,000 vote majority. Piers Fletcher-Dervish is B’Stard’s parliamentary scapegoat.

The show's theme tune is an arrangement of part of the Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky

Alan Beresford B’Stard                             Rik Mayall

Sarah B’Stard                                           Marsha Fitzalan

Piers Fletcher-Dervish                              Michael Troughton

Next of Kin – BBC 1995-1997

Retired Maggie and Andrew become legal guardians of their three grandchildren after their son and daughter-in-law are killed in a car crash.

Maggie Prentice                                        Penelope Keith

Andrew Prentice                                       William Gaunt

Georgia Prentice                                       Ann Gosling

Philip Prentice                                           Matthew Clarke

Jake Prentice                                            Jamie Lucraft

Liz                                                              Tracie Bennett

Tom                                                           Mark Powley

Rosie Buckingham                                    Wanda Ventham

Hugh Buckingham                                    Timothy Carlton

Nighty Night – BBC 2004-2005

Writer: Julia Davis

The show follows Jill Tyrell, who manages a beauty parlour alongside her assistant Linda, as she learns that her husband Terry has cancer.

Jill Tyrell                                                                                Julia Davis

Terry                                                                                      Kevin Eldon

Linda                                                                                      Ruth Jones

Cathy Cole, Jill’s neighbour who has multiple sclerosis       Rebecca Front

Don Cole, Cathy’s husband                                                  Angus Deayton.

No, Honestly – ITV 1974-1975

The show featured the real-life married couple of John Alderton and Pauline Collins, who look back to the early days of their courtship and marriage. CD is a comic actor. Clara is a children’s novelist and author of the Ollie the Otter books.

The theme song was written and performed by Lynsey De Paul.

Charles ‘CD’ Danby                                  John Alderton

Clara Danby                                              Pauline Collins

No Job for a Lady – ITV 1990-1992

Newly elected Labour MP Jean has to balance her new job with her home life.

Jean Price MP                                          Penelope Keith

Geoff Price                                                Mark Kingston

Norman, whip                                            Garfield Morgan

Ken Miller                                                  Paul Young

Sir Godfrey Eagan MP                              George Baker

Freddy                                                       Brogden Miller

No Place Like Home – BBC 1983-1987

The four children (Lorraine, Nigel, Paul and Tracy) of Arthur and Beryl Crabtree all leave home, then return. Their neighbours are Trevor and Vera Botting

Arthur Crabtree                                         William Gaunt

Beryl Crabtree                                           Patricia Garwood

Nigel Crabtree                                           Martin Clunes

No Problem! – Channel 4 1983-1985

Channel 4’s first sitcom focused on a family of Jamaican heritage, the Powells, living in a council house in Willesden Green.

Directed by Micky Dolenz of The Monkees

Bellamy                                            Victor Romero Evans

Beast                                               Malcolm Frederick

Sensimilia                                        Judith Jacob

Angel                                               Janet Kay

No – That’s Me Over Here – ITV 1967-1970

Creators: Barry Cryer, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle

Ronnie Corbett's first acting starring role.

Ronnie, married to Laura, is a suburban commuter who works in an insurance company with his snooty neighbour Cyril.

Ronnie                                             Ronnie Corbett

Laura                                               Rosemary Leach

Cyril                                                 Henry McGee

Not Going Out – BBC 2006-

Writer: Lee Mack

In the first series Lee became the lodger of Tim’s ex-girlfriend Kate. After Kate returns to America, from the second series onwards his landlady became Tim’s sister Lucy.

The driving force behind the series is the unspoken attraction between Lee and Lucy.

Miranda Hart played an accident prone cleaner who encourages Lee in his pursuit of Lucy.

Lee                                                   Lee Mack

Lucy Adams                                     Sally Bretton

Timothy Gladstone Adams              Tim Vine

Barbara                                            Miranda Hart

Daisy                                                Katy Wix

Geoffrey Adams                              Timothy West, then Geoffrey Whitehead

Wendy Adams                                 Deborah Grant

Frank                                               Bobby Ball

Toby                                                 Hugh Dennis

Anna                                                Abigail Cruttenden

Guy                                                  Simon Dutton

Kate                                                 Megan Dodds

Not in Front of the Children – BBC 1967-1970

Creator: Richard Waring

This was Wendy Craig’s first role as a harassed middle class housewife. Her husband Henry was an art teacher, and they had three children (Robin, Trudi and Amanda). Set in Battersea.

The series started as a one-off Comedy Playhouse pilot House in a Tree.

Jennifer Corner                                Wendy Craig

Henry Corner                                   Paul Daneman, then Ronald Hines

Not with a Bang – ITV 1990

The series followed the fortunes of the only four human survivors of a deadly chemical agent which was released by accident a year earlier. One of the survivors was in a soundproof booth at a pub quiz (!) when the chemical reached his local.

Graham Wilkins                                        Mike Grady

Janet Wilkins                                             Josie Lawrence

Brian Appleyard                                        Ronald Pickup

Colin Garrity                                              Stephen Rea

The Office – BBC 2001-2003 (12 episodes + 2 Christmas specials)

Created, written, and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

The series explores the lives of office employees in the Slough branch of the Wernham Hogg Paper Company.

The theme song is Handbags and Gladrags, arranged by Big George and originally written by Mike D'Abo of Manfred Mann.

David Brent, Office manager                                       Ricky Gervais.

Tim Canterbury, sales rep                                           Martin Freeman

Gareth Keenan, Assistant to the Regional Manager  Mackenzie Crook

Dawn Tinsley, receptionist                                          Lucy Davis

Keith Bishop, accountant                                            Ewan Macintosh

Chris Finch, salesman                                                 Ralph Ineson

Jennifer Taylor-Clarke, supervisor                              Stirling Gallagher

Lee, Dawn’s fiancé                                                      Joel Beckett

Oh Brother! – BBC 1968-1970

The series was set in Mountacres Priory, with Derek Nimmo cast as the well-meaning but inept novice Brother Dominic. It was basically a successor to All Gas and Gaiters (see above).

Oh, Brother! was followed by a sequel Oh, Father! (BBC 1973), starring Derek Nimmo as Father Dominic.

Brother Dominic                               Derek Nimmo

Father Anselm                                 Felix Aylmer

Father Matthew                               Derek Francis

Oh No, It’s Selwyn Froggitt! – ITV 1974-1978

Creator: Roy Clarke.

Selwyn Froggitt was a council labourer, Scarsdale Working Men’s Club secretary, and hapless handyman. He lived with his mother and brother Maurice. Vera Parkinson was Maurice’s girlfriend.

Catchphrases: Selwyn's "Magic!" accompanied by two thumbs up; and his usual order at the club was, "A pint of cooking and a bag of nuts"

Spin-off series: Selwyn.

Selwyn Froggitt                                Bill Maynard

Mrs Froggitt                                     Megs Jenkins

Maurice Froggitt                              Robert Keegan

Vera Parkinson                                Rosemary Davies then Lynda Baron

On the Buses – ITV 1969-1973 (74 episodes)

Creators: Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney.

Stan Butler was a driver for Luxton Bus Company, working with Jack the conductor on the No. 11 route to the cemetery gates

Inspector Blake (known as Blakey) catchphrase – "I ‘ate you, Butler"

It spawned three feature spin off films.

Spin-off series – Don’t Drink the Water. Blakey moves to a retirement home in Spain.

Stan Butler                                       Reg Varney

Jack Harper                                     Bob Grant

Inspector Cyril Blake                       Stephen Lewis

Olive Rudge, Stan’s sister               Anna Karen

Arthur Rudge, Olive’s husband       Michael Robbins

Mabel Butler, Stan’s mother            Cicely Courtneidge then Doris Hare

On The Up – BBC 1990-1992

Writer: Bob Larbey.

Tony Carpenter is a self-made millionaire who owns a car hire company (TC Luxury Cars) in Esher. His wife Ruth is upper class and hates Tony’s down-market behaviour. He has three domestic staff: Sam (butler and chauffeur), Maggie (Secretary), and Mrs Wembley (cook).

Catchphrase: "Just the one", Mrs Wembley when offered a sherry.

Dennis Waterman wrote and sang the closing theme song.

Tony Carpenter                                         Dennis Waterman

Ruth Carpenter                                         Judy Buxton

Sam                                                           Sam Kelly

Maggie Lomax                                          Jenna Russell

Mrs Fiona Wembley                                  Joan Sims

One Foot in the Grave – BBC 1990-2000 (42 episodes)

Writer: David Renwick.

Victor Meldrew is an irascible pensioner who retired from his job as a security guard. He was killed by a car driven by Hannah Gordon in the final episode.

The series was filmed in Christchurch.

Theme tune written and sung by Eric Idle.

Victor’s catchphrase – "I don't believe it!"

Victor Meldrew                                          Richard Wilson

Margaret Meldrew, Victor’s wife               Annette Crosby

Jean Warboys, Margaret’s friend             Doreen Mantle

Patrick Trench, neighbour                        Angus Deayton

Pippa Trench, Patrick’s wife                     Janine Diuvitski

Nick Swainey, neighbour                          Owen Brenman

Only Fools and Horses – BBC 1981-2003 (64 episodes)

Writer: John Sullivan.

Original title: Readies.

Song over closing credits: Hooky Street. Original theme music written by Ronnie Hazlehurst.

The 1996 episode Time On Our Hands holds the record for the highest UK audience for a sitcom episode, with 24 million viewers. A Harrison "lesser watch" is sold at auction at Sotheby’s for £6 million.

The Trotter family live at 386 Nelson Mandela House on the Nyerere estate in Peckham.

Trigger’s real name is Colin Ball. He calls Rodney "Dave". Trigger’s broom paradox – Trigger declares he has won an award for keeping the same broom for 20 years – "17 new heads and 14 new handles".

A spin-off series, The Green Green Grass, ran for four series in the UK from 2005 to 2009 (see above). A prequel, Rock & Chips, ran for three specials in 2010 and 2011.

Derek Trotter                                                      David Jason

Rodney Trotter                                                   Nicholas Lyndhurst

Grandad                                                             Lennard Pearce (died in 1984)

Uncle Albert                                                        Buster Merryfield (died in 1999)

Raquel                                                                Tessa Peake-Jones

Cassandra                                                          Gwyneth Strong

Trigger                                                                Roger Lloyd-Pack

Boycie                                                                 John Challis

Marlene Boyce                                                   Sue Holderness

Denzil Tulser                                                      Paul Barber

Mickey Pearce                                                    Patrick Murray

Mike Fisher, Landlord of the Nag’s Head          Kenneth MacDonald

Only When I Laugh – ITV 1979-1982

Writer: Eric Chapple

The squabbles of three long-stay hospital patients.

Theme song: H.A.P.P.Y.

Roy Figgis                                                          James Bolam

Archie Glover                                                     Peter Bowles

Norman Binns                                                    Christopher Strauli

Dr Gordon Thorpe                                              Richard Wilson

Nurse Gupte                                                       Derrick Branche

Open All Hours – BBC 1976-1985

Writer: Roy Clarke

Set in a grocer's shop in Balby, a suburb of Doncaster.

Arkwright is a miserly shopkeeper who lusts after Nurse Gladys Emmanuel. Granville is his nephew and put-upon errand boy.

Developed from a pilot broadcast in Ronnie Barker's comedy series Seven of One (1973).

Sequel: Still Open All Hours (BBC 2013-) with Granville and his son Leroy running the shop he inherited from Arkwright.

Albert Arkwright                                        Ronnie Barker

Granville                                                    David Jason

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel                         Lynda Baron

Delphine Featherstone                             Stephanie Cole

Mrs. Blewett                                              Kathy Staff

Milk woman                                               Barbara Flynn

The Other ‘Arf – ITV 1980-1984

Upper class Conservative MP Charles Latimer begins a relationship with working class cockney Lorraine Watts.

Charles Latimer                                        John Standing

Lorraine Watts                                          Lorraine Chase

Our House – ITV 1960-1962

Based on the premise of nine people of differing backgrounds sharing a house together

The main writer of the programme was Norman Hudis, who wrote the first six Carry On films

Georgina Ruddy                                        Hattie Jacques

Simon Willow                                            Charles Hawtrey

Daisy Burke                                              Joan Sims

Outnumbered – BBC 2007-2014

Creators: Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.

Centred on the Brockmans, a middle-class family living in Chiswick. Pete is a history teacher at an inner city school and Sue is a part-time personal assistant. It is shot on location in Wandsworth.

Pete                                                           Hugh Dennis

Sue                                                            Claire Skinner

Jake                                                          Tyger Drew-Honey

Ben                                                            Daniel Roche

Karen                                                        Ramona Marquez

Angela, Sue’s sister                                  Samantha Bond

Outside Edge – ITV 1994-1996

Set at Brent Park Cricket Club. The real focus was on class, sex, and marital harmony. Spin-off from a stage play

Roger Dervish, Club captain                    Robert Daws

Miriam Dervish, Roger’s wife                    Brenda Blethyn

Kevin Costello, spin bowler                      Timothy Spall

Maggie Costello, Kevin’s wife                   Josie Lawrence

Pardon the Expression – ITV 1965-1966

A spin-off from Coronation Street. Formerly the manager of the fashion retail store Gamma Garments in Coronation Street, in this series Leonard Swindley is the deputy manager of the department store Dobson and Hawks. His boss was Ernest Parbold.

Leonard Swinley                                       Arthur Lowe

Ernest Parbold                                          Paul Dawkins then Robert Dorning

Canteen lady                                             Betty Driver

Spin-off (of a spin-off): Turn out the Lights (ITV 1967) – Swindley and Hunt have been sacked from Dobson and Hawks and now they study supernatural events around the country.

Wally Hunt                                       Robert Dorning

Peep Show – Channel 4 2003- (48 episodes to date)

The series follows the lives of two men from their twenties to thirties.

Mark marries Sophie. His flatmate in Croydon is Jez. Mark is initially a loan manager at the fictional JLB Credit, later becoming a waiter and then a bathroom supplies salesman. Jez is an unemployed would-be musician.

Sophie Winkleman, the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor, plays Big Suze.

Mark Corrigan                                  David Mitchell

Jeremy 'Jez' Usborne                      Robert Webb

Sophie Chapman                             Olivia Colman

Super Hans, Jeremy's band-mate  Matt King

Alan Johnson, Mark's boss             Paterson Joseph

Jeff Heaney, Mark's workmate        Neil Fitzmaurice

Phoenix Nights – Channel 4 2001-2002

Sitcom about The Phoenix Club, a working men's club in Farnworth, Bolton, which is owned by Brian Potter.

Peter Kay's line – "Garlic bread, it's the future, I've tasted it" – was named the greatest one-liner in TV comedy history.

Spin-off series Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere (2004) follows the Bolton doormen/bouncers Maxwell "Max" Bygraves (Peter Kay) and Patrick "Paddy" O'Shea (Paddy McGuinness) as they travel around Britain in their campervan.

Brian Potter                                               Peter Kay

Jerry 'St. Clair' Dignan, club compere      Dave Spikey

Ray Von, club handyman and DJ             Neil Fitzmaurice

Patrick "Paddy" O'Shea                            Paddy McGuinness

Phone Shop – Channel 4 2010-

The interactions of the staff and customers of a mobile phone shop in Sutton.

Jerwayne                                                   Javone Prince

Christopher                                               Tom Bennett

Ashley                                                       Andrew Brooke

Janine                                                       Emma Fryer

Lance                                                        Martin Trenaman

Shelley                                                      Juliet Cowan then Susannah Wise

Razz                                                          Kayvan Novak

The Piglet Files – ITV 1990-1992

The programme follows the life of reluctant MI5 agent Peter ‘Piglet’ Chapman.

Peter Chapman                                         Nicholas Lyndhurst

Sarah Chapman, Peter’s wife                   Serena Evans

Major Maurice Drummond                        Clive Francis

Major Andrew Maxwell                             John Ringham

Please Sir! – LWT 1968-1972 (55 episodes)

Creators: John Esmonde and Bob Larbey.

Bernard Hedges is a recent graduate and an English and History teacher at Fenn Street Secondary Modern, where he teaches class 5C.

Spin-off series The Fenn Street Gang featured the original pupils.

Bernard “Privet” Hedges                           John Alderton

Norman Potter, school caretaker              Derek Guyler

Doris Ewell, deputy headmaster               Joan Sanderson

Mr Cromwell, headmaster                        Noel Howlett

Mr Price                                                     Richard Davies

Plebs – ITV 2013-

A sitcom set in a rather stereotypical Ancient Rome which features orgies, gladiators and chariot races. Marcus and Stylax share a flat in a tenement with their lazy slave Grumio. Next door to them live an aspiring actress Cynthia and her abrasive British slave Metella.

Marcus Gallow                                          Tom Rosenthal

Stylax Urastaques                                    Joel Fry

Grumio                                                      Ryan Sampson

Cynthia Cogidubna                                   Sophie Colquhoun

Metella                                                      Lydia Rose Bewley

Flavia                                                        Doon Mackichan

Aurelius                                                     Tom Basden

Landlord                                                    Karl Theobald

Porridge – BBC 1974-1977

Writers: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

Fletcher, from Muswell Hill, is sent to HMP Slade, a fictional prison in Cumberland, alongside his cellmate, Godber, from Birmingham serving his first sentence. Mr Mackay is the chief warder, from Glasgow. His subordinate, Mr Barrowclough, is more sympathetic and prone to manipulation.

Ronnie Barker recommended Paul Henry to play the part of Godber.

Going Straight: sequel to Porridge (see above)

Seven of One: first series that Norman Stanley Fletcher appeared in, in the episode Prisoner and Escort.

Opening words: "Norman Stanley Fletcher, you have pleaded guilty to the charges brought by this court, and it is now my duty to pass sentence. You are an habitual criminal, who accepts arrest as an occupational hazard, and presumably accepts imprisonment in the same casual manner. We therefore feel constrained to commit you to the maximum term allowed for these offences — you will go to prison for five years."

Norman Stanley Fletcher                          Ronnie Barker

Lennie Godber                                          Richard Beckinsale

Mr Mackay                                                Fulton Mackay

Mr Barrowclough                                       Brian Wilde

Harry Grout                                               Peter Vaughan

Lukewarm                                                 Christopher Biggins

McLaren                                                    Tony Osoba

Warren                                                      Sam Kelly

Blanco Webb                                            David Jason

Ives                                                           Ken Jones

Geoffrey Venables, prison Governor        Michael Barrington

Mrs Hesketh (the Governor's secretary)  Madge Hindle

Ingrid Fletcher, Fletcher’s daughter         Patricia Brake

Potter – BBC 1979-1983

Writer: Roy Clarke

Redvers Potter is a busybody former sweet manufacturer ("Pottermints – the hotter mints"). Following retirement, Potter tries to keep himself occupied by interfering in other people's business.

Arthur Lowe died after series 2 and was replaced by Robin Bailey.

Redvers Potter                                          Arthur Lowe, then Robin Bailey

Aileen Potter, his wife                               Noel Dyson

The Vicar                                                   John Barron

Harry Tooms, ex-gangster                        Harry H. Corbett

Queenie's Castle – ITV 1970-1972

Writers: Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall.

Set in a tower block in Leeds.

Queenie Shepherd                                   Diana Dors

Raymond Herbert Shepherd                    Freddie Fletcher

Bernard Anthony "Bunny" Shepherd        Brian Marshall

Douglas Fairbanks Shepherd                   Barrie Rutter

Jack Henry Shepherd                               Tony Caunter

Mrs. Blakely                                              Kathy Staff

Rab C. Nesbitt – BBC 1988-1999 and 2008-2014 (66 episodes in total)

Nesbitt is as an alcoholic (although not in the revival series) Glaswegian from Govan who sees unemployment as a lifestyle choice. His trademark fashion choice is a string vest and headband.

The character first appeared in the sketch show Naked Video.

Rab C. Nesbitt                                                             Gregor Fisher

Mary “Mary Doll” Nesbitt, Rab’s wife                           Elaine C. Smith

Gash Nesbitt, elder son                                               Andrew Fairlie

Burney Nesbitt, younger son                                       Eric Cullen

James Aaron “Jamesie” Cotter, longtime friend         Tony Roper

Ella Cotter, Jamesie’s wife                                          Barbara Rafferty

The Rag Trade – BBC 1961-1963 and ITV 1977-1978

Creators: Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney.

Set in the East End clothing workshop of Fenner Fashions, owned by Harold Fenner. The female workers are led by militant shop steward Paddy Fleming, ever ready to strike, with the catchphrase "Everybody out!"

The series was revived on LWT in 1977 re-using some of the earlier scripts and with a theme tune written and performed by Lynsey De Paul.

1961 cast:

Harold Fenner                                           Peter Jones

Reg Turner, foreman                                Reg Varney

Paddy Fleming, shop steward                  Miriam Karlin

Carole Taylor                                            Sheila Hancock

Judy                                                          Barbara Windsor

Shirley                                                       Wanda Ventham

1977 cast:

Mr. Fenner                                                Peter Jones

Paddy                                                        Miriam Karlin

Tony                                                          Christopher Beeny

Kathy                                                         Diane Langton

Olive Rudge                                              Anna Karen

Lyn                                                            Gillian Taylforth

Red Dwarf – BBC 1988-1999, Dave 2009 and 2012- (61 episodes in total to date)

Creators: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

The series is based on Dave Hollins: Space Cadet in the Radio 4 sketch show Son of Cliché.

It is the 22nd century and on mining spaceship Red Dwarf operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation Dave Lister emerges from stasis after 3 million years only to discover that the rest of the crew had died after a radiation leak of cadmium II shortly after he went into suspended animation. His only companions are the ship’s computer, a hologram and a humanoid cat which had evolved from his pet cat Frankenstein. He is also the last human male in the universe.

Kryten (an android) first appears in series II. Kristine Kochanski was initially a Red Dwarf navigation officer whom Lister had a crush on.

For two series the crew transferred to the smaller Starbug after Red Dwarf was stolen.

Rimmer has an alter ego: Ace Rimmer (“What a guy!”). His catchphrase is “"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!". Cat’s alter ego is dorky Dwayne Dibley.

The ship is maintained by skutters – motorized robots.

Red Dwarf Magazine is the “Smegazine”.

Dave Lister                                                Craig Charles

Arnold Judas Rimmer, a hologram           Chris Barrie

Cat                                                            Danny John-Jules

Holly, the ships' computer                        Norman Lovett then Hattie Hayridge

Kryten                                                        Robert Llewellyn

Kristine Kochanski                                    Clare Grogan then Chloë Annett

Rev. – BBC 2010-2014

Anglican priest Adam Smallbone moves from a small rural Suffolk parish to St Saviour in the Marshes in Hackney. His wife, Alex, is a solicitor.

Adam Smallbone                                      Tom Hollander

Alexandra Smallbone                               Olivia Colman

Colin Lambert                                           Steve Evets

Nigel McCall                                              Miles Jupp

Rings on Their Fingers – BBC 1978-1980

Writer: Richard Waring.

Unmarried couple Oliver and Sandy have slightly different views of the future: Sandy wants to get married whereas Oliver is happy to remain single. The woman wins in the end.

Oliver Pryde                                              Martin Jarvis

Sandy Bennett                                          Diane Keen

Rising Damp – ITV 1974-1978

Writer: Eric Chappell.

Chappell adapted the series from his 1971 stage play, The Banana Box. In the play the landlord was called Rooksby.

Rigsby is the seedy landlord of a rundown Victorian townhouse let out as bedsits (probably in Yorkshire).

He pursues a romantic relationship with Miss Jones.

His cat is named Vienna.

Philip is from Croydon and claims to be the son of an African Chief.

Rupert Rigsby                                                              Leonard Rossiter

Ruth Jones, spinster and college administrator          Frances de la Tour

Alan Moore, medical student                                       Richard Beckinsale

Philip Smith, planning student                                     Don Warrington

Brenda, tenant when Miss Jones is away                   Gabrielle Rose

The River – BBC 1988

London-born ex-convict Davey Jackson is lock keeper on the canal near the village of Chumley-on-the-Water. He is enjoying this quiet existence until the arrival of Sarah MacDonald. The love-hate relationship between Davey and Sarah blossoms into a shaky romance, their potential happiness often spoiled by the machinations of Davey's grumpy Aunty Betty.

The series was filmed at Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire.

David Essex wrote and performed the theme song (reached #97 in the charts).

Davey Jackson                                         David Essex

Sarah MacDonald                                     Katy Murphy

Aunty Betty                                               Vilma Hollingbery

Colonel Danvers                                       David Ryall

Robin’s Nest – ITV 1977-1981 (48 episodes)

Writers: Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer.

Robin Tripp, one of the lead characters in the sitcom, Man About the House, and his girlfriend Vicky run a bistro in Fulham called Robin’s Nest. Robin is the chef, and Vicky’s father, James, is his business partner.

Robin Tripp                                                                  Richard O’Sullivan

Vicky Nicholls                                                              Tessa Wyatt

James Nicholls                                                            Tony Britton

Arnold Riddle, one-armed Irish kitchen hand              David Kelly

Romany Jones – ITV 1972-1975

This series focused on two work-shy families living on a caravan site.

After James Beck’s death in 1973, the Jones family was replaced by the Crichton-Jones family.

Sequel: Yus, My Dear (ITV 1976). Wally and Lily have left their caravan for a new life in a council house. It featured comedian Mike Reid as Wally’s brother Benny.

Wally Briggs                                                                 Arthur Mullard

Lily Briggs                                                                    Queenie Watts

Bert Jones                                                                   James Beck

Betty Jones                                                                  Jo Rowbottom

Jeremy Crichton-Jones                                               Jonathan Cecil

Susan Crichton-Jones                                                 Gay Soper

Rosie – BBC 1975-1981

Writer: Roy Clarke.

Set in the fictitious Yorkshire town of Slagcaster. PC Penrose, or ‘Rosie’, is a friendly but naïve policeman who moves back to his home town of Ravens Bay where he is paired with PC Wilmot.

The first series in 1975 was called The Growing Pains of PC Penrose but the later series were re-titled.

PC Michael ‘Rosie’ Penrose                                        Paul Greenwood

PC Wilmot                                                                    Tony Haygarth

The Royle Family – BBC 1998-2000 with specials 2006-2012

Writers: Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash.

Set in the living room of the Royle family, in Manchester. Television is always switched on.

Jim’s catchphrase: "my arse!"

Barbara works part-time in a bakers.

Theme tune: Half the World Away by Oasis.

James Randolph “Jim” Royle                                      Ricky Tomlinson

Barbara Royle, Jim’s wife                                            Sue Johnston

Denise Royle, daughter                                               Caroline Aherne

Dave Best, Denise’s husband                                     Craig Cash

Antony Royle, known as ‘lurch’                                   Ralf Little

Norma “Nana” Speakman, Barbara’s mother             Liz Smith

Twiggy, family friend, ex-convict                                 Geoffrey Hughes

Joe Carroll, next door neighbour                                 Peter Martin

Mary Carroll, Joe’s wife                                               Doreen Keogh

Cheryl Carroll, daughter, always dieting                     Jessica Stevenson (Hynes)

Sam’s Game – ITV 2001

Sam and Alex are flatmates. Axed after one series after poor reviews

Sam                                                                             Davina McCall

Alex                                                                              Ed Byrne

Saxondale – BBC 2006-2007

Writers: Neil Maclennan and Steve Coogan

Tommy Saxondale is a former roadie with anger issues who now owns a pest control business. The series is set in Stevenage.

Thomas "Tommy" Gregory Saxondale                       Steve Coogan

Margaret "Magz" Nith, Tommy’s girlfriend                  Ruth Jones

Raymond, Tommy’s lodger                                         Rasmus Hardiker

Vicky, office manager                                                  Morwenna Banks

Keanu                                                                          Steve Coogan

Second Thoughts – ITV in 1991-1994 (49 episodes)

Based on a Radio 4 series, Bill and Faith are two middle-aged divorcees from very different backgrounds trying to develop a relationship, despite the pressures pulling it apart – Faith's two teenage children (Hannah and Joe) and Bill's ex-wife Liza who occasionally does work for the same style magazine for which Bill works.

Sequel: Faith in the Future (ITV 1995-1998). This series sees Bill and Faith having split up and Faith now working as an art teacher and in an on-off relationship with Paul.

Second Thoughts cast:

Bill Macgregor                                           James Bolam

Faith Greyshott                                         Lynda Bellingham

Hannah Grayshott                                    Julia Sawalha

Joe Grayshott                                           Mark Denham

Liza Macgregor, Bill’s ex-wife                   Belinda Lang

Faith in the Future cast:

Faith Greyshott                                         Lynda Bellingham

Hannah Grayshott                                    Julia Sawalha

Paul                                                           Jeff Rawle

Jools                                                          Charlie Creed-Miles then Simon Pegg

Seconds Out – BBC 1981-1982

Pete Dodds is a professional boxer managed by Tom Sprake and trained by Dave Locket. Hazel is Pete’s girlfriend.

Pete Dodds                                               Robert Lindsay

Tom Sprake                                              Lee Montague

Dave Locket                                              Ken Jones

Hazel                                                         Leslie Ash

Shelley – ITV 1979-1984 (71 episodes including The Return of Shelley)

Shelley is a sardonic unemployed graduate, who shares a flat in Pangloss Road, London, with his girlfriend, Fran.

Sequel: The Return of Shelley (ITV 1988-1992). Shelley returns from Kuwait, where he taught English, to find his friends have turned into Yuppies. He now shares a house with Ted Bishop (David Ryall). Only the first series of this run was actually titled The Return of Shelley, the remaining series reverted to being called Shelley.

James Shelley                                          Hywel Bennett

Fran                                                           Belinda Sinclair

Edna Hawkins, Shelley’s landlady           Josephine Tewson

The Smoking Room – BBC 2004-2005

Set entirely in Room B209, the smoking room in the basement of an un-named company. The indoor smoking ban introduced in 2007 rather put paid to the premise.

Theme music: instrumental version of "Close to Me" by The Cure.

Annie                                                         Debbie Chazen

Barry                                                         Jeremy Swift

Clint                                                           Fraser Ayres

Gordon                                                      Mike Walling

Heidi                                                          Emma Kennedy

Janet                                                         Selina Griffiths

Len                                                            Leslie Schofield

Lilian                                                          Paula Wilcox

Robin                                                         Robert Webb

Sally                                                          Nadine Marshall

Sharon                                                      Siobhan Redmond

Monique Coyne                                         Sunetra Sarker

Solo – BBC 1981-1982

Writer: Carla Lane

Gemma kicks her live-in boyfriend out of her flat, breaks off relations with her best friend, and resigns from her job.

Gemma Palmer                                                  Felicity Kendall

Danny Tyrrell, Gemma’s ex-boyfriend               Stephen Moore

Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer, Gemma’s mother          Elspet Gray

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em – BBC (22 episodes)

Frank and his wife Betty have a daughter, Jessica.

Accident-prone Frank wears a trench coat and beret.

Frank only says "Ooh Betty" in one episode (S2 E2).

Created and written by Raymond Allen. Filmed in Bedford

The theme tune by Ronnie Hazlehurst features a piccolo spelling out the title in Morse code

Frank Spencer                                                    Michael Crawford

Betty Spencer                                                     Michele Dotrice

Mr Lewis, Frank’s neighbour                              Glynn Edwards

Sorry! – BBC 1981- 1988 (42 episodes)

Timothy is a librarian in his 40s who still lives at home with his domineering mother Phyllis and henpecked father Sidney.

Sidney frequently shouts "Language, Timothy!"

Timothy Lumsden                                               Ronnie Corbett

Phyllis Lumsden                                                 Barbara Lott

Sidney Lumsden                                                William Moore

Muriel, Timothy’s sister                                      Marguerite Hardiman

Spaced – Channel 4 1999-2001

Writers: Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson.

Director: Edgar Wright.

Daisy and Tim meet in a café and pose as a professional couple in order to rent a flat in 23 Meteor Street, Tufnell Park, which is owned by Marsha. Tim wants to be a comic book artist and Daisy wants to be a writer.

Tim Bisley                                                                    Simon Pegg

Daisy Steiner                                                               Jessica Stevenson

Marsha Klein                                                                Julia Deakin

Mike Watt, Tim’s best friend                                        Nick Frost

Brian Topp, conceptual artist, lives downstairs           Mark Heap

Twist Morgan, Daisy’s best friend                               Katy Carmichael

Spooner’s Patch – ITV 1979-1982

Writers: Johnny Speight and Ray Galton.

Inspector Spooner, head of Woodley police station, wants a quiet life but has to clear up the mess left by his incompetent and corrupt staff.

Inspector Spooner                                    Ronald Fraser, then Donald Churchill

Mrs. Cantaford                                          Patricia Hayes

Detective Con. Bulsover                           Peter Cleall

PC Goatman                                             Norman Rossington

Steptoe and Son – BBC 1962-1974 (57 episodes)

Writers: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Albert Steptoe, a rag-and-bone man, and his son Harold (aged 37) live in Oil Drum Lane in Shepherd’s Bush. They have a horse named Hercules. Harold’s catchphrase – "You dirty old man".

Theme tune Old Ned was composed by Ron Grainer.

Albert Edward Ladysmith Steptoe                     Wilfred Brambell

Harold Albert Kitchener Steptoe                        Harry H. Corbett

Still Game – BBC 2002-2007 (45 epsiodes)

Creators: Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan.

Set in the fictional Craiglang area of Glasgow. Two mischievous pensioners Jack and Victor consider how poor life has become compared with the good old days and get up to various escapades to prove that they are “still game”. Jack and Victor's home is in Osprey Heights.

The characters previously appeared in the sketch show called Chewin' the Fat.

Jack Jarvis                                                Ford Kiernan

Victor McDade                                          Greg Hemphill

Winston Ingram                                         Paul Riley

Thomas "Tam" Mullen                              Mark Cox

Boabby                                                      Gavin Mitchell

Isa Drennan                                              Jane McCarry

Navid Harrid                                              Sanjeev Kohli

Eric                                                            James Martin

Surgical Spirit – ITV 1989-1995 (50 episodes)

The series focuses on the on-off affair between Sheila Sabatini, a surgeon at Gillies Hospital, and her anaesthetist colleague Jonathan Haslam. Sheila’s best friend is theatre administrator Joyce Watson.

Sheila Sabatini                                          Nichola McAuliffe

Jonathan Haslam                                      Duncan Preston

Joyce Watson                                           Marji Campi

Sweet Sixteen – BBC 1983

Forty-one year old building company boss Helen falls in love with 25 year-old Peter and becomes pregnant.

Helen Walker                                            Penelope Keith

Peter Morgan                                            Christopher Villiers

Jane                                                          Joan Blackham

Dr Ballentine                                             Mike Grady

James Walker                                           Matthew Solon

Ken Green                                                Victor Spinetti

Sykes – BBC 1972-1979 (68 episodes)

Writer: Eric Sykes.

Unmarried twins Eric and Harriet (Hat) Sykes live at 28 Sebastopol Terrace, East Acton

The series was brought to an end by the death of Hattie Jacques of a heart attack in 1980.

Originally the series went out under the title Sykes and a... and the address was 24 Sebastopol Terrace.

Eric Sykes                                                                    Himself

Harriet Sykes                                                               Hatty Jacques

Charles Fulbright-Brown, snooty neighbour               Richard Wattis

PC Corky Turnbull                                                       Derek Guyler

Terry and June – BBC 1979-1987 (65 episodes)

Middle aged, middle class couple who live at 71 Poplar Avenue, Purley.

The series was essentially a reworking of Happy Ever After (see above).

Terry Medford                                                     Terry Scott

June Medford                                                     June Whitfield

Sir Dennis Hodge, Terry’s boss                         Reginald Marsh

That’s My Boy – ITV 1981-1986

When Ida becomes housekeeper to Dr Price she discovers he is the son she gave up for adoption. The setting moved from London to Yorkshire for the final series.

Ida Willis                                                             Mollie Sugden

Dr. Robert Price                                                 Christopher Blake

Angie Price                                                         Jennifer Lonsdale

Mrs Price                                                            Clare Richards

Wilfred Willis                                                       Harold Goodwin

Miss Parfitt                                                         Deddie Davies

Then Churchill Said to Me – UK Gold 1993 (BBC 2000)

Although made in 1982 it was not broadcast until after Howerd’s death (in 1992) because its original broadcast slot clashed with the Falklands Conflict.

Set in Churchill’s secret bunker during WWII.

Pvt. Percy Potts                                                  Frankie Howerd

Lt. Col. Robin Witherton                                     Nicholas Courtney

Petty Officer Joan Bottomley                             Joanna Dunham

The Thin Blue Line – BBC 1995-1996

Writer: Ben Elton

Set in a police station in Gasforth.

Inspector Raymond Fowler                                Rowan Atkinson

Constable Kevin Goody                                     James Dreyfus

Constable Maggie Habib                                    Mina Anwar

Constable Frank Gladstone                               Rudolph Walker

Police Sergeant Patricia Dawkins                      Serena Evans

Detective Inspector Derek Grim                         David Haig

Three Up, Two Down – BBC 1985-1989

New parents Nick and Angie decide to rent out the basement of their house in order to boost their income. Nick’s dad Sam and Angie’s mother Daphne are both widowed and both want to move in. The solution is a flat share and some class driven comedy.

Sam Tyler                                                           Michael Elphick

Daphne Trenchard                                             Angela Thorne

Nick Tyler                                                           Ray Burdis

Angie Tyler                                                         Lysette Anthony

Till Death Us Do Part – BBC 1966-1975 (53 episodes)

Writer: Johnny Speight.

East End family – bigoted racist Alf, his long-suffering wife Else (“silly old moo”), daughter Rita, and Rita’s husband Mike who is a Liverpudlian socialist (“Scouse git”).

Alf Garnett supports West Ham.

The series caused much consternation, particularly amongst Mary Whitehouse and her supporters, for its content and swearing (especially the repeated use of “bloody”), although in general Alf was portrayed as a buffoon.

Sequel – In Sickness and in Health (see above)

An American version was called All in the Family.

Alf Garnett                                                          Warren Mitchell

Else Garnett                                                       Dandy Nichols

Rita                                                                     Una Stubbs

Mike                                                                    Anthony Booth

Gran                                                                   Joan Sims

Bert Reed, Alf’s neighbour                                 Alfie Bass

Min Reed, Bert’s wife                                         Patricia Hayes

Time Gentlemen Please – Sky 2001-2002

Writers: Richard Herring and Al Murray.

A sitcom set in a pub and built around Al Murray’s persona as “The Pub Landlord”.

Guv                                                                     Al Murray

Terry                                                                   Phil Daniels

Steve                                                                  Jason Freeman

Vicky Jackson                                                    Rebecca Front

Janet                                                                   Julia Sawalha

Connie                                                                Emma Pierson

To the Manor Born – BBC 1979-1981

Writer: Peter Spence.

Recently widowed Audrey finds she has to sell-up her estate in order to pay off her late-husband’s debts. Forced to move into the “Old Lodge”, she does manage to hold on to her butler and Rolls-Royce. The manor is bought by Richard DeVere, a nouveau riche millionaire supermarket owner of Cavendish Foods and originally from Czechoslovakia. Eventually romance blooms between Audrey and Richard.

Set in the fictional village of Grantleigh, in Somerset near the fictional town of Marlbury and filmed on location in Cricket St Thomas.

The title is a pun on the phrase "to the manner born" from Hamlet.

Audrey fforbes-Hamilton                                              Penelope Keith

Richard DeVere                                                           Peter Bowles

Marjory Frobisher, Audrey’s friend                              Angela Thorne

Maria Polouvicka, “Mrs Poo”, Richard’s mother         Daphne Heard

Brabinger, the butler                                                    John Rudling

Ned, the odd-job man                                                  Michael Bilton

Tripper’s Day – ITV 1984

Writer: Brian Cooke

Norman Tripper is a Northern manager assigned to a London supermarket named Supafare. Leonard Rossiter died whilst the series was being broadcast in October 1984

Norman Tripper                                         Leonard Rossitter

The series was brought back with Bruce Forsyth in the lead role as Cecil Slinger, under the new title Slinger's Day (ITV 1986-1987). This is Forsyth’s only sitcom performance.

Cecil Slinger                                              Bruce Forsyth

Hardie                                                       Philip Bird

Fred                                                           David Kelly

Mr Christian                                              Paul Clarkson

Trollied – Sky 2011-

The series is set in the Valco supermarket in Warrington and explores the various interactions between staff and customers.

Julie Cook, Deputy Store Manager                    Jane Horrocks

Andy Richmond, Head Butcher                         Mark Addy

Gavin Strong                                                      Jason Watkins

Katie, Checkout Supervisor                               Chanel Cresswell

Kieran, Butcher                                                  Nick Blood

Margaret, Assistant                                            Rita May

Lorraine Chain, Store Manager                         Stephanie Beacham

Sharon, Head Baker                                          Jo Enright

Ian, Security Guard                                            Victor McGuire

Richard France, Director of Strategy                 Chris Geere

Brian, Pharmacist                                               Stephen Tompkinson

Rose, Checkout Operator                                  Miriam Margolyes

Daniel Wilson, Deputy Store Manager              Samuel Anderson

Charlotte "Charlie" O'Connor                             Aisling Bea

2point4 Children – BBC 1991-1999 (56 episodes)

Writer: Andrew Marshall.

Set in 142 Chepstow Road, Chiswick. Bill is a working mother, Ben is her child-like husband, Jenny and David their teenage children

Gary Olsen’s death in 2000 ended the likelihood of more episodes.

Bill Porter                                                  Belinda Lang

Ben Porter                                                 Gary Olsen

Jenny Porter                                             Clare Woodgate then Clare Buckfield

David Porter                                              John Pickard

Rona Harris, Bill’s sex-mad friend            Julia Hills

The Two of Us – ITV 1986-1990

Unmarried couple Ashley and Elaine have slightly different views of the future. Currently living together, Ashley wants to get married whereas Elaine is happy to remain single. The man wins in the end.

Ashley Phillips                                           Nicholas Lyndhurst

Elaine Walker                                            Janet Dibley

Perce, Ashley’s grandfather                     Patrick Troughton then Tenniel Evans

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps – BBC 2001-2011 (80 episodes)

Writer: Susann Nickson.

The plot revolves around the lives of twenty-somethings in Runcorn. Much of the action takes place in the Archer Hotel pub. Janet and Jonny have a baby named Corinthian.

Episodes included two musical specials, a few fantasy episodes (in one of which Jonny is eaten by a giant Jamie dodger) and a live broadcast. The ending of the final episode of series 8 was determined by an online poll.

A one-off Comic Relief special combined Two Pints, Coming of Age and Grownups.

The title was inspired by the 1980 hit single “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please” by Splodgenessabounds.

Gaz Wilkinson                                           Will Mellor

Donna Henshaw                                       Natalie Casey

Janet Keogh                                              Sheridan Smith

Louise Brooks                                           Kathryn Drysdale

Jonny Keogh                                             Ralf Little

Two’s Company – ITV 1975-1979

American thriller writer Dorothy McNab employs butler Robert Hiller to run her home in Chelsea. Culture clash comedy ensues.

A version for US television starred Peter Cook as the butler and Mimi Kennedy as a single mother.

Dorothy McNab                                         Elaine Stritch

Robert Hiller                                              Donald Sinden

Up Pompeii! – BBC 1969-1970

Writers: Talbot Rothwell and Sid Colin

The series began as a Comedy Playhouse pilot and was based on Frankie Howerd’s performance in the play A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Lurcio was a work-shy slave to Senator Ludicrus Sextus, the senator's promiscuous wife Ammonia, his daughter Erotica and his virginal son Nausius. Lurcio was trying to deliver The Prologue to the viewing audience when he was invariably interrupted by Senna the Soothsayer (“Woe, woe and thrice woe”). Howerd frequently broke the fourth wall and talked directly to the audience.

Nausius would prepare an ode for his latest love but could never find a rhyme with which to end it (usually a rhyme for “cities”, “trumpet”, “pass” or “ditties”)

There was a 1975 BBC special Further Up Pompeii! and a 1991 ITV special confusingly also called Further Up Pompeii (but apparently without the exclamation mark). Sequel: Whoops Baghdad (see below).

Lurcio                                                        Frankie Howerd

Ludicrus Sextus                                        Max Adrian, then Wallas Eaton

Ammonia                                                   Elizabeth Larner

Erotica                                                       Georgina Moon

Nausius                                                     Kerry Gardner

Senna the Soothsayer                              Jeanne Mockford

Plautus                                                      Willie Rushton

Up the Elephant and Round the Castle – ITV 1983-1985

Jim London is a jack-the-lad about town.

Jim London                                               Jim Davidson

Ernie "Dad" London                                  John Bardon

Wanda Pickles                                          Sue Nicholls

Lois Tight                                                  Anita Dobson

The Upper Hand –ITV 1990-1996 (94 episodes)

This sitcom was adapted from the American sitcom Who's the Boss?

Ex-footballer Charlie Burrows takes a job as housekeeper for advertising executive Caroline Wheatley in Henley-on-Thames. He is joined by his daughter, Joanna. Caroline’s man-eating mother Laura West lives in an annex of the house. Caroline's son Tom comes to see Charlie as a father figure. Charlie and Caroline get married at the end of Series 6.

Charlie Burrows                                        Joe McGann

Caroline Wheatley                                    Diana Weston

Laura West                                               Honor Blackman

Joanna Burrows                                        Kellie Bright

Tom Wheatley                                           William Puttock

The Vicar of Dibley – BBC 1994-2000 plus various specials

Creator: Richard Curtis

Set in a fictional small Oxfordshire village called Dibley, which is assigned a female vicar following the 1992 changes in the Church of England that permitted the ordination of women. Geraldine Grainger becomes the vicar of St Barnabus.

Geraldine tries to explain a smutty joke to Alice at the end of each episode. Geraldine’s first name is Boadicea. She marries Harry Kennedy.

Jim Trott prefaces "no-no-no-no-no..." to almost everything he says, in particular "yes!"

The theme music was a setting of Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd) composed by Howard Goodall.

Geraldine Grainger                                                      Dawn French

David Horton, Chairman of the Parish Council           Gary Waldhorn

Hugo Horton, David’s son                                           James Fleet

Alice Tinker, Verger who marries Hugo                      Emma Chambers

Owen Newitt, farmer                                                    Roger Lloyd-Pack

Jim Trott, Parish Council member                               Trevor Peacock

Frank Pickle, Secretary of the Parish Council            John Bluthall

Harry Kennedy                                                             Richard Armitage

Letitia Cropley                                                              Liz Smith

Waiting for God – BBC 1990-1994

Tom and Diana are residents of Bayview retirement home but are not going to let the greedy manager Harvey Bains get away with his constant budget slashing.

Tom Ballard                                                        Graham Crowden

Diana Trent                                                        Stephanie Cole

Harvey Bains                                                      Daniel Hill

Jane Edwards, Harvey’s assistant                     Janine Duvitski

Watching – ITV 1987-1993

Set in Merseyside. Brenda and her sister Pamela go in for "people watching" whilst Malcolm is a birdwatcher. Malcolm lives with his domineering mother, Marjorie, and rides a Norton motorbike and sidecar. Brenda and Malcolm get married in the final episode.

Brenda Wilson                                          Emma Wray

Pamela Wilson                                          Liza Tarbuck

Malcolm Stoneway                                   Paul Bown

Marjorie Stoneway                                    Patsy Byrne

Whack-O! – BBC 1956-1960 and 1971-1972 (60 episodes in total)

Writers: Frank Muir and Denis Norden.

Professor James Edwards is the tyrannical and devious headmaster of Chiselbury public school ("for the sons of Gentlefolk"). Mr Pettigrew was his right-hand man. There was also a radio series.

Professor James Edwards                       Jimmy Edwards

Oliver Pettigrew                                        Arthur Howard (1956), Julian Orchard (1971)

Whoops Baghdad – BBC 1973

This was a sequel to Up Pompeii! (see above) with the setting moved to mediaeval Baghdad.

Ali Oopla                                                   Frankie Howerd

Abu ben Ackers, the Wazir                       Derek Francis

Saccharine                                                Hilary Pritchard

Boobiana                                                   Anna Brett

Derti Dhoti                                                 Larry Martyn

Wild, Wild Women – BBC 1968-1969

Writers: Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney.

Wolfe and Chesney transported this version of their own The Rag Trade back to 1902 and set it in a milliner’s shop.

Millie                                                          Barbara Windsor

Mr Harcourt                                               Paul Whitsun-Jones

Albert                                                         Ken Platt

Daisy                                                         Pat Coombs

Ruby                                                          Toni Palmer

Maude                                                       Anna Karen

Mrs Harcourt                                             Joan Sanderson

The Worker – ITV 1965-1970 and 1978

Worker Charlie just can’t keep a job. In fact he has been dismissed from all 980 jobs which the Weybridge Labour Exchange has found him over 20 years.

Desk clerks Mr Whittaker and later Mr Pugh try very hard to find Charlie a suitable job which he can succeed at.

Charlie                                                       Charlie Drake

Mr Whittaker                                             Percy Herbert

Mr Pugh                                                    Henry McGee

Yes Minister - BBC 1980-1984 and Yes, Prime Minister - BBC 1986-1988 (45 episodes including the 2013 revival)

Writers: Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay.

Jim Hacker, MP for Birmingham East, is Minister of Administrative Affairs. Sir Humphrey Appleby is his Permanent Secretary, and Bernard Woolley is his Principal Private Secretary.

Hacker is married to Annie, and they have a daughter, Lucy, who is studying sociology at the University of Sussex.

Arnold Robinson is Cabinet Secretary in Yes Minister and later President of the Campaign for Freedom of Information.

Hacker became Prime Minister, thus the change of title.

In Yes, Prime Minister, Dorothy Wainwright is a special political adviser to the Prime Minister.

The opening titles were drawn by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe.

The theme music was composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst and is largely based on the Westminster Quarters: the chimes of Big Ben.

Yes Prime Minister

The Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country

The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country

The Times is read by people who do run the country

The Daily Mail is read by wives of the people who run the country

The Financial Times is read by people who own the country

The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country

The Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it already is” (Jim Hacker)

The Sun is read by people who don’t care who runs the country as long as she’s got big tits.” (Bernard)

Jim eventually became The Lord Hacker of Islington.

Jim Hacker                                                Paul Eddington

Humprey Appleby                                     Nigel Hawthorne

Bernard Woolley                                       Derek Fowlds

Annie Hacker                                            Diana Hoddinott

Arnold Robinson                                       John Nettleton

Dorothy Wainwright                                  Deborah Norton

Yes Prime Minister was revived by UK TV Gold in 2013 with the following cast:

Jim Hacker                                                David Haig

Humprey Appleby                                     Henry Goodman

Bernard Woolley                                       Chris Larkin

Claire Sutton                                             Zoe Telford

You, Me & Them – UK TV Gold 2013-2015

The problems faced by new couple Ed and Lauren because of the 26 year difference in their ages.

Ed Walker                                                 Anthony Head

Lauren Grey                                              Eve Myles

Alan Walker                                              Nigel Betts

Debs Mason                                              Daisy Beaumont

Keith Mason                                              Marcus Garvey

Emma Grey                                               Susie Blake

Clive Grey                                                 Jeff Rawle

You Rang, M’Lord? – BBC 1988-1993

Writers: Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

Set in the house of an aristocratic family in the 1920s, contrasting the upper-class family and their servants in a house at 12 Park Lane, Mayfair.

The series featured many actors who had also appeared in other Croft and Perry series.

The series was the first British sitcom to feature a recurring lesbian character, in Cissy Meldrum.

Theme tune was sung by Bob Monkhouse and Paul Shane.

George, Lord Meldrum, master of the house              Donald Hewlett

Teddy Meldrum, his younger brother                          Michael Knowles

Cissy Meldrum, his elder daughter                             Catherine Rabett

Poppy Meldrum, his younger daughter                       Susie Brann

Alf Stokes, butler                                                         Paul Shane

James Twelvetrees, footman                                      Jeffrey Holland

Ivy Teasdale, maid                                                      Su Pollard

Mrs Blanche Lipton, cook                                            Brenda Cowling

PC Wilson                                                                    Bill Pertwee

The Young Ones – BBC 1982-1984

Writers: Ben Elton, Rik Mayall and Lise Mayer.

Four students at Scumbag College share a house:

Vyvyan Bastard, a psychopathic punk medical student

Rick, an anarchist studying sociology

Neil Pye, a hippie studying Peace Studies

Mike, “The Cool Person”

The landlord is Jerzei Balowski, who is Russian

Eleven of the twelve episodes had a musical guest performing in the house or street. This meant that the series could be classed as a variety show, thus garnering a bigger budget than a straight comedy.

In the episode "Bambi", the housemates appeared on University Challenge, where they played against Footlights College, Oxbridge, played Ben Elton, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, and Stephen Fry. The episode title is a reference to the show's presenter, Bamber Gascoigne, impersonated by Griff Rhys Jones

The series' theme song featured the cast singing Cliff Richard and The Shadows' song The Young Ones.

In 1984 Planer (as Neil) reached #2 in the UK charts with a cover of Traffic’s Hole in my Shoe.

In 1986 Edmondson, Mayall, Planer and Ryan recorded a comic version of Living Doll with Cliff Richard for Comic Relief. It reached #1 in the UK charts.

Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights – precursor to The Young Ones

Vyvyan                                                      Adrian Edmondson

Rick                                                           Rik Mayall

Neil                                                            Nigel Planer

Mike                                                          Christopher Ryan

Balowski Family                                        Alexei Sayle