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100, The – 2014 -

This is a post-apocalyptic drama where, following a nuclear holocaust, humanity is living on a series of space stations orbiting Earth. 100 young offenders are sent to Earth to preserve the scarce resources on the space stations and find that the world is not, in fact, uninhabited.

Clarke Griffin                                             Eliza Taylor

Dr. Abigail "Abby" Griffin                           Paige Turco

Bellamy Blake                                           Bob Morley

Octavia Blake                                            Marie Avgeropoulos

12 Monkeys – 2015 -

A post-apocalyptic time-travelling drama based on the 1995 film of the same name in which James Cole travels back from 2043 to the present day to stop the release of a deadly virus by “The Army of the Twelve Monkeys”.

James Cole                                               Aaron Stanford

Dr. Cassandra "Cassie" Railly                  Amanda Schull

Jennifer Goines                                         Emily Hampshire

1990 – BBC 1977-1978

It is 1990 and Britain effectively is being run by the Public Control Department (PCD).

Jim Kyle                                                    Edward Woodward

Herbert Skardon                                       Robert Lang

Delly Lomas                                              Barbara Kellerman

Henry Tasker                                            Clifton Jones

Lynn Blake                                                Lisa Harrow

Dan Mellor                                                John Savident

Kate Smith                                                Yvonne Mitchell

4400, The – 2004-2007 (44 episodes – apparently a coincidence)

Exactly 4400 people who had disappeared from Earth since 1946 all return in a ball of light, having not aged and having no memory of the experience.

Tom Baldwin                                             Joel Gretsch

Diana Skouris                                           Jacqueline McKenzie

Richard Tyler                                            Mahershala Ali

Shawn Farrell                                            Patrick Flueger

Maia Skouris                                             Conchita Campbell

Kyle Baldwin                                             Chad Faust

A for Andromeda – BBC 1961

Set in 1970, British scientists receive instructions from space (the Andromeda Nebula) in how to build a super-computer. Once built the machine supplies information for developing a living organism, which becomes Andromeda, in the form of a lab assistant (Christine) who had earlier committed suicide (apparently at the instigation of the machine).

Written by cosmologist Fred “Big Bang” Hoyle and Julie Christie’s first major screen role.

Professor Ernst Reinhart                          Esmond Knight

John Fleming                                            Peter Halliday

Dennis Bridger                                          Frank Windsor

Christine/Andromeda                                Julie Christie

Kaufmann                                                  John Hollis

Madeline Dawnay                                     Mary Morris

Judy Adamson                                          Patricia Kneale

A sequel, The Andromeda Breakthrough, was produced in 1962 with Susan Hampshire replacing the unavailable Christie as Andromeda.

Adam Adamant Lives! – BBC 1966-1967

Adamant is an Edwardian adventurer who in 1902 is frozen in a block of ice by his arch-nemesis The Face. He is discovered and revived in 1966 at the height of “swinging London”. He is helped by the lovely Georgina Jones and a “manservant”, Simms, to adapt to his new environment. He drives a mini-cooper with the license plate AA 1000.

Adam Adamant                                         Gerald Harper

Georgina Jones                                        Juliet Harmer

William E. Simms                                      Jack May

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., The – 1993-1994

A Western/science fiction series (incorporating elements of steam punk) in which the title character, a Harvard-educated lawyer-turned-bounty hunter, is hired to track and capture outlaw John Bly.

The theme music was by Randy Edelman.

Brisco County Jr.                                      Bruce Campbell

Lord Bowler                                               Julius Carry

Socrates Poole                                         Christian Clemenson

Agent Carter – Channel Four 2015-

A spin-off from the Captain America film franchise centering on Agent Peggy Carter (Cap’s love interest) who works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR). Set in the 1940s.

Peggy Carter                                             Hayley Atwell

Edwin Jarvis                                              James D'Arcy

Jack Thompson                                        Chad Michael Murray

Daniel Sousa                                            Enver Gjokaj

Dottie Underwood                                     Bridget Regan

Howard Stark                                            Dominic Cooper

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Channel Four 2013-

A series based on the Marvel Comics peacekeeping and spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division) who battle against super-villains and the evil Hydra.

Phil Coulson                                              Clark Gregg

Melinda May                                             Ming-Na Wen

Grant Ward                                               Brett Dalton

Daisy "Skye" Johnson/Quake                   Chloe Bennet

Leo Fitz                                                     Iain De Caestecker

Jemma Simmons                                      Elizabeth Henstridge

Alien Nation – 1989-1990

A spin-off from the 1988 movie of the same name. A Los Angeles policeman is teamed with a “Newcomer” (a member of a group of Alien refugees).

Detective Matthew Sikes                          Gary Graham

Detective George Francisco                     Eric Pierpoint

Susan Francisco                                       Michele Scarabelli

Emily Francisco                                        Lauren Woodland

Buck Francisco                                         Sean Six

Cathy Frankel                                           Terri Treas

Alphas – 2011-2012

A series following group of people with superhuman abilities, known as "Alphas", as they work to prevent crimes committed by other Alphas. The series ended on a cliffhanger which was referenced in an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”.

Dr. Lee Rosen                                           David Strathairn

Gary Bell                                                   Ryan Cartwright

Cameron Hicks                                         Warren Christie

Rachel Pirzad                                           Azita Ghanizada

Nina Theroux                                            Laura Mennell

Bill Harken                                                Malik Yoba

Kat                                                             Erin Way

American Horror Story – 2011-

An anthology horror series where each season is a mostly self-contained miniseries:

Season 1: Murder House - 2011

Vivien Harmon                                          Connie Britton

Dr. Ben Harmon                                        Dylan McDermott

Tate Langdon                                            Evan Peters

Violet Harmon                                           Taissa Farmiga

Larry Harvey                                             Denis O'Hare

Constance Langdon                                 Jessica Lange

Season 2: Asylum - 2012–13

Dr. Oliver Thredson                                  Zachary Quinto

Monsignor Timothy Howard                     Joseph Fiennes

Lana Winters                                             Sarah Paulson

Kit Walker                                                 Evan Peters

Sister Mary Eunice McKee                       Lily Rabe

Grace Bertrand                                         Lizzie Brocheré

Dr. Arthur Arden                                        James Cromwell

Sister Jude Martin                                     Jessica Lange

Season 3: Coven - 2013–14

Cordelia Foxx                                            Sarah Paulson

Zoe Benson                                              Taissa Farmiga

Myrtle Snow                                              Frances Conroy

Kyle Spencer                                            Evan Peters

Misty Day                                                  Lily Rabe

Madison Montgomery                               Emma Roberts

Spalding                                                    Denis O'Hare

Marie Delphine LaLaurie                          Kathy Bates

Fiona Goode                                             Jessica Lange

Season 4: Freak Show - 2014–15

Bette and Dot Tattler                                Sarah Paulson

Jimmy Darling                                           Evan Peters

Dell Toledo                                                Michael Chiklis

Gloria Mott                                                Frances Conroy

Stanley                                                      Denis O'Hare

Maggie Esmerelda                                    Emma Roberts

Desiree Dupree                                         Angela Bassett

Ethel Darling                                             Kathy Bates

Elsa Mars                                                  Jessica Lange

Season 5: Hotel - 2015

Iris                                                             Kathy Bates

Sally McKenna and Billie Dean Howard  Sarah Paulson

James Patrick March                                Evan Peters

Det. John Lowe                                         Wes Bentley

Donovan                                                    Matt Bomer

Dr. Alex Lowe                                           Chloë Sevigny

Liz Taylor                                                  Denis O'Hare

Ramona Royale                                        Angela Bassett

Elizabeth Johnson/The Countess            Lady Gaga

Andromeda – 2000-2005

A series based on based on unused material by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

The ship “Andromeda Ascendant” is frozen in time together with its captain, Dylan Hunt, at the start of a rebellion against the Systems Commonwealth. He is rescued 303 years later and recruits his rescuers to help him restore the defeated Commonwealth. “Rommie” is the ship’s AI.

Dylan Hunt                                                Kevin Sorbo

Beka Valentine                                          Lisa Ryder

Tyr Anasazi                                               Keith Hamilton Cobb

Seamus Zelazny Harper                           Gordon Michael Woolvett

Trance Gemini                                          Laura Bertram

Rev Bem                                                   Brent Stait

Andromeda Ascendant (Rommie)            Lexa Doig

Telemachus Rhade                                  Steve Bacic

Doyle                                                         Brandy Ledford

Angel – 1999-2004

This was a spin-off series featuring some characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Set in Los Angeles, where vampire Angel sets up “Angel Investigations” and is pitted against the "evil" law firm Wolfram & Hart.

Angel                                                         David Boreanaz

Cordelia Chase                                         Charisma Carpenter

Allen Francis Doyle                                   Glenn Quinn

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce                            Alexis Denisof

Charles Gunn                                            J. August Richards

Winifred "Fred" Burkle                              Amy Acker

Connor                                                      Vincent Kartheiser

Lorne                                                         Andy Hallett

Spike                                                         James Marsters

Arrow – 2012-

The series is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow (an identity only assumed by Oliver Queen in season 4 – he was previously known as just The Arrow).

After being shipwrecked on an island and being trained in martial arts and archery millionaire former playboy returns to Starling City (later renamed Star City) and takes up the persona of vigilante The Arrow. He builds a team around him including ex-girlfriend Laurel and younger sister Thea.

Enemies include: Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins (also an enemy of Batman) and Damien Darhk.

There are several cross-over episodes with The Flash.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow                       Stephen Amell

Laurel Lance/Black Canary                      Katie Cassidy

John Diggle                                               David Ramsey

Thea Queen/Speedy                                Willa Holland

Detective Quentin Lance                          Paul Blackthorne

Felicity Smoak                                          Emily Bett Rickards

Malcolm Merlyn                                         John Barrowman

Ash vs Evil Dead – 2015-

Comedy horror series developed by Sam Raimi and set in the Evil Dead universe.

Ash Williams:                                            Bruce Campbell

Pablo Simon Bolivar                                 Ray Santiago

Kelly Maxwell                                            Dana DeLorenzo

Amanda Fisher                                         Jill Marie Jones

Ruby Knowby                                            Lucy Lawless

Ashes to Ashes – BBC 2008-2010

The sequel to Life on Mars (see below), with a similar scenario but this time set in 1980s London with Gene, Ray and Chris re-appearing, having been transferred from Manchester. In this series Metropolitan Police officer Alex Drake is shot in 2008 and wakes up in 1981.

Alex is haunted by a mysterious figure who seems to be the Clown from the music video of David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes".

Gene Hunt drives an Audi Quattro and is often heard to say “Fire up the Quattro!”.

Alex Drake                                                Keeley Hawes

Gene Hunt                                                Philip Glenister

Ray Carling                                               Dean Andrews

Chris Skelton                                            Marshall Lancaster

Shaz Granger                                           Montserrat Lombard

Atlantis – BBC 2013-2015

A series which intertwined several stories from Greek mythology including the legend of Atlantis, which appears to have been conflated with Crete (labyrinth and Minotaur) although the hero is now Jason rather than Theseus and the characters include a mathematician called Pythagoras.

Hercules                                                    Mark Addy

Jason                                                        Jack Donnelly

Pythagoras                                                Robert Emms

Ariadne                                                      Aiysha Hart

Pasiphae                                                   Sarah Parish

The Oracle                                                Juliet Stevenson

Medusa                                                     Jemima Rooper

Medea                                                       Amy Manson

Automan – 1983-1984

Young police officer and computer genius Walter Nebicher wants to get out on the streets but is assigned a desk job. He creates a hologram with artificial intelligence (Automatic Man).

Walter Nebicher                                        Desi Arnaz (junior)

Automan/Otto J. Mann                              Chuck Wagner

Lieutenant Jack Curtis                              Robert Lansing

Police Captain E. G. Boyd                        Gerald S. O'Loughlin

Roxanne Caldwell                                     Heather McNair

Babylon 5 – 1993-1998

The series was set on the Babylon 5 space station in the Epsilon Eridani (the first 4 “Babylons” were destroyed) which is peopled by various alien species in sections with different environments. The main species are Humans, Minbari, Narn, Centauri, and Vorlons. A race known as the Shadows emerges from hibernation and become a threat.

Major events include The Shadow War and Babylon 5 declaring independence from Earth and freeing it from totalitarian rule. Spin-off series Crusade (see below).

Jeffrey Sinclair                                          Michael O'Hare

John Sheridan                                           Bruce Boxleitner

Susan Ivanova                                          Claudia Christian

Michael Garibaldi                                      Jerry Doyle

Delenn Mira                                              Furlan

Stephen Franklin                                       Richard Biggs

Vir Cotto                                                    Stephen Furst

Lennier                                                      Bill Mumy

Elizabeth Lochley                                     Tracy Scoggins

Marcus Cole                                              Jason Carter

Zack Allan                                                 Jeff Conaway

Lyta Alexander                                          Patricia Tallman

G'Kar                                                         Andreas Katsulas

Londo Mollari                                            Peter Jurasik

Batman – ITV 1966-1968 (120 episodes)

“Holy TV series, Batman” - this was a famously camp and colourful adaptation of the DC comics characters.

Standard props included the Batphone, Batpoles (to get to the Batcave) and an iconic Batmobile plus the addition of words such as "POW!", "BAM!", "ZONK!" superimposed on the screen during fight scenes. The scenes where Batman and Robin climb by rope up the side of a building became a running screen joke for years afterwards.

Bruce Wayne/Batman                               Adam West

Dick Grayson/Robin                                  Burt Ward

Alfred                                                         Alan Napier

Commissioner Gordon                              Neil Hamilton

Chief O'Hara                                             Stafford Repp

Harriet Cooper                                          Madge Blake

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl                             Yvonne Craig


Joker                                                         Cesar Romero

Penguin                                                     Burgess Meredith

The Riddler                                               Frank Gorshin (seasons 1 & 3)

The Riddler                                               John Astin (season 2)

Catwoman                                                 Julie Newmar (seasons 1 and 2)

Catwoman                                                 Eartha Kitt (season 3)

Mr. Freeze                                                 George Sanders (season 1)

Mr. Freeze                                                 Otto Preminger (season 2)

Mr. Freeze                                                 Eli Wallach (season 2)

Egghead/Edger Heed                               Vincent Price

Battlestar Galactica – BBC 1978-1979

After the 12 Colonies of Mankind are destroyed by the Cylons (warrior robots) the lone surviving Battlestar – “Galactica” – sets out with a convoy of 220 assorted ships to find the legendary 13th Colony – Earth – with the Cylons in hot pursuit.

The Galactica’s fighter ships were known as Vipers.

The (Centurion) Cylons were large armoured robots with a single rectangular eye socket with a light moving horizontally across it as if scanning (aka “Red Eyes”).

Commander Adama                                 Lorne Greene

Captain Apollo                                          Richard Hatch

Lieutenant Zac                                          Rick Springfield

Lieutenant Starbuck                                  Dirk Benedict

Lieutenant Boomer                                   Herb Jefferson, Jr.

Lieutenant Athena                                    Maren Jensen

Colonel Tigh                                              Terry Carter

Serina                                                        Jane Seymour

Medtech Cassiopeia                                 Laurette Spang

Count Baltar                                              John Colicos

There was a spin-off - Galactica 1980 – 1980. As the title suggests, the Galactica reaches Earth in 1980, after a 30 year voyage. Finding that it is not technically advanced enough to help in the flight against the Cylons, members of the crew covertly visit Earth to aid in scientific advancement.

Commander Adama                                 Lorne Greene

Colonel Boomer                                        Herb Jefferson, Jr.

Captain Troy                                             Kent McCord

Lieutenant Dillon                                       Barry Van Dyke

Jamie Hamilton                                         Robyn Douglass

Battlestar Galactica – 2004-2009

A re-imagining of the original series.

The Cylons in this version are generally indistinguishable from humans.

Commander (later Admiral) William Adama                              Edward James Olmos                                                                                                  

President Laura Roslin                                                              Mary McDonnell     

Lt. (later Captain) Kara "Starbuck" Thrace                                Katee Sackhoff       

Captain (later Major, and Commander) Lee "Apollo" Adama   Jamie Bamber        

Dr. Gaius Baltar                                                                         James Callis           

Number Six                                                                                Tricia Helfer

Number Eight/Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii and Sharon "Athena" Agathon  Grace Park                                                                                                  

A prequel series Caprica (2010) revealed the genesis of the Cylons.

Daniel Graystone                   Eric Stoltz

Joseph Adama                       Esai Morales

Amanda Graystone                Paula Malcomson

Zoe Graystone                       Alessandra Torresani

Lacy Rand                              Magda Apanowicz

Sam Adama                           Sasha Roiz

Jordan Duram                        Brian Markinson

Beauty & the Beast – 2012-

Young Catherine Chandler witnesses her mother’s murder and is herself saved by a “beast”. Becoming a NYPD detective she crosses paths with Vincent Keller, an ex-soldier believed to have been killed in action during military service but who can transform into a “beast”. She begins to examine the death of her mother, who had been a doctor overseeing some experiments in the military and a romance develops between Cat (beauty) and Vincent (beast).

Catherine Chandler               Kristin Kreuk

Vincent Keller                         Jay Ryan

J.T. Forbes                             Austin Basis

Tess Vargas                           Nina Lisandrello

Being Human – BBC 2008-2013

This was a supernatural drama series in which a ghost (Annie), a werewolf (George) and a vampire (John) share a house whilst trying to live normal lives amongst humans. The series was set in Bristol and Barry Island.

Annie Sawyer                         Lenora Crichlow

George Sands                        Russell Tovey

John Mitchell                          Aidan Turner

Nina Pickering                        Sinead Keenan

Tom McNair                           Michael Socha

Hal Yorke                               Damien Molony

Alex Millar                              Kate Bracken

Dominic Rook                        Steven Robertson

Captain Hatch/The Devil        Phil Davis

A North American remake, also called Being Human was broadcast 2011-2014.

Believe – 2014

Bo is a supernaturally gifted young girl who is being sought by a government sanctioned organisation in order to “weaponise” her. Protecting her is Dr Winter and William Tate, who has been sprung from prison shortly before his execution.

Bo Adams                              Johnny Sequoyah

William Tate, Jr.                     Jake McLaughlin

Dr. Milton Winter                    Delroy Lindo

Dr. Roman Skouras               Kyle MacLachlan

Janice Channing                    Jamie Chung

Bionic Woman, The – 1976-1978 (58 episodes)

This series was a spin-off from The Six Million Dollar Man. Tennis pro Jaime Sommers is nearly killed in a skydiving accident but is saved by the use of bionic implants which give her amplified hearing (right ear), a strengthened right arm, and enhanced legs which enable her to run at speeds exceeding 60 mph.

Known as The Seven Million Dollar Woman in Germany. A Bionic Dog spin-off featuring Maximillion, an enhanced German Shepherd was never made.

Jaime Sommers                     Lindsay Wagner

Oscar Goldman                      Richard Anderson

Dr. Rudy Wells                       Martin E. Brooks

A remake - Bionic Woman (2007) – proved much less popular than the original and lasted just 8 episodes before a hiatus caused by a writer’s strike. It did not re-appear once the strike was resolved.

Jaime Sommers                     Michelle Ryan

Jonas Bledsoe                       Miguel Ferrer

Will Anthros                            Chris Bowers

Black Mirror – Channel 4 2011-2014, Netflix 2016-

This anthology series was created by Charlie Brooker – “black mirror” referring to monitor, computer and television screens.

Blake's 7 – BBC 1978-1981 (52 episodes)

This sci-fi series followed the exploits of political dissident Roj Blake, who leads a small group of rebels against the forces of the totalitarian Terran Federation, which rules the Earth and many colonised planets.

The original “7” - Blake, Vila, Gan, Jenna, Avon, Cally and Zen (ship’s computer).

The ship was “The Liberator”.

Roj Blake                                Gareth Thomas

Kerr Avon                               Paul Darrow

Servalan                                 Jacqueline Pearce

Vila Restal                              Michael Keating

Jenna Stannis                        Sally Knyvette

Cally                                       Jan Chappell

Dayna Mellanby                     Josette Simon

Del Tarrant                             Steven Pacey

Olag Gan                                David Jackson

Soolin                                     Glynis Barber

Orac/Zen/Slave                      Peter Tuddenham (voice)

Travis                                     Stephen Greif/Brian Croucher

Bonekickers – BBC 2008

The series followed a team of archaeologists based at the fictional Wessex University.

Episodes covered such diverse stuff as the Knights Templar, the True Cross, the Siege of Yorktown, WWI and Excalibur.

Dr Gillian Magwilde                                   Julie Graham

Vivienne "Viv" Davis                                 Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Dr Ben Ergha                                            Adrian Lester

Professor Gregory "Dolly" Parton             Hugh Bonneville

Professor Daniel Mastiff                           Michael Maloney

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – 1979-1981

Captain Rogers is launched in Ranger 3 in 1987 but is frozen for 504 years before his spacecraft is discovered adrift in the year 2491. He struggles to adapt to his new circumstances as he works for The Earth Defense Directorate which controls an Earth rebuilt following a nuclear holocaust.

Capt. William 'Buck' Rogers                     Gil Gerard

Col. Wilma Deering                                   Erin Gray

Twiki                                                          Felix Silla

Twiki                                                          Mel Blanc (voice)

Dr. Elias Huer                                           Tim O'Connor

Dr. Theopolis                                            Eric Server (voice)

Hawk                                                         Thom Christopher

Dr. Goodfellow                                          Wilfrid Hyde-White

Princess Ardala                                         Pamela Hensley

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – BBC 1997-2003 (144 episodes)

Based on the 1992 comedy horror film of the same name.

High school student Buffy Summers arrives in Sunnydale and soon discovers that she is the one chosen to be the “Slayer” to battle against demons and vampires and that Sunnydale High School is located over the Hellmouth – a gateway to the realm of demons.

Her Watcher (from whom she receives guidance on slaying) is school librarian Rupert Giles (aka “Ripper”) and she is helped by the Scooby Gang – at first Willow and Xander, who are later joined by Cordelia and Jenny (in season 1). The make-up of the gang changes through the series as others join and some leave or are killed.

Buffy also has a romantic relationship with “vampire with a soul” Angel and has a dalliance with vampire Spike, who was a villain for much of the series.

The use of the term “The Big Bad” to describe a major recurring adversary originated with Buffy and has since been taken up by other television series.

Musical episode – “Once More With Feeling”.

Buffy Summers                                         Sarah Michelle Gellar

Xander Harris                                            Nicholas Brendon

Willow Rosenberg                                     Alyson Hannigan

Rupert Giles                                              Anthony Stewart Head

Cordelia Chase                                         Charisma Carpenter

Angel                                                         David Boreanaz

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne                              Seth Green

Spike                                                         James Marsters

Riley Finn                                                  Marc Blucas

Anya Jenkins                                            Emma Caulfield

Dawn Summers                                        Michelle Trachtenberg

Tara Maclay                                              Amber Benson

Joyce Summers                                        Kristine Sutherland

Jenny Calendar                                         Robia LaMorte

Faith Lehane                                             Eliza Dushku

Bugs – BBC 1995-1999

The series follows a team of specialist crime-fighting technology experts.

Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson                           Jaye Griffiths

Nicholas Beckett                                       Jesse Birdsall

Ed Russell                                                 Craig McLachlan

Champions, The – ITV 1968-1969

After being rescued from a plane crash in the Himalayas by a strange tribe, three members of a UN law enforcement organization called "Nemesis" find that they have new powers including ESP, telepathy, precognition and enhanced physical abilities.

Craig Stirling                                             Stuart Damon

Sharron Macready                                    Alexandra Bastedo

Richard Barrett                                          William Gaunt

Tremayne                                                  Anthony Nicholls

Charmed – 1998-2006 (178 episodes)

The series follows the adventures of (initially) the three Halliwell sisters – Prue, Piper and Phoebe. After the death of their grandmother they reunite to live in her house and discover The Book of Secrets. Their supernatural powers are activated as they become “The Charmed Ones” – the most powerful good witches. They battle against various demons and “Big Bads” including The Source (of All Evil) and The Triad.

Following the death of Prue, their long-lost half sister Paige assumes her place within the "Power of Three".

Theme music: a cover of The Smiths “How Soon is Now?” by Love Spit Love.

Piper Halliwell                                           Holly Marie Combs

Phoebe Halliwell                                       Alyssa Milano

Prue Halliwell                                            Shannen Doherty

Paige Matthews                                        Rose McGowan

Leo Wyatt                                                  Brian Krause

Cole Turner                                               Julian McMahon

Chris Halliwell                                           Drew Fuller

Billie Jenkins                                             Kaley Cuoco

Cleopatra 2525 – 2000-2001

In the year 2000, exotic dancer Cleo is put in suspended animation when her breast augmentation operation goes awry and reawakens in 2525.

She joins Hel and Sarge in their fight against the Baileys, armed flying machines who now control Earth's surface, with the human population having gone underground.

Cleo, Cleopatra                                         Jennifer Sky

Hel, Helen                                                 Gina Torres

Sarge, Rose                                              Victoria Pratt

Continuum – 2012-2015

Cop Kiera Cameron is accidently sent back from 2077 to 2012 along with a group of escaped terrorists from a group called Liber8, who aim to alter the time line and prevent the rise of the corporate dictatorship which now controls North America. She attempts to stop the group’s plans.

Kiera Cameron                                          Rachel Nichols

Carlos Fonnegra                                       Victor Webster

Alec Sadler                                               Erik Knudsen       

Matthew Kellog S                                      tephen Lobo

Travis Verta                                              Roger Cross        

Sonya Valentine                                        Lexa Doig

Edouard Kagame                                      Tony Amendola   

Lucas Ingram                                            Omari Newton     

Jasmine Garza                                          Luvia Petersen    

Betty Robertson                                        Jennifer Spence  

Jack Dillon                                                Brian Markinson  

Brad Tonkin                                              Ryan Robbins      

Counterstrike – 1969

Jon Finch is an alien living on Earth as a human named Simon King, who is tasked with preventing an alien race of refugees from a dying planet from wiping out humanity.

Simon King                                               Jon Finch

Mary                                                          Sarah Brackett

Crime Traveller – BBC 1997

CID detective Slade travels back in time to solve crimes using a time-machine built by Holly’s father, which she keeps in her apartment.

Jeff Slade                                                  Michael French

Holly Turner                                              Chloë Annett

Kate Grisham                                            Sue Johnston

Morris                                                        Paul Trussell

Crusade – 1999

This is a spin-off series from Babylon 5 (see above) set five years after the events of that series. The crew of the Excalibur set out to find a cure to a nanovirus released by the Drakh which is destroying the Earth.

Captain Matthew Gideon                          Gary Cole

Captain Elizabeth Lochley                        Tracy Scoggins

Lieutenant John Matheson                       Daniel Dae Kim

Max Eilerson                                             David Allen Brooks

Galen                                                        Peter Woodward

Doctor Sarah Chambers                           Marjean Holden

Da Vinci’s Demons – 2013-2015

A fantasy and fantastical version of the early life of Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci                                     Tom Riley

Lucrezia Donati                                         Laura Haddock

Count Girolamo Riario                              Blake Ritson

Lorenzo de' Medici                                    Elliot Cowan

Clarice Orsini                                            Lara Pulver

Pope Sixtus IV                                          James Faulkner

Zoroaster da Peretola                               Gregg Chillin

Daredevil – Netflix 2015-

A series based on the Marvel superhero Daredevil, blind lawyer Matt Murdock-by-day who fights crime at night.

Matt Murdock/Daredevil                            Charlie Cox

Karen Page                                               Deborah Ann Woll

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson                           Elden Henson

James Wesley                                          Toby Leonard Moore

Leland Owlsley                                         Bob Gunton

Vanessa Marianna                                    Ayelet Zurer

Claire Temple                                           Rosario Dawson

Wilson Fisk                                               Vincent D'Onofrio

Frank Castle/Punisher                              Jon Bernthal

Elektra                                                       Élodie Yung

Dark Angel – 2000-2002

Max Guevara is a genetically-enhanced super-soldier who escaped from a covert government military facility as a child. Now she is trying to evade capture in a post-apocalyptic Seattle.

Max Guevera                                            Jessica Alba

Logan Cale                                               Michael Weatherly

Calvin 'Sketchy' Theodore                        Richard Gunn

Reagan 'Normal' Ronald                           J.C. MacKenzie

Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin           Valarie Rae Miller

Dark Skies – 1996-1997

Loengard and Sayers battle against The Hive – an alien race covertly invading Earth through a manipulation of historical events and famous figures.

John Loengard                                          Eric Close

Kimberly Sayers                                        Megan Ward

Frank Bach                                               J. T. Walsh

Jim Steele                                                 Tim Kelleher

Phil Albano                                                Conor O'Farrell

Dr. Halligan                                               Charley Lang

Juliet Stuart                                               Jeri Ryan

Day of the Triffids, The – BBC 1981; Day of the Triffids, The – BBC 2009

Two adaptations of the 1951 novel by John Wyndham in which a spectacular meteorite shower unexpectedly renders most of humanity blind, with one exception being Bill Masen who was in hospital with his eyes bandaged. The Triffids are mobile carnivorous plants, each armed with a lethal stinger.

1981 Cast:

Bill Masen                                                 John Duttine

Josella Payton                                          Emma Relph

Jack Coker                                                Maurice Colbourne

John                                                          Stephen Yardley

Torrence                                                    Gary Olsen

Miss Durrant                                             Perlita Neilson

2009 Cast:

Bill Masen                                                 Dougray Scott

Jo Playton                                                 Joely Richardson

Torrence                                                    Eddie Izzard

Dennis                                                       Brian Cox

Durrant                                                      Vanessa Redgrave

Coker                                                        Jason Priestley

Dead Zone, The – 2002-2007

Johnny Smith emerges from a six-year long coma following a car accident to discover he has developed psychic abilities. He begins to solve crimes.

John Robert "Johnny" Smith                    Anthony Michael Hall

Sarah Anne Bracknell-Bannerman           Nicole de Boer

John "Johnny" 'JJ' Bannerman/Smith      Connor Price

Bruce Lewis                                              John L. Adams

Sheriff Walter T. "Walt" Bannerman         Chris Bruno

Defiance – 2013-2015

In the year 2046 the Earth has been radically transformed and is host to various alien species collectively known as Votans. Nolan lives in the town of Defiance, a city-state community where humans and Votans coexist.

Joshua Nolan                                            Grant Bowler

Amanda Rosewater                                  Julie Benz

Irisa Nyira                                                  Stephanie Leonidas

Datak Tarr                                                 Tony Curran

Stahma Tarr                                              Jaime Murray

Demons – ITV 2009

London teenager Luke Rutherford is the last descendant of the Van Helsing line and is tasked with battling the forces of darkness.

Rupert Galvin                                            Philip Glenister

Luke Rutherford                                        Christian Cooke

Ruby                                                          Holliday Grainger

Mina Harker                                              Zoe Tapper

Jenny Rutherford                                      Saskia Wickham

Dirk Gently – BBC 2010-2012 (4 episodes)

Based on the novels written by Douglas Adams in which Dirk Gently runs a holistic detective agency using the "fundamental interconnectedness of all things" to uncover connections between seemingly-unrelated cases.

Dirk Gently                                                Stephen Mangan

Richard MacDuff                                       Darren Boyd

Janice Pearce                                           Lisa Jackson

DI Gilks                                                     Jason Watkins

Susan Harmison                                       Helen Baxendale

Doctor Who


First episode: “An Unearthly Child” (broadcast 23 November 1963 – day after JFK’s assassination. It was rebroadcast on 30 November, immediately before the second episode)

Original theme music: composed by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels in time and space in his TARDIS

TARDIS – "Time and Relative Dimension in Space" (named by Susan Foreman – The Doctor’s granddaughter)

The TARDIS has a malfunctioning chameleon circuit (which should enable it to blend into its immediate environment) which means it is permanently in the guise of a blue British police box.

The Doctor has the ability to regenerate when his body is mortally damaged, taking on a new appearance and personality.

The original series ran 1963-1989. A one-off television film in 1996 failed to spark a new series. The series was revived in 2005.

Spin-Offs: K-9 and Company (1981, single episode), Torchwood (2006-2011), The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-2011), K-9 (Australian TV production 2009-2010)

The Doctor (on television)
Incarnation Portrayed By Years Number of Regular Episodes* First Episode Last Regular Episode
1 William Hartnell 1963–66 134 An Unearthly Child The Tenth Planet
2 Patrick Troughton 1966–69 119 The Tenth Planet The War Games
3 Jon Pertwee 1970–74 128 Spearhead from Space Planet of the Spiders
4 Tom Baker 1974–81 172 Planet of the Spiders Logopolis
5 Peter Davison 1982–84 69 Logopolis The Caves of Androzani
6 Colin Baker 1984–86 31 The Caves of Androzani The Ultimate Foe
7 Sylvester McCoy 1987–89 42 Time and the Rani Dr Who (TV film)
8 Paul McGann 1996 1 Dr Who (TV film) Dr Who (TV film)
??? John Hurt (War Doctor) 2013 2 The Name of the Doctor The Day of the Doctor
9 Christopher Eccleston 2005 13 Rose The Parting of the Ways
10 David Tennant 2005–10 47 The Parting of the Ways The End of Time
11 Matt Smith 2010–13 44 The End of Time The Time of the Doctor
12 Peter Capaldi 2014–17 40 The Time of the Doctor Twice Upon A Time
13 Jodie Whittaker 2018– The Woman Who Fell to Earth
14 Ncuti Gatwa

*May or may not include charity specials (!) but excludes “mini-episodes” such as “The Night of the Doctor”

The Companions (on television)
Name Portrayed By Years Number of Regular Episodes (as Companion) To which Doctor First Episode Last Regular Episode
Susan Foreman Carole Ann Ford 1963–64 47 1 An Unearthly Child The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Barbara Wright Jacqueline Hill 1963-65 77 1 An Unearthly Child The Chase
Ian Chesterton William Russell 1963-65 77 1 An Unearthly Child The Chase
Vicki Maureen O'Brien 1965 38 1 The Rescue The Myth Makers
Steven Taylor Peter Purves 1965-66 45 1 The Chase The Savages
Katarina Adrienne Hill 1965 5 1 The Myth Makers The Daleks' Master Plan (first companion to die on-screen)
Dodo Chaplet Jackie Lane 1966 19 1 The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve The War Machines
Ben Jackson Michael Craze 1966-67 36 1,2 The War Machines The Faceless Ones
Polly Anneke Wills 1966-67 36 1,2 The War Machines The Faceless Ones
James Robert "Jamie" McCrimmon Frazer Hines 1966-69 116 2 The Highlanders The War Games
Victoria Waterfield Deborah Watling 1967-68 41 2 The Evil of the Daleks Fury from the Deep.
Zoe Herriot Wendy Padbury 1968-69 49 2 The Wheel in Space The War Games
Elizabeth Shaw Caroline John 1970 25 3 Spearhead from Space Inferno
Jo Grant Katy Manning 1971-73 77 3 Terror of the Autons The Green Death
Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen 1973-76 + 2006-2008 83 3, 4, 10 The Time Warrior The Hand of Fear + Journey’s End
Harry Sullivan Ian Marter 1974-75 20 4 Robot and Terror of the Zygons The Android Invasion
Leela Louise Jameson 1977-78 40 4 The Face of Evil The Invasion of Time
K-9 John Leeson and David Brierley (voices) 1977-1981 76 4 The Invisible Enemy Warrior's Gate
Romana I Mary Tamm 1978-79 26 4 The Ribos Operation The Armageddon Factor
Romana II Lalla Ward 1979-81 40 4 Destiny of the Daleks Warrior's Gate
Adric Matthew Waterhouse 1980-82 40 4, 5 Full Circle Earthshock (died)
Nyssa Sarah Sutton 1981-83 47 4, 5 Keeper of Traken Terminus
Tegan Jovanka Janet Fielding 1981-84 62 4, 5 Logopolis Resurrection of the Daleks
Vislor Turlough Mark Strickson 1983-84 33 5 Mawdryn Undead Planet of Fire
Kamelion Gerald Flood (voice) 1983-84 19 5 The King's Demons Planet of Fire
Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown Nicola Bryant 1984-86 33 5, 6 Planet of Fire Trial of a Time Lord
Melanie "Mel" Bush Bonnie Langford 1986-87 20 6, 7 Trial of a Time Lord Dragonfire
Ace Sophie Aldred 1987-89 31 7 Dragonfire Survival
Doctor Grace Holloway Daphne Ashbrook 1996 1 8 Doctor Who (TV film) Doctor Who (TV film)
Rose Tyler Billie Piper 2005-2008 30 9, 10 Rose The End of Time
Mickey Smith Noel Clarke 2005-2008 5 9, 10 Rose The End of Time
Adam Mitchell Bruno Langley 2005 2 9 Dalek The Long Game
Jack Harkness John Barrowman 2005-2011 10 10 The Empty Child The Blood Line
Martha Jones Freema Agyeman 2007-2010 18 10 Smith and Jones The End of Time
Donna Noble Catherine Tate 2006-2010 14 10 Doomsday The End of Time
Amelia “Amy” Pond Karen Gillan 2010-2012 31 11 The Eleventh Hour The Angels Take Manhattan
Rory Williams Arthur Darvill 2010-2012 24 11 The Eleventh Hour The Angels Take Manhattan
River Song Alex Kingston 2008- 5 11 Silence in the Library
Clara Oswald Jenna Coleman 2012-2015 35 11, 12 Asylum of the Daleks Hell Bent
Nardole Matt Lucas 2015-2017 15 12 The Return of Doctor Mysterio Twice Upon A Time
Bill Potts Pearl Mackie 2017 14 12 The Pilot Twice Upon A Time
Graham O'Brien Bradley Walsh 2018-2021 23 13 The Woman Who Fell to Earth Revolution of the Daleks
Ryan Sinclair Tosin Cole 2018-2021 23 13 The Woman Who Fell to Earth Revolution of the Daleks
Yasmin Khan Mandip Gill 2018- 13 The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Dan Lewis John Bishop 2021- 13 The Halloween Apocalypse
UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, later retitled: UNified Intelligence Taskforce)
Name Portrayed By Years First Episode Last Regular Episode
Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart Nicholas Courtney 1968-89 The Web of Fear Battlefield
Sergeant Benton John Levene 1968-75 The Invasion The Android Invasion
Captain Mike Yates Richard Franklin 1971-74 Terror of the Autons Planet of the Spiders
Brigadier Winifred Bambera Angela Bruce 1989 Battlefield Battlefield
Colonel Mace Rupert Holliday-Evans 2008 The Sontaran Stratagem The Poison Sky
Captain Marian Price Bridget Hodson 2008 The Sontaran Stratagem The Poison Sky
Captain Erisa Magambo Noma Dumezweni 2008-09 Turn Left Planet of the Dead
Kate Lethbridge-Stewart Jemma Redgrave 2012- The Power of Three The Zygon Inversion
Petronella Osgood Ingrid Oliver 2013- The Day of the Doctor The Zygon Inversion

The Master
Name Portrayed by Home Planet Years Number of Episodes First Episode Last Episode
The Master Roger Delgado (died 1973) Gallifrey 1971-73 43 Terror of the Autons Frontier in Space
Peter Pratt 1976 4 The Deadly Assassin The Deadly Assassin
Geoffrey Beevers 1981 4 The Keeper of Traken The Keeper of Traken
Anthony Ainley 1981-89 28 The Keeper of Traken Survival
Eric Roberts 1996 1 Doctor Who (TV film) Doctor Who (TV film)
Derek Jacobi (as Professor Yana 2007 1 Utopia Utopia
John Simm (as Harold Saxon) 2007-2010 5 Utopia The End of Time
Michelle Gomez (as Missy) 2014- 7 Deep Breath The Witch's Familiar

The (recurring) Enemies (on television)
Name Home Planet First Episode Notes:
Autons Spearhead from Space (1970) Life-sized plastic shop mannequin like dummies animated by the Nestene Consciousness. They have weapons concealed within their hands. They were the first monsters to appear in the revived version in 2005.
Black Guardian The Armageddon Factor (1979) Played by Valentine Dyall. A personification of the forces of entropy and chaos, the counterpart of the White Guardian, a personification of order. He recruited Turlough to kill The Doctor.
Cybermen Mondas (twin planet of Earth) The Tenth Planet (1966) Created by Kit Pedler. After Earth’s twin planet Mondas drifts off into space, it’s inhabitants experiment with cybernetics, creating new bodies for themselves. The tomb of the Cybermen was on the planet Telos. In the revived series Cybermen are created by John Lumic, the owner of Cybus Industries, on a parallel Earth. The Cybermen went through various redesigns. Weakness - gold which, being non-corrosive, chokes their respiratory systems.
Daleks Skaro The Daleks (1963) Created by Terry Nation. The other occupants of Skaro were the Thals. After the Kaleds were mutated and damaged by nuclear war, Davros (see below) genetically modified them and integrated them with a tank-like, robotic shell, removing their every emotion apart from hate - Genesis of the Daleks (1975).
The Great Intelligence The Abominable Snowmen (1967) It has no physical form but can communicating, both by itself and through possession of other characters. Appeared in 1967 and 1968 but did not appear again until 2012. Used the robotic Yeti as servants
Ice Warriors Mars The Ice Warriors (1967) Reptilian humanoids from a dying Mars who were dubbed “Ice Warriors” by the scientific team which first discovered them in a spacecraft buried deep in ice. Distinguished by their hissing voice. They have sonic weaponry built into their wrists. They are not always adversaries of The Doctor and have allied with him on some occasions. As with the Cybermen, they have gone through various redesigns.
Judoon Smith and Jones (2007) An extraterrestrial species of mercenary police with rhinoceros-like heads which first appeared in the revived series.
Ood The Impossible Planet (2006) An alien species with telepathic abilities who require a "translation sphere" to communicate with non-telepathic creatures. The sphere is connected to the Ood via a tube that originally connected their external brains to their body. They are similar to The Sensorites who appeared in 6 1964 episodes of the same name.
The Rani Gallifrey The Mark of the Rani (1985) A renegade Time Lord played by Kate O’Mara.
Sea Devils Earth The Sea Devils (1972) Underwater versions of the Silurians. (see below)
Sil Vengeance on Varos (1985) A devious alien (an exploitative mining boss and arms dealer on the two occasions he met The Doctor) played by Nabil Shaban. He had a sibilant voice sibilant and an ululating laugh.
The Silence The Impossible Astronaut (2011) A religious order whose existence is a secret because anyone who sees them immediately forgets about them after looking away. However, he or she retains suggestions made to them by the Silence thus giving them a pervasive influence over human history. Their look is partly inspired by Edvard Munch's “The Scream”.
Silurians Earth Doctor Who and the Silurians (1970) Reptile-like scientifically advanced sentient humanoids who predate the dawn of man. They went into self-induced hibernation underground to survive what they predicted to be a large geological upheaval caused by the Earth capturing the Moon. Recurring character Madame Vastra (played by Neve McIntosh) is a Silurian detective in the Victorian era. Originally having 3 eyes, the Silurians were redesigned for the revived series.
Slitheen Raxacoricofallapatorius Aliens of London (2005) One of the families of Raxacoricofallapatorians, which also includes the Blathereen and Hostrazeen. These bi-pedal hunters have a highly developed sense of smell and have weapons including a poisoned dart-finger and poisonous breath. They disguise themselves by fitting into the skins of their victims, using compression fields created by a collar worn around their necks. Unfortunately gas build-up during compression leads to excess farting.
Sontarans Sontar The Time Warrior (1973) A cloned humanoid warrior race with a dome-shaped head and three fingers on each hand. They live to kill and have been at war with the Rutan Host for at least 70,000 years. A "probic vent" at the back of their neck is a weak spot. The Sontaran Strax is part of the “Paternoster Gang” along with the Silurian Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and The Doctor.
Weeping Angels Blink (2007) Resembling human-sized stone statues in the form of winged angels in draped clothing, they feed by making use of time paradoxes – they can send a person into the past to a point before his/her own birth and then feed off the "potential energy" of the years which that victim would have lived in the present. They can only move when not being observed by another being but they can move quite some distance in the blink of an eye. When observed they become "quantum-locked", occupying a single position in space and becoming stone. If two Weeping Angels were to look at each other at the same time, they would be trapped in stone form until an outside force moves them apart.
Zygons Zygor Terror of the Zygons (1975) Shape-shifters who can replicate the appearance of another being as long as the subject is kept alive.

Dollhouse – 2009-2010

Written and directed by Joss Whedon (“Buffy”, “Angel” and “Firefly”) the series follows Echo, an “Active” or “Doll” who works from an underground Dollhouse (of which there are many). Each Active has their original memories wiped and exists in a childlike blank state until programmed with temporary personalities or skills and are hired out to wealthy clients. Echo’s original memories (stored on a hard drive for later re-implanting) are never successfully completely wiped and she becomes increasingly self-aware.

The Dollhouse's corporate sponsor is a medical research entity known as the Rossum Corporation - the name is taken from the play "R.U.R." (short for Rossum's Universal Robots") written by Karel Čapek which is the origin of the word "robot".

Echo                                                          Eliza Dushku

Boyd Langton                                            Harry Lennix

Topher Brink                                             Fran Kranz

Paul Ballard                                              Tahmoh Penikett

Victor                                                         Enver Gjokaj

Sierra                                                        Dichen Lachman

Adelle DeWitt                                            Olivia Williams

Whiskey                                                    Amy Acker

Alpha                                                         Alan Tudyk

Daniel Perrin                                             Alexis Denisof

Matthew Harding                                       Keith Carradine

Bennett Halverson                                    Summer Glau

Doomwatch – BBC 1970-1972

A scientific government agency is made responsible for investigating and combating various ecological and technological dangers.

Dr. Spencer Quist                                     John Paul

Colin Bradley                                            Joby Blanshard

Dr. John Ridge                                          Simon Oates

Barbara Mason                                         Vivien Sherrard

The Minister                                              John Barron

Tobias Wren                                             Robert Powell

Early Edition – 1996-2000

Gary Hobson receives a copy of the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the day before it is actually published. He uses this knowledge to prevent terrible events occurring.

Gary Hobson                                             Kyle Chandler

Marissa Clark                                            Shanésia Davis-Williams

Chuck Fishman                                         Fisher Stevens

Erica Paget                                               Kristy Swanson

Henry Paget                                              Myles Jeffrey

Patrick Quinn                                            Billie Worley

Earth 2 – 1994-1995

An expeditionary force is sent to an Earth-like planet to find a cure for an illness known as “the syndrome”.

Devon Adair                                              Debrah Farentino

Ulysses Adair                                            Joey Zimmerman

John Danziger                                           Clancy Brown

True Danziger                                           J. Madison Wright

Eerie, Indiana – 1991-1992

Teenager Marshall Teller moves with his family to Eerie and teams up with Simon Holmes as they come across strange happenings.

Marshall Teller                                          Omri Katz

Simon Holmes                                          Justin Shenkarow

Edgar Teller                                              Francis Guinan

Marilyn Teller                                            Mary-Margaret Humes

Dash X                                                      Jason Marsden

Eureka – 2006-2012

Eureka is a high tech community inhabited by brilliant scientists operated by a corporation called Global Dynamics (GD). The town's existence and location are closely guarded secrets and it is camouflaged by an electromagnetic shield.

Sheriff Jack Carter                                    Colin Ferguson

Zoe Carter                                                 Jordan Hinson

Dr. Allison Blake                                       Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Dr. Henry Deacon                                     Joe Morton

Dr. Nathan Stark                                       Ed Quinn

Josephina "Jo" Lupo                                 Erica Cerra

Dr. Douglas Fargo                                    Neil Grayston

Zane Donovan                                          Niall Matter

Extant – 2014-2015

After 13 months in space, Molly Woods returns to Earth and discovers she is pregnant.

Molly Woods                                             Halle Berry

Dr. John Woods                                        Goran Visnjic

Ethan Woods                                            Pierce Gagnon

Julie "Jules" Gelineau                               Grace Gummer

James Daniel "JD" Richter                       Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Dr. Sam Barton                                         Camryn Manheim

Falling Skies – 2011-2015

Set six months after an alien invasion has devastated Earth and left only 10% of humanity alive, the series concentrates on a group of survivors who band together to fight back.

Tom Mason                                               Noah Wyle

Anne Glass-Mason                                   Moon Bloodgood

Hal Mason                                                 Drew Roy

Ben Mason                                                Connor Jessup

John Pope                                                 Colin Cunningham

Matt Mason                                               Maxim Knight

Lourdes Delgado                                      Seychelle Gabriel

Maggie                                                      Sarah Carter

Anthony                                                     Mpho Koaho

Dan Weaver                                              Will Patton

Cochise                                                     Doug Jones

Fantastic Journey, The – 1977

A family sail into the Bermuda Triangle and are caught in a space/time continuum where people from the past, present, future and from other worlds are trapped, co-existing on an island in a series of timezones.

Varian                                                        Jared Martin

Scott Jordan                                              Ike Eisenmann

Dr. Fred Walters                                       Carl Franklin

Liana                                                         Katie Saylor

Dr. Jonathan Willoway                              Roddy McDowall

Farscape – 1999-2003 (88 episodes)

Opening voice over: “My name is John Crichton, an astronaut. A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole. Now I'm lost in some distant part of the universe on a ship, a living ship, full of strange alien life forms. Help me. Listen, please. Is anybody out there who can hear me? I'm being hunted ... by an insane military commander. I'm doing everything I can. I'm just looking for a way home.”

The living ship is a leviathan class “Moya” and the insane military commander is Bialar Crais, a leader of the Peacekeepers. The crew of “Moya” are each trying to get to their separate homes.

Animated episode: “Revenging Angel”. The series was concluded with a film “The Peacekeeper Wars”. Slang such as "frell" and "dren" were used as a substitute for English expletives.

John Crichton                                            Ben Browder

Aeryn Sun                                                 Claudia Black

Ka D'Argo                                                  Anthony Simcoe

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan                                     Virginia Hey

Dominar Rygel XVI                                   Jonathan Hardy (voice)

Chiana                                                       Gigi Edgley

Pilot                                                           Lani Tupu (voice)

Stark                                                          Paul Goddard

Bialar Crais                                               Lani Tupu

Scorpius                                                    Wayne Pygram

Firefly – 2002

Written by Joss Whedon, the series takes place in 2517 and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of “Serenity”, a "Firefly-class" spaceship.

The Alliance of planets is composed of two primary "core" systems, one predominantly Western in culture, the other pan-Asian, with the outlying planets and moons having a “Wild West” vibe with little governmental authority. The outlying areas of space ("the black") are inhabited by the Reavers, a cannibalistic group of nomadic humans that have become savage.

After the show was cancelled the film Serenity was issued as a continuation of the story.

Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds                           Nathan Fillion

Zoe Alleyne Washburne                           Gina Torres

Hoban "Wash" Washburne                       Alan Tudyk

Inara Serra                                                Morena Baccarin

Jayne Cobb                                               Adam Baldwin

Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye                   Jewel Staite

Dr. Simon Tam                                          Sean Maher

River Tam                                                 Summer Glau

Derrial Book                                              Ron Glass

Flash, The – 2014-

Based on the DC Comics character.

Barry Allen develops super-speed (including super-recovery from injury) after Central City's S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator malfunctions. Several other “metahumans” (apparently mostly villains”) are created at the same time.

In the first series Barry discovers that Harrison Wells (aka Edouard Thawne) is “Reverse-Flash” from the future, who had killed Barry’s mother 14 years earlier - a crime for which Barry’s father was wrongly convicted. At the end of the series several singularities open up to a parallel universe version of Central City and Barry encounters Jay Garrick (another version of Flash) and the evil speedster Zoom.

Barry Allen/Flash                                      Grant Gustin

Iris West                                                    Candice Patton

Dr. Caitlin Snow                                        Danielle Panabaker

Eddie Thawne                                           Rick Cosnett

Cisco Ramon/Vibe                                    Carlos Valdes

Dr. Harrison Wells                                    Tom Cavanagh

Joe West                                                   Jesse L. Martin

Wally West                                                Keiynan Lonsdale

FlashForward – 2009-2010

On October 6, 2009 a mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds. During this time people see what appears to be a vision of their own life approximately six months in the future: a global "flashforward".

FBI Special Agent Mark Benford                       Joseph Fiennes

FBI Special Agent Demetri Fordis Noh              John Cho

FBI Assistant Director Stanford Wedeck           Courtney B. Vance

Dr. Olivia Benford                                               Sonya Walger

FBI Special Agent Janis Hawk                           Christine Woods

Dr. Lloyd Simcoe                                                Jack Davenport

Dr. Bryce Varley                                                 Zachary Knighton

Nicole Kirby                                                        Peyton List

Dr. Simon Campos                                             Dominic Monaghan

Aaron Stark                                                        Brían F. O'Byrne

Flipside of Dominick Hide, The – BBC 1980

A one-off play in which a time-traveller from 2130 visits London in 1980 in search of his great-great-grandfather.

A sequel Another Flip for Dominick was broadcast in 1982.

Dominick Hide                                           Peter Firth

Jane                                                          Caroline Langrishe

Ava                                                            Pippa Guard

Caleb Line                                                 Patrick Magee

Felix                                                          Denis Lawson

Forbidden Science – 2009

People fulfill erotic desires with virtual reality and androids.

Julia White                                                Vanessa Broze

Colin Summers                                         Levi Freeman

Bethany Montrose                                    Joanne Alderson

Dr. Penny Serling                                     Noelle DuBois

Dr. Philip Wise                                          Austin Ball

Adrian Turner                                            Richard Roy Sutton

Laura Lucas                                              Mary LeGault

Forever – 2014-2015

Present-day New York Medical examiner Henry Morgan was in fact born in 1779 and was shot dead in 1814 whilst trying to free slaves aboard a ship owned by his father. He discovers that he is immortal and every time he dies he then returns to life naked in a nearby body of water.

Doctor Henry Morgan:                              Ioan Gruffudd

Detective Jo Martinez:                              Alana de la Garza

Lucas Wahl:                                              David Moore

Detective Mike Hanson:                            Donnie Keshawarz

Lieutenant Joanna Reece:                       Lorraine Toussaint

Abraham "Abe" Morgan                            Judd Hirsch

Fringe – 2008-2013 (100 episodes)

Members of the Fringe Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation use fringe science and FBI techniques to investigate a series of unexplained, often ghastly occurrences, which are related to mysteries surrounding a parallel universe.

Olivia Dunham                                          Anna Torv

Peter Bishop                                             Joshua Jackson

Dr. Walter                                                  John Noble

Phillip Broyles                                           Lance Reddick

Astrid Farnsworth                                      Jasika Nicole

Nina Sharp                                                Blair Brown

William Bell                                               Leonard Nimoy

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series – 2014-

The series was developed from the 1996 film of the same name.

Richie Gecko breaks his brother Seth out of jail and the two set off on a crime spree pursued by the police.

They eventually end up at a strip club “The Titty Twister” where vampires rule from dusk till dawn.

Seth Gecko                                               D. J. Cotrona

Richie Gecko                                            Zane Holtz

Santanico Pandemonium                         Eiza González

Ranger Freddie Gonzalez                        Jesse Garcia

Katherine Fuller                                        Madison Davenport

Scott Fuller                                                Brandon Soo Hoo

Carlos Madrigal                                         Wilmer Valderrama

Aidan Tanner/Sex Machine                      Jake Busey

Lord Amancio Malvado                             Esai Morales

The Regulator                                           Danny Trejo

Jacob Fuller                                              Robert Patrick

Ranger Earl McGraw                                Don Johnson/Jesse Johnson

Game of Thrones


An adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. It is filmed in a Belfast studio and on location.

First episode: “Winter is Coming”

Continents: Westeros and Essos.

Essos lies to the east of Westeros, across the Narrow Sea. In the north of Westeros is a largely unmapped area, separated by a massive wall of ice and old magic.

The series chronicles the power struggles among the noble families as they fight for control of the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

Noble Houses of Westeros:

Kingdom Ruled by:
Kingdom of the North House Stark of Winterfell
Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale House Arryn of the Eyrie
Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers House Hoare of Castle Harrenhal
Kingdom of the Rock House Lannister of Casterly Rock
Kingdom of the Stormlands House Durrandon of Storm's End
Kingdom of the Reach House Gardener of Highgarden
Principality of Dorne House Martell of Sunspear.


Tyrion Lannister                                        Peter Dinklage

Cersei Lannister                                        Lena Headey

Daenerys Targaryen                                 Emilia Clarke

Jon Snow                                                  Kit Harington

Sansa Stark                                              Sophie Turner

Arya Stark                                                 Maisie Williams

Jorah Mormont                                          Iain Glen

Jaime Lannister                                        Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Samwell Tarly                                           John Bradley

Theon Greyjoy                                          Alfie Allen

Petyr Baelish                                             Aidan Gillen

Varys                                                         Conleth Hill

Brienne of Tarth                                        Gwendoline Christie

Tywin Lannister                                         Charles Dance

Sandor Clegane                                        Rory McCann

Bronn                                                        Jerome Flynn

Joffrey Baratheon                                     Jack Gleeson

Catelyn Stark                                            Michelle Fairley

Bran Stark                                                 Isaac Hempstead Wright

Stannis Baratheon                                    Stephen Dillane

Missandei                                                  Nathalie Emmanuel

Robb Stark                                                Richard Madden

Margaery Tyrell                                         Natalie Dormer

Davos Seaworth                                       Liam Cunningham

Shae                                                          Sibel Kekilli

Melisandre                                                Carice van Houten

Gilly                                                           Hannah Murray

Tommen Baratheon                                  Dean-Charles Chapman

Roose Bolton                                            Michael McElhatton

Tormund Giantsbane                                Kristofer Hivju

Gendry                                                      Joe Dempsie

Ygritte                                                        Rose Leslie

Daario Naharis                                          Michiel Huisman

Ramsay Bolton                                         Iwan Rheon

Jaqen H'ghar                                             Tom Wlaschiha

Jeor Mormont                                            James Cosmo

Talisa Stark                                               Oona Chaplin

Eddard “Ned” Stark                                   Sean Bean

Khal Drogo                                                Jason Momoa

Ellaria Sand                                              Indira Varma

Robert Baratheon                                     Mark Addy

Viserys Targaryen                                    Harry Lloyd

Gemini Man – 1976

A short-lived series based on H G Wells “The Invisible Man” which replaced a series of that name starring David McCallum (see below).

Sam Casey can press a button on his special watch which turns him invisible – but only for 15 minutes per day.

Sam Casey                                               Ben Murphy

Abby Lawrence                                         Katherine Crawford

Leonard Driscoll                                        William Sylvester

Ghost Whisperer – 2005-2010

Melinda Gordon has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts and she helps .them resolve their problems and cross over into the light, or the spirit world.

Melinda Gordon                                        Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jim Clancy/Sam Lucas                             David Conrad

Andrea Marino                                          Aisha Tyler

Delia Banks                                               Camryn Manheim

Professor Rick Payne                               Jay Mohr

Ned Banks                                                Tyler Patrick Jones/Christoph Sanders

Professor Eli James                                  Jamie Kennedy

Aiden Lucas                                              Connor Gibbs

Gotham – 2014-

This is essentially a crime series revolving around the origin stories of characters from Batman – James Gordon, Bruce Wayne and various villains.

James Gordon                                          Ben McKenzie

Harvey Bullock                                          Donal Logue

Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin               Robin Lord Taylor

Bruce Wayne                                            David Mazouz

Barbara Kean                                            Erin Richards

Sarah Essen                                             Zabryna Guevara

Alfred Pennyworth                                    Sean Pertwee

Selina "Cat" Kyle/Catwoman                    Camren Bicondova

Edward Nygma/The Riddler                     Cory Michael Smith

Carmine Falcone                                      John Doman

Harvey Dent/Two-Face                             Nicholas D'Agosto

Grimm – 2011-

Homicide cop Nick Burkhardt is descended from a line of guardians known as Grimms, charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world called Wesen.

Nicholas "Nick" Burkhardt                         David Giuntoli

Hank Griffin                                               Russell Hornsby

Juliette Silverton                                       Bitsie Tulloch

Monroe                                                      Silas Weir Mitchell

Captain Sean Renard                               Sasha Roiz

Sergeant Drew Wu                                   Reggie Lee

Rosalee Calvert                                        Bree Turner

Adalind Schade                                         Claire Coffee

Haven – 2010-2015

FBI Agent Parker is sent to the town of Haven, Maine where supernatural occurrences have reappeared.

Audrey Parker                                           Emily Rose

Nathan Wuornos                                       Lucas Bryant

Garland Wuornos                                      Nicholas Campbell

Duke Crocker                                            Eric Balfour

Helix – 2014-2015

A team of scientists from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) travel to a research facility in the Arctic to investigate a potential outbreak of disease only to discover evidence of genetic engineering taking place which could threaten the existence of mankind.

Dr. Alan Farragut                                      Billy Campbell

Dr. Hiroshi Hatake                                    Hiroyuki Sanada

Dr. Julia Walker                                        Kyra Zagorsky

Major Sergio Balleseros                           Mark Ghanimé

Dr. Kyle Sommers                                    Matt Long

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – 1995-1999

The series was set in a fantasy version of Ancient Greece (with some very odd chronology) and based on the tales of the hero Heracles (Hercules).

Hercules                                                    Kevin Sorbo

Iolaus                                                        Michael Hurst

Ares                                                           Kevin Smith

Autolycus                                                  Bruce Campbell

Callisto                                                      Hudson Leick

Cassandra                                                Claudia Black

Cupid                                                         Karl Urban

Gabrielle                                                    Renée O'Connor

Xena                                                          Lucy Lawless

Heroes – 2006-2010

Ordinary people discover that they have superhuman abilities:

Peter Petrelli - can mimic abilities of other people.

Claire Bennet - a high-school cheerleader who can spontaneously regenerate (the series spawned the tagline “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World”).

Nathan Petrelli - can fly.

Hiro Nakamura - can manipulate space-time.

LAPD police officer Matt Parkman - can read people's minds.

Sylar – a serial killer who steals the powers of other superhumans.

After a very successful first season, the series became something of a critical failure the longer it went on (average US viewers – season 1: 13.5m; season 4: 6.5m)

A 13 episode miniseries Heroes Reborn aired in 2015 (UK 2016).

Peter Petrelli                                             Milo Ventimiglia

Claire Bennet                                            Hayden Panettiere

Nathan Petrelli                                          Adrian Pasdar

Hiro Nakamura                                          Masi Oka

Matt Parkman                                           Greg Grunberg

Noah Bennet                                             Jack Coleman

Niki Sanders/Tracy Strauss                      Ali Larter

Isaac Mendez                                           Santiago Cabrera

Zachary Quinto                                         Sylar (Gabriel Gray)

Elle Bishop                                                Kristen Bell

Hex – 2004-2005

Set at a remote English school, Medenham Hall, which was built on the site of a past witchcraft scandal.

Student Cassie has a baby (Malachi) by fallen angel Azazeal.

Cassandra "Cassie" Hughes                    Christina Cole

Thelma Bates                                            Jemima Rooper

Azazeal                                                     Michael Fassbender

Leon Taylor                                               Jamie Davis

Ella Dee                                                    Laura Pyper

Roxanne Davenport                                  Amber Sainsbury

Jo Watkins                                                Anna Wilson-Jones

David Tyrel                                                Colin Salmon

Gemma                                                     Zoe Tapper

Malachi                                                      Joseph Beattie

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The – BBC 1981

A television adaptation of Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy following the original radio series, the first novel, LP and stage shows.

Following the destruction of the Earth to make way for a galactic super-highway, Arthur Dent is saved by Ford Prefect (a researcher for the Guide) and ends up on the Starship Heart of Gold, which has been stolen by Ford's semi-cousin Zaphod Beeblebrox. Also on board are Trillian, a young woman who Arthur once met at a party and Marvin the Paranoid Android.

42: the answer to life, the universe and everything (as provided by the supercomputer Deep Thought after 7.5 million years.

Slartibartfast is a Magrathean, and a designer of planets. He created the fjords found on the coast of Norway.

Levels of intelligence on Earth – mice, dolphins, humans in that order.

The Book (narrator)                                  Peter Jones

Arthur Dent                                               Simon Jones

Ford Prefect                                              David Dixon

Trillian                                                       Sandra Dickinson

Zaphod Beeblebrox                                  Mark Wing-Davey

Marvin                                                       Stephen Moore (voice)

Slartibartfast                                              Richard Vernon

Deep Thought                                           Valentine Dyall

Humans – Channel 4 2015-

A series based on Swedish science fiction drama Real Humans which examines the impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called "synths."


Laura Hawkins                                          Katherine Parkinson

Toby Hawkins                                           Theo Stevenson

Dr. George Millican                                   William Hurt

Matilda "Mattie" Hawkins                          Lucy Carless

Sophie Hawkins                                        Pixie Davies

Joseph "Joe" Hawkins                              Tom Goodman-Hill

Jill Drummond                                           Jill Halfpenny

D.S. Pete Drummond                               Neil Maskell

Leo Elster                                                  Colin Morgan

Professor Edwin Hobb                              Danny Webb


Anita/Mia                                                   Gemma Chan

Niska                                                         Emily Berrington

D.S. Karen Voss                                       Ruth Bradley

Simon                                                        Jack Derges

Fred                                                           Sope Dirisu

Vera                                                          Rebecca Front

Max                                                           Ivanno Jeremiah

Odi                                                            Will Tudor

Hunger, The – 1997-2000

A horror anthology series of independent episodes.

Host (series 1)                                          Terence Stamp

Host (series 2)                                          David Bowie

Incredible Hulk, The – 1978-1982

After the death of his wife in a car accident, during which he feels he failed to save her, Dr David Banner experiments on himself and over-doses himself with gamma radiation. The result is that during moments of high (negative) emotion he transforms into the Incredible Hulk, a 7’, 330 lbs, green-skinned creature, with superhuman strength (“Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”)

When yet another accident ends with the death of his laboratory partner, Banner goes into hiding but is constantly stalked by reporter Jack McGee.

David Bruce Banner                                 Bill Bixby

Hulk                                                           Lou Ferrigno

Jack McGee                                              Jack Colvin

Invaders, The – 1967-1968

The opening narration just about sums it all up: “The Invaders, alien beings from a dying planet. Their destination: the Earth. Their purpose: to make it their world. David Vincent has seen them. For him, it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that he never found. It began with a closed deserted diner, and a man too long without sleep to continue his journey. It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy. Now David Vincent knows that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun.”

David Vincent                                            Roy Thinnes

Invasion: Earth – BBC 1998

A small NATO force who attempt to thwart an invasion of Earth by a race of inter-dimensional alien beings.

It begins with the crash of a UFO during the V-2 rocket bombing of England in WWII and then moves on to the present day (1998) where another UFO is shot down over the North Sea.

Flight Lt. Chris Drake                                Vincent Regan

Dr. Amanda Tucker                                  Maggie O'Neill

Maj. Gen. David Reece                            Fred Ward

Squadron Leader Helen Knox                  Phyllis Logan

Lt. Charles Terrell                                     Anton Lesser

Group Capt. Susan Preston                     Sara Kestelman

Invisible Man, The

There have been various TV adaptations inspired by H G Wells’ 1897 novel “The Invisible Man”.

Invisible Man, The – ITV 1958-1959

Scientist Peter Brady is accidently rendered invisible by radiation and is recruited by the British Intelligence. When not invisible Brady’s head is swathed in bandages and wears sunglasses.

The Invisible Man                                      “Himself” (uncredited voice: Tim Turner)

Diane Brady Wilson Lisa Daniely            

Sally Wilson Deborah Watling                 

Sir Charles Anderson/Colonel Ward Ernest Clark    

Invisible Man, The – 1975


It was replaced with The Gemini Man (see above).

Dr. Daniel Westin                                      David McCallum

Kate Westin                                              Melinda O. Fee

Walter Carlson                                          Craig Stevens

Invisible Man, The – BBC 1984

This series was a more faithful adaptation of the original book. A scientist discovers a formula by which to make himself invisible. He is driven to insanity by his inability to reverse the formula and uses his invisibility to terrorize those around him.

The Invisible Man                                      Pip Donaghy

Dr. Samuel Kemp                                     David Gwillim

Dr. Edward Cuss                                       Gerald James

Mrs. Jenny Hall                                         Lila Kaye

Lucy                                                          Merelina Kendall

Invisible Man, The – 2000-2002

Fawkes is a career criminal who is released from prison to be a guinea pig for his scientist brother. He implanted with the Quicksilver gland which gives him various powers beyond being able to simply turn invisible:

·            he can turn his eyes invisible and see in infrared

·            his body temperature lowers to a point where he can escape heat-seeking weapons

·            he can turn others invisible so long as he remains in contact with them

·            he can even turn parts of his body invisible while leaving the rest of him fully visible

After his brother’s death (along with the chance of removing the gland without killing him) he begins to work for The Agency,

Darien Fawkes                                          Vincent Ventresca

Robert Albert Hobbes                               Paul Ben-Victor

Charles Borden a.k.a. The Official           Eddie Jones

Claire a.k.a. the Keeper                            Shannon Kenny

Jake 2.0 – 2003-2004

NSA computer tech Jake Foley is accidentally infected by nanobots which give him superhuman powers meaning he is able to control technology with his brain.

Jake Foley                                                Christopher Gorham

Kyle Duarte                                               Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

Deputy Director Louise "Lou" Beckett      Judith Scott

Sarah Carter                                             Marina Black

Diane Hughes                                           Keegan Connor Tracy

Jekyll – BBC 2007

Written by Stephen Moffat and described as a sequel to R L Stevenson’s “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, rather than an adaptation of it.

Tom Jackman is the only living descendent of Dr. Jekyll (and Mr. Hyde) and discovers he is sharing his body with a Hyde-like alter-ego.

Dr. Tom Jackman                                     James Nesbitt

Claire Jackman                                         Gina Bellman

Peter Syme                                               Denis Lawson

Katherine Reimer                                      Michelle Ryan

Miranda                                                     Meera Syal

Min                                                            Fenella Woolgar

Jekyll and Hyde – ITV 2015-

Set in 1930s London (and Ceylon/Sri Lanka). Robert Jekyll is the grandson of Henry Jekyll (from Stevenson’s novel) and has inherited a split personality with violent alter-ego.

Dr. Robert Jekyll                                       Tom Bateman

Sir Roger Bulstrode                                  Richard E. Grant

Mr Sackler                                                 Tom Rhys Harries

Captain Dance                                          Enzo Cilenti

Ravi Najaran                                             Michael Karim

Dr. Vishal Najaran                                    Ace Bhatti

Gurinder Najaran                                      Lolita Chakrabarti

Isabella "Bella" Charming                         Natalie Gumede

Lily Clarke                                                 Stephanie Hyam

Maxwell Utterson                                      Christian McKay

Hilary "Hils" Barnstaple                             Ruby Bentall

Garson                                                      Donald Sumpter

Jeremiah – 2002-2004

In 2006 a plague (known as the “Big Death” or “Big D”) wiped out all humanity over the age of 13. Fifteen years later Jeremiah and Kurdy begin a quest to restore civilisation.

Jeremiah                                                   Luke Perry

Kurdy                                                         Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Markus Alexander                                     Peter Stebbings

Jericho – 2006-2008

A small town in Kansas becomes isolated following nuclear blasts of unknown origin in major US cities and an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) destroys communications. Relations with the nearby town of New Bern descend into warfare. In season two the town comes under the government of the "Allied States of America" (ASA).

The series was cancelled after one season but resurrected for one more season after a fan campaign.

Jake Green                                               Skeet Ulrich

Robert Hawkins                                        Lennie James

Emily Sullivan                                           Ashley Scott

Eric Green                                                 Kenneth Mitchell

Gray Anderson                                          Michael Gaston

Johnston Green                                        Gerald McRaney

Gail Green                                                Pamela Reed

Joan of Arcadia – 2003-2005

Teenager Joan Girardi sees and speaks with God (who appears in various guises) and performs tasks she is given as she promised to do so if her brother survived a car crash.

Joan Girardi                                              Amber Tamblyn

Will Girardi                                                Joe Mantegna

Helen Girardi                                             Mary Steenburgen

Kevin Girardi                                             Jason Ritter

Luke Girardi                                              Michael Welch

Adam Rove                                               Chris Marquette

Grace Polk                                                Becky Wahlstrom

Jupiter Moon –1990 (150 episodes)

A sci-fi soap opera broadcast 3 times a week on BSB’s Galaxy Channel.

In 2050 the space ship Ilea serves as a university and is in semi-permanent orbit above the space city Callisto.

Anna Begani                                             Anna Pernicci

Victoria Frobisher                                      Nicola Wright

Petra                                                         Charlotte Martin

Mercedes Page                                         Anna Chancellor

K-9 and Company – 1981

This is a one-off TV film (aka A Girl’s Best Friend) which was intended as a pilot for a spin-off series from Dr Who.

Sarah Jane eventually got a series of her own in The Sarah Jane Adventures (see below), which also featured K-9 in a supporting role, in 2007. K-9 also featured in an Australian/UK co-production children’s series, K-9 (2009-2010).

Sarah Jane Smith                                     Elisabeth Sladen

K-9 (voice)                                                John Leeson

Commander Bill Pollock                           Bill Fraser

Brendan Richards                                     Ian Sears

George Tracey                                          Colin Jeavons

Killjoys – 2013 –

Three bounty hunters chase criminals in the Quad.

Dutch/Yalena                                            Hannah John-Kamen

John Jaqobis                                             Aaron Ashmore

D'avin Jaqobis                                          Luke Macfarlane

Kingdom Hospital – 2004

Kingdom Hospital was built on the site of a mill that manufactured military uniforms during the American Civil War. One hospital burned down (“Old Kingdom”) and New Kingdom was built. It is haunted by (amongst others) a young girl, a teenage boy, and a strange anteater with teeth known as Antibus. The thoughts of Blondi a German Shepherd dog are sometimes heard and Peter Rickman, a comatose patient in Room 426 can travel between the human and spirit worlds.

Also known as Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital and based on Lars von Trier's The Kingdom.

Dr. Hook                                                    Andrew McCarthy

Dr. Stegman                                              Bruce Davison

Dr. Brenda Abelson                                  Meagen Fay

Dr. Jesse James                                       Ed Begley, Jr.

Dr. Elmer Traff                                          Jamie Harrold

Dr. Lona Massingale                                 Sherry Miller

Dr. Christine Draper                                  Allison Hossack

Dr. Louis Traff                                           William Wise

Nurse Carrie von Trier                              Lena Georgas

Abel Lyon                                                  Brandon Bauer

Christa Mendelson                                    Jennifer Cunningham

Otto                                                           Julian Richings

Bobby Druse                                             Del Pentecost

Sally Druse                                               Diane Ladd

Peter Rickman                                          Jack Coleman

Natalie Rickman                                        Suki Kaiser

Mary Jensen                                             Jodelle Micah Ferland

Paul Morlock                                             Kett Turton

Kinvig – ITV 1981

A sci-fi comedy set in an electrical shop in Bingleton.

Des Kinvig                                                 Tony Haygarth

Netta Kinvig                                              Patsy Rowlands

Miss Griffin                                                Prunella Gee

Jim Piper                                                   Colin Jeavons

Buddo                                                        Simon Williams

Knight Rider – ITV 1982-1986

After detective Michael Long is shot in the face he is rescued by Wilton Knight and given a new face and new identity – Michael Knight. Wilton recruits him to work for the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) and provides him with the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), a heavily modified, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am which has special features including an extremely durable shell and frame and AI computer control.

KITT’s prototype was KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot).

Intro: "Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless in a world of criminals who operate above the law."

Michael Knight (Michael Arthur Long)      David Hasselhoff

Garthe Knight                                            David Hasselhoff

William Daniels (voice)                             KITT

Devon Miles                                              Edward Mulhare

Dr. Bonnie Barstow                                   Patricia McPherson

April Curtis                                                Rebecca Holden

Reginald Cornelius III aka RC3                Peter Parros

Wilton Knight                                             Richard Basehart

Team Knight Rider (TKR) – 1997-1998

A short lived series in which Michael Knight is replaced by a team of 5 each with a computerized talking vehicle counterpart: Danté (DNT-1) (Kyle), Domino (DMO-1) (Jenny), Attack Beast (BST-1) (Duke), Kat (KAT-1) (Erica), Plato (PLATO-1) (Trek).

Kyle Stewart                                              Brixton Karnes

Jenny Andrews                                         Christine Steel

Duke DePalma                                          Duane Davis

Erica West                                                Kathy Trageser

Kevin "Trek" Sanders                               Nick Wechsler

Knight Rider – 2008-2009

Set 25 years after the original, in this series Michael Knight’s son Mike is the driver of the next generation KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand), now a Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang.

Mike Knight (aka Mike Traceur)               Justin Bruening

Dr. Sarah Graiman                                   Deanna Russo

KITT                                                          Val Kilmer (voice)

Billy Morgan                                              Paul Campbell

Dr. Charles Graiman                                 Bruce Davison

Kolchak: the Night Stalker – 1974-1975

Chicago newspaper reporter Kolchak investigates mysterious crimes with unlikely causes, which often involve the supernatural, including fantastic creatures.

Carl Kolchak                                             Darren McGavin

Tony Vincenzo                                          Simon Oakland

Ron Updyke                                              Jack Grinnage

Emily Cowles                                            Ruth McDevitt

Monique Marmelstein                               Carol Ann Susi

Kolchak: the Night Stalker – 2005

A remake of the above but now set in Los Angeles. After Kolchak’s wife is murdered he investigates other strange murders, believing they are linked in some way to her death.

Carl Kolchak                                             Stuart Townsend

Perri Reed                                                 Gabrielle Union

Jain McManus                                           Eric Jungmann

Anthony Vincenzo                                     Cotter Smith

Kyle XY – 2006-2009

A super-intelligent teenager wakes up naked in woods with no memory of any previous existence. He is adopted into the Trager family.

Kyle Trager                                               Matt Dallas

Nicole Trager                                            Marguerite MacIntyre

Stephen Trager                                         Bruce Thomas

Lori Trager                                                April Matson

Josh Trager                                               Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Declan McDonough                                  Chris Olivero

Amanda Bloom                                         Kirsten Prout

Land of the Giants – 1968-1970

The sub-orbital spaceship “Spindrift” on route from LA to London (in 1983!) is caught in a space storm and crash lands on a planet where everything is twelve times larger than on Earth.

Captain Steve Burton                               Gary Conway

Dan Erickson                                            Don Marshall

Mark Wilson                                              Don Matheson

Alexander Fitzhugh                                   Kurt Kasznar

Barry Lockridge                                         Stefan Arngrim

Valerie Scott                                             Deanna Lund

Betty Hamilton                                          Heather Young

Land of the Lost – 1974

The Marshall family are trapped in an alternate universe inhabited by dinosaurs, a primate-type people called Pakuni, and devolved, aggressive humanoid/lizard creatures called Sleestak.

Rick Marshall                                            Spencer Milligan

Uncle Jack Marshall                                 Ron Harper

Will Marshall                                             Wesley Eure

Holly Marshall                                           Kathy Coleman

Cha-Ka                                                      Phillip Paley

Malak                                                        Richard Kiel

Land of the Lost – 1991

A remake of the above but this time the family is the Porters, who are trapped in a parallel universe after their Jeep Cherokee fell through a time portal.

Thomas "Tom" Porter                               Timothy Bottoms

Kevin Porter                                              Robert Gavin

Anamarie "Annie" Porter                           Jennifer Drugan

Christa                                                       Shannon Day

Last Train, The – 1999

Passengers on a train to Sheffield are accidently cryogenically frozen just before an asteroid devastates the Earth (!). They are revived into a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Harriet Ambrose                                        Nicola Walker

Ian Hart                                                     Christopher Fulford

Colin Wallace                                            Steve Huison

Mick Sizer (Michael Smith)                       Treva Etienne

Jandra Nixon                                             Amita Dhiri

Austin Danforth                                         James Hazeldine

Jean Wilson                                              Janet Dale

Roe Germaine                                          Zoe Telford

Leo Nixon                                                  Sacha Dhawan

Anita Nixon                                               Dinita Gohil

Hild                                                            Caroline Carver

Librarians, The – 2014-

Lost in time at space at the start of the series, the “Library” exists in its own pocket universe and is the storehouse of magical and powerful relics. The 'Library' itself appears to be sentient (or semi-sentient), and sends out invitations to prospective Librarians and Guardians. The existing Librarian is Flynn Carsen with Eve Baird as his “Guardian” who, together with the Caretaker Jenkins, solve impossible mysteries, recover powerful artifacts, and fight against supernatural threats. As the series progresses Flynn and Eve, together with prospective Librarians Ezekiel, Cassandra and Jacob form a team.

Flynn Carsen                                            Noah Wyle

Colonel Eve Baird                                     Rebecca Romijn

Jacob Stone                                              Christian Kane

Cassandra Cillian                                     Lindy Booth

Ezekiel Jones                                            John Kim

Jenkins (Galeas/Galahad)                        John Larroquette

Life on Mars – BBC 2006-2007

Manchester policeman Sam Tyler is hit by a car in 2006 and wakes up to find himself in 1973 and working for the Manchester and Salford Police under the command of Gene Hunt.

The 1974 Ford Cortina used in the series was auctioned on eBay for Comic Relief in 2007 for £12,800.

Sam is “haunted” by the BBC Test Card girl.

A Russian version was called The Dark Side of the Moon and the Spanish version The Girl from Yesterday. A US remake was broadcast in 2008-2009 with Jason O'Mara as Sam and Harvey Keitel as Gene.

Sequel: Ashes to Ashes (see above)

Sam Tyler                                                  John Simm

Gene Hunt                                                Philip Glenister

Annie Cartwright                                       Liz White

Ray Carling                                               Dean Andrews

Chris Skelton                                            Marshall Lancaster

Logan's Run – 1977-1978

A series based on the 1976 film of the same name and set in the 23rd Century where survivors of a nuclear war live in a domed city and are not allowed to live past the age of 30.

Logan and Jessica become “Runners” in order to avoid the life-ending Carousel Ceremony and are pursued by Sandmen as they try to find “Sanctuary”.

Logan 5                                                     Gregory Harrison

Jessica 6                                                   Heather Menzies

Rem                                                          Donald Moffat

Francis                                                      Randy Powell

Lone Gunmen, The – 2001

A spin-off series from The X-Files (see below) which centres around the three members of “The Lone Gunmen”, a group of investigators who run a conspiracy theory magazine.

The series included an episode (first broadcast 4 March 2001) in which members of the U.S. government conspire to hijack an airliner and fly it into the World Trade Center in order to justify a war on terror.

John Fitzgerald Byers                               Bruce Harwood

Melvin Frohike                                          Tom Braidwood

Richard "Ringo" Langly                             Dean Haglund

Yves Adele Harlow                                   Zuleikha Robinson

Jimmy Bond                                              Stephen Snedden

Lost – 2004-2010 (121 episodes)

Plane crash (Oceanic Airline's Flight 815)

324 people on board - 71 initial survivors (70 humans and one dog) spread across the three sections of the plane crash. Tail section survivors (“Tallies”)

Uninhabited (?) tropical island.

Metal hatch, “smoke monster”, Man in Black, “The Others”


Time travel

Dharma Initiative

6 seasons

Last episode: “The End”

Jack Shephard                                          Matthew Fox

Kate Austen                                              Evangeline Lilly

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes                                Jorge Garcia

James "Sawyer" Ford                               Josh Holloway

John Locke/Man in Black                         Terry O'Quinn

Sayid Jarrah                                              Naveen Andrews

Jin-Soo Kwon                                            Daniel Dae Kim

Sun-Hwa Kwon                                         Yunjin Kim

Claire Littleton                                           Emilie de Ravin

Charlie Pace                                             Dominic Monaghan

Michael Dawson                                       Harold Perrineau

Walt Lloyd                                                 Malcolm David Kelley

Shannon Rutherford                                 Maggie Grace

Boone Carlyle                                           Ian Somerhalder

Rose Nadler                                              L. Scott Caldwell

Christian Shephard                                   John Terry

Danielle Rousseau                                   Mira Furlan/Melissa Farman

Bernard Nadler                                         Sam Anderson

Ana Lucia Cortez                                      Michelle Rodriguez

Desmond Hume                                        Henry Ian Cusick

Pierre Chang                                             François Chau

Mr. Eko                                                      Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Elizabeth "Libby" Smith                            Cynthia Watros

Benjamin Linus                                         Michael Emerson

Alex Rousseau                                          Tania Raymonde

Penny Widmore                                        Sonya Walger

Juliet Burke                                               Elizabeth Mitchell

Nikki Fernandez                                        Kiele Sanchez

Paulo                                                         Rodrigo Santoro

Richard Alpert                                           Nestor Carbonell

Eloise Hawking                                         Fionnula Flanagan

Daniel Faraday                                         Jeremy Davies

Miles Straume                                           Ken Leung

Charlotte Lewis                                         Rebecca Mader

Frank Lapidus                                           Jeff Fahey

Ilana Verdansky                                        Zuleikha Robinson

Lost in Space – 1965-1968

The Robinson family plus pilot Don West board the Jupiter 2 on a mission involving a five-and-a-half-year journey to a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. Unknown to them Dr Smith is working for a foreign government who want to beat the US in race for space colonisation. He has programmed the ships’ Robot to destroy vital systems soon after launch but is then accidently trapped aboard as the launch takes place. The family finds themselves lost in space.

The Robot only says “Danger, Will Robinson!” in one episode.

Dr. John Robinson                                    Guy Williams

Dr. Maureen Robinson                             June Lockhart

Major Don West                                        Mark Goddard

Judy Robinson                                          Marta Kristen

Penny Robinson                                       Angela Cartwright

Will Robinson                                            Billy Mumy

Dr. Zachary Smith                                     Jonathan Harris

The B-9 Robot                                          Bob May (operator); Dick Tufeld (voice)

Man from Atlantis – 1977-1978

Amnesiac Mark Harris is possibly the only survivor of Atlantis. With superhuman strength, the ability to breathe underwater at great depths, webbed hands and feet and an unusual swimming style, he is recruited by the Foundation for Oceanic Research, a governmental agency that conducts top secret research and explores the depths of the ocean in a sophisticated submarine called the “Cetacean”.

Mark Harris                                               Patrick Duffy

C.W. Crawford                                          Alan Fudge

Dr. Elizabeth Merrill                                  Belinda Montgomery

Manimal – 1983

A short-lived series in which shape-shifter Chase helps in solving crimes by turning himself into any animal he chooses.

Intro: “Dr Jonathan Chase... wealthy, young, handsome. A man with the brightest of futures. A man with the darkest of pasts. From Africa's deepest recesses, to the rarefied peaks of Tibet, heir to his father's legacy and the world's darkest mysteries. Jonathan Chase, master of the secrets that divide man from animal, animal from man... Manimal!”

Dr. Jonathan Chase                                  Simon MacCorkindale

Brooke Mackenzie                                    Melody Anderson

Tyrone "Ty" C. Earl                                   Michael D. Roberts

Lt. Nick Rivera                                          Reni Santoni

Martian Chronicles, The – 1980

A three episode mini-series loosely based on Ray Bradbury’s book of the same name.

After a couple of expeditions are sent to Mars, the existing Martian population is accidently wiped out by chicken pox (War of the Worlds anyone?) or were they? A nuclear war on Earth means that the few remaining Mars colonists may be the only surviving humans.

Colonel John Wilder                                 Rock Hudson

Ruth Wilder                                               Gayle Hunnicutt

Major Jeff Spender                                   Bernie Casey

Father Stone                                             Roddy McDowall

Sam Parkhill                                              Darren McGavin

Genevieve Selsor                                     Bernadette Peters

Anna Lustig                                               Maria Schell

General Halstead                                      Robert Beatty

Men into Space – 1959-1960

This action series envisioned the future of space travel including the first manned Moon landing and possible expeditions to Mars. Prescience included episodes recounting problems similar to those experienced by Apollo 8 and Apollo 13.

Col. Edward McCauley                             William Lundigan

Merlin – BBC 2008-2012

This was a series following the adventures of a young Prince, later King, Arthur and his servant Merlin. Unbeknown to Arthur, Merlin is a powerful warlock but Merlin cannot reveal this as Arthur’s father Uther has banned the use of magic from his realm. In this version of the legend Guinevere (here usually known as Gwen) is a servant girl.

Merlin                                                        Colin Morgan

Arthur Pendragon                                     Bradley James

Morgana                                                    Katie McGrath

Guinevere ("Gwen")                                  Angel Coulby

Gaius                                                         Richard Wilson

The Great Dragon                                     John Hurt (voice)

Uther Pendragon                                      Anthony Head

Agravaine de Bois                                    Nathaniel Parker

Millennium – 1996-1999

Ex-FBI agent Frank Black is now a consultant for a mysterious organization known as the Millennium Group. He has the ability to see inside the minds of criminals.

Created by Chris Carter, who also wrote The X-Files.

Frank Black                                               Lance Henriksen

Catherine Black                                        Megan Gallagher

Emma Hollis                                              Klea Scott

Misfits – E4 1999-2003

A group of young offenders doing community service develop supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm. Their various adventures include time travel and selling/transferring their powers.

Nathan                                                      Robert Sheehan

Alisha                                                        Antonia Thomas

Simon                                                        Iwan Rheon

Kelly                                                          Lauren Socha

Curtis                                                         Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Rudy                                                          Joseph Gilgun

Jess                                                           Karla Crome

Finn                                                           Nathan McMullen

Alex                                                           Matt Stokoe

Abbey                                                        Natasha O'Keeffe

Monsters – 1988-1991

Anthology horror series.

Monsters, The – BBC 1962

A government agent is killed and the locals link his death to the strange creature they claim inhabits the nearby Lake Kingswater.

John Brent                                                William E. Greene

Felicity Brent                                             Elizabeth Weaver

Hopkins                                                     Mark Dignam

Howard Milroy                                           Clifford Cox

Van Halloren                                             Alan Gifford

Professor Cato                                          Robert Harris

Meissonier                                                Gordon Whiting

Esmee Pulford                                          Helen Lindsay

Sergeant Oakroyd                                    Norman Mitchell

Moonbase 3 – BBC 1973

In 2003 5 world powers have colonised the Moon - America (Moonbase 1), Russia (2), Europe (3), China (4) and Brazil (5).

Set entirely within Moonbase 3 where it dealt with the psychological problems of living in such an enclosed environment.

Dr David Caulder                                      Donald Houston

Dr Michel Lebrun                                      Ralph Bates

Dr Helen Smith                                         Fiona Gaunt

Tom Hill                                                     Barry Lowe

Mutant X – 2001-2004

Mutant X is a team of "New Mutants" who possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering.

Adam Kane                                               John Shea

Shalimar Fox                                             Victoria Pratt

Jesse Kilmartin                                         Forbes March

Brennan Mulwray                                      Victor Webster

Emma DeLauro                                         Lauren Lee Smith

Lexa Pierce                                               Karen Cliche

Neverwhere – BBC 1996

Created by Neil Gaiman and Lenny Henry

The series is set in "London Below", a magical realm coexisting with the more familiar London, referred to as "London Above".

Richard Mayhew                                       Gary Bakewell

Door                                                          Laura Fraser

The Marquis de Carabas                          Paterson Joseph

Mr. Croup                                                  Hywel Bennett

Mr. Vandemar                                           Clive Russell

Old Bailey                                                 Trevor Peacock

Hunter                                                       Tanya Moodie

The Angel Islington                                   Peter Capaldi

Lamia                                                        Tamsin Greig

The Abbott                                                Earl Cameron

The Earl                                                    Freddie Jones

New Adventures of Superman, The – BBC 1993-1997

Also known as Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman.

Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis from Smallville, stops a runaway bus, joins the staff of the Daily Planet, partners up with and falls for Lois Lane, assumes the Superman persona (with suit made by his “mother” Martha), saves a space shuttle from exploding by swallowing a bomb and crosses swords with Lex Luthor – all in the first episode.

A pretty standard telling of the Superman story where in addition to Luthor (who “dies” in the Season 1 finale) he also meets other Superman comic book villains such as the Toyman, Metallo and Mister Mxyzptlk.

Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman                    Dean Cain

Lois Lane                                                  Teri Hatcher

Perry White                                               Lane Smith

Jimmy Olsen (season 1)                           Michael Landes

Jimmy Olsen (seasons 2-4)                      Justin Whalin

Catherine "Cat" Grant                               Tracy Scoggins

Martha Kent                                              K Callan

Jonathan Kent                                           Eddie Jones

Lex Luthor                                                 John Shea

Night Gallery – 1970-1973

A horror anthology series where each episode was opened with the unveiling (by Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone) of a painting in an art gallery.

The series featured the directorial debut of Steven Spielberg.

Nightmare Man, The – BBC 1981

Savage murders on a Scottish island unsettle the natives.

Michael Gaffikin                                        James Warwick

Fiona Patterson                                        Celia Imrie

Dr Symonds                                              Tony Sibbald

Inspector Inskip                                         Maurice Roëves

Colonel Howard                                        Jonathan Newth

Omega Factor, The – BBC 1979

Secret government organisation Department 7 investigates paranormal phenomena and the potential of the human mind.

Mary Whitehouse called one episode "thoroughly evil".

Tom Crane                                                James Hazeldine

Dr. Anne Reynolds                                   Louise Jameson

Roy Martindale                                          John Carlisle

Originals, The – 2013-

A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries (see below). Set in New Orleans where a war is brewing between vampires, werewolves and witches.

Klaus Mikaelson                                        Joseph Morgan

Elijah Mikaelson                                        Daniel Gillies

Rebekah Mikaelson                                  Claire Holt

Hayley Marshall                                        Phoebe Tonkin

Marcel Gerard                                           Charles Michael Davis

Sophie Deveraux                                      Daniella Pineda

Camille O'Connell                                     Leah Pipes

Davina Claire                                            Danielle Campbell

Vincent Griffith                                          Yusuf Gatewood

Freya Mikaelson                                       Riley Voelkel

Others, The – 2000

A group of individuals with different psychic talents encounter evil forces.

Marian Kitt                                                 Julianne Nicholson

Mark Gabriel                                             Gabriel Macht

Ellen "Satori" Pawlowski                           Missy Crider

Elmer Greentree                                       Bill Cobbs

Professor Miles Ballard                             John Billingsley

Warren Day                                               Kevin J. O'Connor

Out of the Unknown – BBC 1965-1971

A science fiction anthology series based on short stories by well-known writers including John Wyndham, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, J. G. Ballard and Frederik Pohl. It is seen as a follow on to Out of This World (see below).

Out of This World – ITV 1962

A science fiction anthology series. A spin-off from the Armchair Theatre. Each episode was introduced by Boris Karloff. Many of the episodes were adaptations of stories by science fiction writers including Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick and Clifford D. Simak. The series is generally seen as a precursor to Out of the Unknown (see above).

Outcasts – BBC 2010

In 2060 the planet Carpathia has been colonised by humans fleeing an Earth scarred by nuclear war.

Richard Tate                                             Liam Cunningham

Dr. Stella Isen                                           Hermione Norris

Cass Cromwell                                          Daniel Mays

Fleur Morgan                                            Amy Manson

Jack Holt                                                   Ashley Walters

Tipper Malone                                           Michael Legge

Julius Berger                                             Eric Mabius

Outer Limits, The – 1963-1965

A science fiction anthology series.

Intro to each show: a "Control Voice" (Vic Perrin) speaks over visuals of an oscilloscope. The earliest version of the narration ran as follows (later shortened): “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to – The Outer Limits.”

The series was revived 1995-2002 with the slight change that some of the episodes in a series were inter-related.

Paradox – BBC 2009

A police team receives broadcasts from the future and attempt to prevent the disasters from taking place.

Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint           Tamzin Outhwaite

Detective Sergeant Ben Holt                    Mark Bonnar

Detective Constable Callum Gada           Chiké Okonkwo

Dr Christian King                                       Emun Elliott

Penny Dreadful – 2014-

The series title comes from the lurid 19th century publications and the series draws together various characters from classic gothic horror tales of the time: Dorian Gray, Mina Harker, Abraham Van Helsing, Victor Frankenstein, his monster and Dr. Henry Jekyll

Dorian Gray                                              Reeve Carney

Sir Malcolm Murray                                   Timothy Dalton

Vanessa Ives                                            Eva Green

The Creature                                             Rory Kinnear

Brona Croft/Lily Frankenstein                   Billie Piper

Dr. Victor Frankenstein                             Harry Treadaway

Ethan Chandler                                         Josh Hartnett

Mina Harker                                              Olivia Llewellyn

The Vampire                                             Robert Nairne

Vincent Brand                                           Alun Armstrong

Abraham Van Helsing                               David Warner

Dr. Henry Jekyll                                        Shazad Latif

Planet of the Apes – 1974

The series was based on the 1968 film of the same name and its sequels.

Three astronauts leave Earth in 1980 and pass through a time warp before crash-landing (only 2 survive) on a future Earth ruled by talking apes.

Galen                                                        Roddy McDowall

Colonel Alan Virdon                                  Ron Harper

Major Peter J. Burke                                 James Naughton

General Urko                                            Mark Lenard

Councillor Zaius                                        Booth Colman

Primeval – ITV 2007-2011

A team investigates temporal anomalies connected to both the past and future through which dangerous creatures travel (usually dinosaurs). There were several changes of main cast during the series both through violent death and an apparent change in the time-line. The team is based at the Anomaly Research Centre or ARC.

Nick Cutter                                                Douglas Henshall

Stephen Hart                                             James Murray

Connor Temple                                         Andrew-Lee Potts

Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis                     Lucy Brown

Abby Maitland                                           Hannah Spearritt

Helen Cutter                                              Juliet Aubrey

James Lester                                            Ben Miller

Sarah Page                                               Laila Rouass

Danny Quinn                                             Jason Flemyng

Captain Hilary Becker                               Ben Mansfield

Matt Anderson                                          Ciarán McMenamin

Jess Parker                                               Ruth Kearney

Philip Burton                                             Alexander Siddig

The action moved to Canada for the one season of Primeval: New World (2012-2013).

Evan Cross                                               Niall Matter

Dylan Weir                                                Sara Canning

Mac Rendell                                              Danny Rahim

Toby Nance                                              Crystal Lowe

Angelika Finch                                          Miranda Frigon

Lieutenant Ken Leeds                               Geoff Gustafson

Prisoner, The – ITV 1967-1968 (17 episodes)

A British secret agent suddenly resigns and is then abducted and held prisoner in a mysterious coastal village resort.

“The Village” is secured by numerous monitoring systems and security forces, including a sinister balloon-like device called Rover that recaptures – or kills – those who attempt escape.

Opening sequence ends with this conversation:

Prisoner: Where am I?

# Two: In the village.

Prisoner: What do you want?

#Two: Information.

Prisoner: Whose side are you on?

#Two: That would be telling. We want information...information...information!

Prisoner: You won't get it!

#Two: By hook or by crook, we will.

Prisoner: Who are you?

#Two: I am Number Two. (can vary – sometimes “The new Number Two)

Prisoner: Who is Number One?

#Two: You are Number Six. (in the final episode: “You are, Number Six”)

Prisoner: I am not a number; I AM A FREE MAN!!!

#Two: [Laughter]

The exteriors for the series were primarily filmed in Portmeirion, near Porthmadog, although, at the request of Portmeirion's architect Clough Williams-Ellis, this was not disclosed until the opening credits of the last episode.

The logo of The Village was a canopied penny-farthing bicycle (commonly referred to as an "Ordinary") which appears on almost everything, including the daily newspaper called the “Tally Ho”.

Many people like to think that Number 6 is John Drake from Danger Man (also played by Patrick McGoohan) but this has never been confirmed although there are many Danger Man references in the series

Number 6 drives a Lotus 7 in the opening sequence of each episode.

First episode – “Arrival”; Last episode – “Fall Out”

Leo McKern and Colin Gordon were the only actors to play Number 2 in more than one episode.

The main Prisoner theme was recorded by Ron Grainer.

The Prisoner/Number Six                         Patrick McGoohan

The Butler                                                 Angelo Muscat

Supervisor                                                 Peter Swanwick

Number Two                                             Leo McKern

Number Two                                             Colin Gordon

The Shop Keeper                                      Denis Shaw

The Announcer/Telephone Operator       Fenella Fielding

Quantum Leap – 1989-1993

Physicist Dr. Sam Beckett leaps through spacetime (but only time during his own lifetime) whilst testing an experiment in time travel. He temporarily takes the place of other people in order to correct historical mistakes. After the mistake is rectified Sam will leap into the next person – usually saying “Oh, boy!” as he does so.

Sam appears to other people as the person he leaps into (including women).

His friend Al appears as a hologram.

Two episodes covered the JFK assasination.

Dr. Sam Beckett                                        Scott Bakula

Admiral Al Calavicci                                  Dean Stockwell

Ziggy                                                         Deborah Pratt (voice)


There were 4 serials about Professor Quatermass written by Nigel Kneale with 3 broadcast in the 1950s and 1 in 1979.

The Quatermass Experiment – BBC 1953

Britain’s first manned space-shot goes off course and falls back to Earth in Wimbledon. Only one of the three crewmen has survived and he seems to be going through a metamorphosis. The spacesuits of the other two crewmen are present but are empty.

Professor Quatermass is the Director General of the British Experimental Rocket Group.

Professor Bernard Quatermass                Reginald Tate

Judith Carroon                                          Isabel Dean

John Paterson                                           Hugh Kelly

James Fullalove                                        Paul Whitsun-Jones

Victor Carroon                                           Duncan Lamont

The Quatermass II – BBC 1955

Quatermass investigates some strange meteorite showers and discovers a conspiracy involving alien infiltration at the highest levels of the British Government.

Professor Bernard Quatermass                John Robinson

Paula Quatermass                                    Monica Grey

Dr. Leo Pugh                                             Hugh Griffith

Quatermass and the Pit – BBC 1958-1959

Workmen excavating a site in Knightsbridge discover a strange skull and an alien spacecraft. The ship and its contents have a powerful and malign influence over those who come into contact with it.

Professor Bernard Quatermass                André Morell

Dr. Matthew Roney                                   Cec Linder

Colonel James Breen                               Anthony Bushell

Captain Potter                                           John Stratton

Barbara Judd                                            Christine Finn

Quatermass – ITV 1979

Opening narration: “In the last quarter of the 20th century, the whole world seemed to sicken. Civilised institutions, whether old or new, fell ... as if some primal disorder was reasserting itself. And men asked themselves, "Why should this be?"

When large numbers of young people start joining a cult, the "Planet People", and gather at prehistoric sites in the belief that they will be transported to a better life on another planet, retired Prof Quatermass travels to London to find his granddaughter, Hettie Carlson.

Prof. Bernard Quatermass                       John Mills

Joe Kapp                                                   Simon MacCorkindale

Kickalong                                                  Ralph Arliss

Caraway                                                    Paul Rosebury

Bee                                                            Jane Bertish

Sal                                                             Toyah Willcox

Hettie Carlson                                           Rebecca Saire

R3 – BBC 1964-1965

The full title was Ministry of Research Centre No.3, where the series was set.

The series featured an early regular television appearance for Oliver Reed.

Sir Michael Gerrard                                  John Robinson

Miss Brooks                                              Brenda Saunders

Philip Boult                                                Michael Hawkins

Tom Collis                                                 Derek Benfield

Dr Richard Franklin                                   Oliver Reed

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) – ITV 1969-1970

After Marty Hopkirk is murdered during an investigation he returns as a ghost to help his partner Jeff in their private detective agency. Jeff is the only person who can see or hear him. His wife Jeannie is the agency’s secretary.

When it was transmitted in the United States, it was given the title My Partner the Ghost.

Jeff Randall                                               Mike Pratt

Marty Hopkirk                                            Kenneth Cope

Jeannie Hopkirk                                        Annette Andre

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) – BBC 2000-2001

A remake of the above but in this version there was more emphasis on Marty’s afterlife (in Limbo) and Jeannie is Marty’s fiancée rather than widow, thus involving a potential romantic involvement with Jeff.

Jeff Randall                                               Bob Mortimer

Marty Hopkirk                                            Vic Reeves

Jeannie                                                     Emilia Fox

Bulstrode                                                   Charlie Higson

Prof. Wyvern                                             Tom Baker

Resurrection – 2014-2015

The residents of Arcadia, Missouri, are more than a little disturbed when their loved ones return from the dead, unaged since their deaths.

J. Martin "Marty" Bellamy/Robert Thompson              Omar Epps

Lucille Langston                                                           Frances Fisher

Sheriff Fred Langston                                                  Matt Craven

Dr. Maggie Langston                                                   Devin Kelley

Pastor Tom Hale                                                          Mark Hildreth

Elaine Richards                                                           Samaire Armstrong

Jacob Langston                                                           Landon Gimenez

Henry Langston                                                           Kurtwood Smith

Revolution – 2012-2014

In 2012 the world experiences a permanent electrical-power blackout. The series takes up the story 15 years after this event (known imaginatively as “The Blackout”).

Opening Introduction: “We lived in an electric world. We relied on it for everything. And then the power went out. Everything stopped working. We weren't prepared. Fear and confusion led to panic. The lucky ones made it out of the cities. The government collapsed. Militias took over, controlling the food supply and stockpiling weapons. We still don't know why the power went out. But we're hopeful someone will come and light the way.”

Miles Matheson                                                           Billy Burke

Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson                                      Tracy Spiridakos

Rachel (née Porter) Matheson                                    Elizabeth Mitchell

Aaron Pittman                                                              Zak Orth

Major Tom Neville                                                       Giancarlo Esposito

Jason Neville/Nate Walker                                          J. D. Pardo

President/General Sebastian "Bass" Monroe             David Lyons

Nora Clayton                                                                Daniella Alonso

Dr. Gene Porter                                                           Stephen Collins

Danny Matheson                                                         Graham Rogers

Grace Beaumont                                                         Maria Howell

Ben Matheson                                                             Tim Guinee

Maggie Foster                                                              Anna Lise Phillips

Roswell – 1999-2002

Also known as Roswell High. Teenage aliens from the planet Antar interact in Roswell, New Mexico. The aliens had a special liking for Tabasco sauce.

Theme song: "Here With Me" by Dido.

Liz Parker                                                  Shiri Appleby

Max Evans                                                Jason Behr

Isabel Evans                                             Katherine Heigl

Michael Guerin                                          Brendan Fehr

Maria DeLuca                                           Majandra Delfino

Alex Whitman                                            Colin Hanks

Sheriff Jim Valenti                                     William Sadler

Kyle Valenti                                               Nick Wechsler

Tess Harding                                            Emilie de Ravin

Jesse Ramirez                                          Adam Rodríguez

Salem – 2014-

A fictional story based on the 16th century Salem witch trials.

Mary Sibley                                               Janet Montgomery

Captain John Alden                                  Shane West

Cotton Mather                                           Seth Gabel

Anne Hale                                                 Tamzin Merchant

Tituba                                                        Ashley Madekwe

Mercy Lewis                                              Elise Eberle

Isaac Walton                                             Iddo Goldberg

Magistrate Hale                                         Xander Berkeley

John                                                          Oliver Bell

Baron Sebastian von Marburg                  Joe Doyle

Sanctuary – 2008-2011

A team led by Dr Magnus run the Sanctuary, an organization that seeks out extraordinarily powerful creatures and people, known as Abnormals,

Dr. Helen Magnus                                     Amanda Tapping

Dr. Will Zimmerman                                  Robin Dunne

Ashley Magnus                                         Emilie Ullerup

Bigfoot                                                       Christopher Heyerdahl

Henry Foss                                               Ryan Robbins

Kate Freelander                                        Agam Darshi

Sapphire & Steel – ITV 1979-1982

Inter-dimensional beings with the names of elements assume human form and are sent to investigate strange events – more often than not to do with ghosts and at any time period and location.

Voice-over opening credits: “All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.”

Joanna Lumley                                         Sapphire

David McCallum                                        Steel

Sarah Jane Adventures, The – BBC 2007-2011

This Doctor Who spin-off features ex-companion and investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith.

Set in Ealing, Sarah Jane and her young companions from the neighbourhood and her adopted son Luke encounter alien and terrestrial enemies plus two incarnations of The Doctor (David Tennant and Matt Smith).

The series was cancelled following Elisabeth Sladen’s death.

Sarah Jane Smith                                     Elisabeth Sladen

Clyde Langer                                            Daniel Anthony

Mr. Smith                                                   Alexander Armstrong (voice)

Luke Smith                                                Tommy Knight

Rani Chandra                                            Anjli Mohindra

Haresh Chandra                                       Ace Bhatti

Maria Jackson                                           Yasmin Paige

Gita Chandra                                            Mina Anwar

K-9                                                            John Leeson (voice)

SeaQuest DSV – 1993-1996

Set in the 2018, the series follows the adventures of the high-tech submarine SeaQuest DSV (Deep Submergence Vehicle) operated by the United Earth Oceans Organization (UEO).

The series went through considerable cast changes between seasons and also changed direction from exploring ecological problems to more hard sci-fi such as genetic engineering, aliens, parapsychology, time-travel, and undersea "monsters".

Captain Nathan Bridger                            Roy Scheider

Lucas Wolenczak                                     Jonathan Brandis

Dr. Kristin Westphalen                              Stephanie Beacham

Commander Jonathan Ford                     Don Franklin

Michael Ironside                                        Michael Ironside

Lieutenant Tim O'Neill                              Ted Raimi

Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz                        Marco Sanchez

Seaman Anthony Piccolo                         Michael DeLuise

Lieutenant Lonnie Henderson                  Kathy Evison

Dagwood                                                   Peter DeLuise

Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, The – 2000

A steampunk series based on the premise that Jules Verne experienced the adventures he wrote about and his fictional characters existed.

Phileas Fogg                                             Michael Praed

Rebecca Fogg                                          Francesca Hunt

Passepartout                                             Michel Courtemanche

Jules Verne                                               Chris Demetral

Sense8 – 2015-

Eight strangers suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked after they have a vision of the violent death of a woman called Angelica and discover that they are 'sensates'.

Capheus                                                    Aml Ameen

Sun Bak                                                    Doona Bae

Nomi Marks                                               Jamie Clayton

Kala Dandekar                                          Tina Desai

Riley Blue                                                  Tuppence Middleton

Wolfgang Bogdanow                                Max Riemelt

Lito Rodriguez                                           Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Will Gorski                                                 Brian J. Smith

Jonas Maliki                                              Naveen Andrews

Amanita                                                     Freema Agyeman

Angelica "Angel" Turing                            Daryl Hannah

Seven Days – 1998-2001

A branch of the NSA use technology from Roswell to time-travel back 7 days (and only 7 days is possible) to avert threats to National Security.

Francis "Frank" Bartholomew Parker       Jonathan LaPaglia

Dr. Olga Vukavitch                                    Justina Vail

U.S. Navy Captain Craig Donovan           Don Franklin

Dr. Bradley Talmadge                               Alan Scarfe

NSA Agent Nathan Ramsey                     Nick Searcy

Dr. Isaac Mentnor                                     Norman Lloyd

Dr. John Ballard                                        Sam Whipple

Andrew "Hooter" Owsley                          Kevin Christy

Six Million Dollar Man, The – 1973-1978 (106 episodes)

The series was based on the Martin Caidin novel “Cyborg”.

After NASA astronaut Steve Austin is severely injured in the crash of an experimental lifting body aircraft, he is "rebuilt" in an operation that costs six million dollars. He uses his enhanced abilities to work for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) as a secret agent.

His right arm, both legs and the left eye are replaced with "bionic" implants that give him these enhancements:

·       He can run at speeds of 60 mph (97 km/h)

·       His eye has a 20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities

·       His bionic limbs all have the equivalent power of a bulldozer

Opening narration: "Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better...stronger...faster."

Steve Austin                                              Lee Majors

Oscar Goldman                                         Richard Anderson

Dr. Rudy Wells                                          Alan Oppenheimer (Seasons 1 & 2)

Dr. Rudy Wells                                          Martin E. Brooks (Seasons 3-5)

Jaime Sommers                                        Lindsay Wagner

Sleepy Hollow – 2013-

The series is very loosely based on the Washington Irving stories "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle".

In 1781 Ichabod Crane kills The Headless Horseman (Death, one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse) but dies whilst doing so and is buried at the same time. In the present, the Horseman is summoned back and this also revives Crane.

Crane teams up with cop Abbie Mills to combat The Horseman’s renewed killing spree and discovers that they are the “two witnesses” who can protect the world from the forces of Hell.

Ichabod Crane                                                                  Tom Mison

Grace Abigail "Abbie" Mills                                              Nicole Beharie

Frank Irving                                                                      Orlando Jones

Katrina Crane                                                                   Katia Winter

Jennifer "Jenny" Mills                                                       Lyndie Greenwood

Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane/The Horseman of War      John Noble

Betsy Ross                                                                       Nikki Reed

Pandora                                                                            Shannyn Sossamon

Joe Corbin                                                                        Zach Appelman

Daniel Reynolds                                                               Lance Gross

Sophie Foster                                                                   Jessica Camacho

Sliders – 1995-1999

A group of travelers use a wormhole to "slide" between different versions of Earth in parallel universes.

Quinn Mallory                                            Jerry O'Connell

Wade Welles                                             Sabrina Lloyd

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown              Cleavant Derricks

Professor Maximilian Arturo                     John Rhys-Davies

Capt. Maggie Beckett                               Kari Wuhrer

Smallville – 2001-2011 (218 episodes)

The series follows the teenage Clark Kent’s years in Smallville right through to his emergence as Superman.

Annette O’Toole played Lana Lang in the 1978 Superman film.

Clark Kent                                                 Tom Welling        

Lana Lang                                                 Kristin Kreuk        

Lex Luthor                                                 Michael Rosenbaum       

Chloe Sullivan                                           Allison Mack        

Pete Ross                                                 Sam Jones III      

Martha Kent                                              Annette O'Toole  

Jonathan Kent                                           John Schneider   

Lionel Luthor                                             John Glover         

Lois Lane                                                  Erica Durance      

Jimmy Olsen                                             Aaron Ashmore   

Kara (Supergirl)                                        Laura Vandervoort          

Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)                    Justin Hartley       

Davis Bloome (Doomsday)                       Samuel Witwer    

Tess Mercer                                              Cassidy Freeman

Zod                                                            Callum Blue         

Space – 1985

A fictionalised history of the US space program based on a novel of the same name by James A. Michener.

Senator Norman Grant                             James Garner

Astronaut Randy Claggett                        Beau Bridges

Penny Hardesty Pope                               Blair Brown

Dr. Stanley Mott                                        Bruce Dern

Astronaut John Pope                                Harry Hamlin

Dieter Kolff                                                Michael York

Liesel Kolff                                                Barbara Sukowa

Space Island One – 1998

A multinational crew mans the space station “Unity”.

Commander Kathryn MacTiernan                               Judy Loe

Lieutenant Commander Walter B. Shannon               Angus MacInnes

Dusan Kashkavian                                                      Bruno Eyron

Paula Hernandez                                                         Indra Ové

Space Precinct – 1994-1995

The series was set in 2040 and was created by Gerry Anderson. It was a mix of science fiction and police procedural where former NYPD detective Patrick Brogan, now a lieutenant with the Demeter City police force on the planet Altor in the Epsilon Eridani system.

Lieutenant Patrick Brogan                        Ted Shackelford

Officer Jane Castle                                   Simone Bendix

Officer Lionel Carson                                Joseph Mydell

Captain Rexton Podly                               Jerome Willis

Officer Silas Romek                                  Lou Hirsch

Sergeant Thorald Fredo                           David Quilter

Space: 1999 – ITV 1975-1977 (48 episodes)

Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

On 13 September 1999, a massive explosion in a nuclear waste dump sends the Moon out into space, taking the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha with it.

Doctor Helena Russell                              Barbara Bain

Commander John Koenig                         Martin Landau

Alan Carter                                                Nick Tate

Sandra Benes                                           Zienia Merton

Doctor Bob Mathias                                  Anton Phillips

Victor Bergman                                         Barry Morse Professor

Maya                                                         Catherine Schell

Paul Morrow                                              Prentis Hancock

David Kano                                               Clifton Jones

Tony Verdeschi                                         Tony Anholt

Space: Above and Beyond – 1995-1996

Set in 2063, members of the US Marine Corps Space Aviator Cavalry, 58th Squadron (“Wildcards”) are stationed on the space carrier USS Saratoga and pilot SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet ("Hammerhead") fighters.

Shane Vansen                                          Kristen Cloke

Nathan West                                             Morgan Weisser

Cooper Hawkes                                        Rodney Rowland

Paul Wang                                                Joel de la Fuente

Vanessa Damphousse                             Lanei Chapman

Tyrus Cassius "T. C." McQueen               James Morrison

Star Cops – BBC 1987

Set in 2027, the International Space Police Force, the “Star Cops", provide law enforcement for the newly developing colonies of the Solar System.

Nathan Spring                                           David Calder

David Theroux                                          Erick Ray Evans

Colin Devis                                                Trevor Cooper

Pal Kenzy                                                  Linda Newton

Anna Shoun                                              Sayo Inaba

Alexander Krivenko                                  Jonathan Adams

Star Maidens – ITV 1976

The planet Medusa, ruled by women, is knocked out of its orbit and eventually enters the Solar System where its inhabitants find Earth, which is disappointingly mostly ruled by men.

Supreme Councillor Fulvia                       Judy Geeson

Dr Liz Becker                                            Lisa Harrow

Adam                                                         Pierre Brice

Shem                                                         Gareth Thomas

Dr Rudi Schmidt                                        Christian Quadflieg

Supreme Councillor Octavia                     Christiane Krüger

Professor Evans                                       Derek Farr

Clara                                                         Dawn Addams


The Stargate television franchise developed from the 1994 film Stargate which starred Kurt Russell (as Colonel Jack O’Neil) and James Spader (as Daniel Jackson).

An apparently ancient Egyptian artefact – a large ring made of an unknown metal with strange symbols around the outside – is discovered near Giza in 1928. It is shipped to the USA for experimentation. In the 1990s controversial Egyptologist and linguist Jackson finally identifies the symbols as star constellations and the Stargate is activated by locking certain symbols in place – producing a wormhole through which a military squad led by O’Neil and accompanied by Jackson travel to another planet (Abidos) and discover a civilisation of humans resembling ancient Egyptians.

Jackson establishes that the inhabitants were transported from Earth by means of the Stargate before a rebellion on Earth led to its artefact being buried. The squad is eventually captured by an alien masquerading as the Egyptian god Ra but the inhabitants rebel and force Ra to leave in his pyramid shaped spaceship. O’Neil explodes a nuclear weapon on Ra’s ship. Having fallen for a local girl, Jackson stays on the planet, promising to bury the gate, and the rest return to Earth.

Stargate-SG1 – 1997-2007 (145 episodes)

The television series picks up a year after the film. The Stargate Program has been mothballed but is then attacked through the gate by a Goa'uld System Lord (the name now given to the aliens such as Ra from the film). He is later revealed as being called Apophis – the Goa’uld are parasitic aliens which use a symbiot to take control of human hosts. They have an army of soldiers known as Jaffa (hereditary slaves and human incubators to the Goa'uld symbiot, which also gives them excellent healing properties).

O’Neill (now spelled with two “l”s) return to Abidos with a team including Dr Samantha Carter (an astrophysicist and air force captain). The team is captured by Apophis but helped to escape by Teal’c Apophis’ First Prime (chief amongst the Jaffa).

On return to Earth SG-1 is formed of O’Neill, Carter, Jackson and Teal’c and the series then follow them through various adventures, mainly visiting worlds which have at some point been populated by the Goa’uld using humans taken from Earth – so for example they encounter Vikings and Mongols. They also encounter aliens other than the Goa’uld such as The Asgard, which as the name suggests are the equivalent of the Norse gods (the Goa’uld System Lords in the main have the names of ancient Egyptian gods). The aliens who built the Stargate network are known as The Ancients.

A constant enemy to both humans and The Asgard are the Replicators - machines which replicate themselves by consuming both alloys and technologies of the most nearby most advanced civilization and constructing themselves and their progeny accordingly. Eventually human-form replicators physically indistinguishable from humans are developed.

For seasons 1-8 the main enemy are the Goa’uld but for seasons 9 and 10 the focus switches to a new foe The Ori – a race bent on increasing its power by an evangelical crusade with monk like Priors spreading The Word of Origin taken from the holy book called The Book of Origin. In general if you do not accept the Word of Origin you are either enslaved or annihilated as non-believers. The story incorporates elements of Arthurian mythology as the new SG-1 team of Cameron Mitchell, Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran appear to be helped by figures such as Merlin.

The stories of the battle against the Goa’uld and the Ori were concluded with the TV films Stargate: Continuum and Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

Jack O'Neill                                               Richard Dean Anderson

Daniel Jackson                                         Michael Shanks

Samantha Carter                                      Amanda Tapping

Teal'c                                                         Christopher Judge

George Hammond                                    Don S. Davis

Janet Fraiser                                             Teryl Rothery

Jonas Quinn                                              Corin Nemec

Cameron Mitchell                                      Ben Browder

Hank Landry                                             Beau Bridges

Vala Mal Doran                                         Claudia Black

Stargate Atlantis 2004-2009 (100 episodes)

A spin-off from Stargate SG-1 in which an Antarctic outpost created by The Ancients (episodes 7.21/22 and 8.1/2). The pilot episode of Stargate Atlantis sees Stargate Command send a team to investigate the outpost, where Dr. Daniel Jackson discovers the location of Atlantis, which is on the planet Lantea in the Pegasus Galaxy.

The Ancients lost a war against The Wraith (a vampire-like telepathic race who feed on the "life-force" of humans) and were forced to abandon and submerge the city.

When the Stargate expedition arrives at Atlantis they are initially unable to re-connect with Earth. They make an alliance with the Athosians but are threatened by the Wraith. Another enemy are the Asurans, self-replicating nanobots in human form (first seen in Stargate SG-1 – see above) who eventually force the firing of the city’s stardrive, which sends it out into space.

Atlantis lands on a new planet and the conflict between the Asurans, the Wraith and the humans in the Pegasus Galaxy continues but with the knowledge that the ultimate goal of the Wraith is to find Earth in order to cull its food supply – humanity.

John Sheppard                                         Joe Flanigan

Elizabeth Weir                                           Torri Higginson

Teyla Emmagan                                        Rachel Luttrell

Aiden Ford                                                Rainbow Sun Francks

Rodney McKay                                         David Hewlett

Ronon Dex                                                Jason Momoa

Carson Beckett                                         Paul McGillion

Samantha Carter                                      Amanda Tapping

Jennifer Keller                                           Jewel Staite

Richard Woolsey                                       Robert Picardo

Michael Kenmore                                      Connor Trinneer

Stargate Universe – 2009-2011 (40 episodes)

A further spin-off from Stargate-SG1. A Stargate is found (at Stargate Command’s Icarus Base) which is so powerful that it could allow the dialling of a 9-chevron code, thus allowing access to remote locations outside the galaxy far remote from their galaxy.

When the planet comes under attack and approaches a destruction which could also threaten Earth, the team dial a 9-chevron code and escape through the Stargate. They find themselves aboard The Destiny, an old abandoned spacecraft made by the Ancients.

After contacting Earth via a set of Ancient communication stones the crew of 80 are told to continue the Stargate mission of exploring that galaxy, while searching for a way to return home.

Nicholas Rush                                           Robert Carlyle

Everett Young                                           Louis Ferreira

Matthew Scott                                           Brian J. Smith

Chloe Armstrong                                       Elyse Levesque

Eli Wallace                                                David Blue

Tamara Johansen                                     Alaina Huffman

Ronald Greer                                            Jamil Walker Smith

Camile Wray                                             Ming-Na Wen

Star Trek

Created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek: The Original Series – 1966-1969 (79 episodes)

Original possible title: “Wagon Train to the Stars”

Set in the 2260s.

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) (apparently "NCC" is the Starfleet abbreviation for "Naval Construction Contract") is a Starship for the United Federation of Planets.

Major foes include: the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.

Intro: “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

The theme tune was written by Alexander Courage.

Art director Matt Jefferies designed the Starship Enterprise and most of its interiors. The “Jefferies tube", an equipment shaft depicted in various Star Trek series, was named in his honour.

The un-broadcast Pilot episode “The Cage” was later incorporated into the two-part episode “The Menagerie”. It featured Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock and Majel Barrett (Roddenberry’s wife) as Number One.

A new pilot, “Where No Man has Gone Before”, was commissioned and broadcast as the third episode in the first season.

First television inter-racial kiss (not confirmed): between Kirk and Uhura in the 1968 episode "Plato's Stepchildren”.

“The City on the Edge of Forever” featured Joan Collins as Edith Keeler.

"Whom Gods Destroy" was withdrawn by the BBC because of 'sadistic plot elements' during the initial run in 1971 and was not shown until a repeat run in January 1994.

The 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was a sequel to the episode "Space Seed".

In “The Omega Glory” the Yangs are waging a war with the Kohms.

In “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” the half black/half white Bele (Frank Gorshin) fights the half white/half black Lokai (Lou Antonio).

Harcourt “Harry” Fenton Mudd (played by Roger C. Carmel) - a confidence trickster and the only non-crew character to be featured in more than one episode of the original series.

Tribbles - first appeared in the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles". Small, furry, soft, gentle, attractive and slow-moving but reproduce incredibly fast and consume exponentially larger and larger amounts of food as they multiply. They are considered dangerous organisms and their transportation is forbidden by Starfleet. The Klingons consider them "mortal enemies". They also appear in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations".

In several episodes unnamed crew members were killed or injured shortly after being introduced. This led to the term "redshirt" (the usual garb of a security officer) to denote a stock character whose sole purpose is to die violently to show the dangerous circumstances facing the main characters.

Captain James T. Kirk                                                 William Shatner

Commander Spock (science officer)                           Leonard Nimoy

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy (medical officer)            DeForest Kelley

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (chief engineer)               James Doohan

Nyota Uhura (communications officer)                        Nichelle Nichols

Hikaru Sulu (helm)                                                       George Takei

Pavel Chekov                                                              Walter Koenig

Nurse Christine Chapel                                               Majel Barrett

Ship's computer (voice)                                               Majel Barrett

Yeoman Janice Rand                                                  Grace Lee Whitney

Khan Noonien Singh                                                   Ricardo Montalbán

Sarek (Spock’s father)                                                 Mark Lenard

Amanda Grayson (Spock’s mother)                            Jane Wyatt

T'Pau                                                                            Celia Lovsky

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) – 1987-1994 (176 episodes)

New (gender neutral) intro: “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Theme music: combined the fanfare from the original series with the theme for Star Trek: the Motion Picture (1979) by Jerry Goldsmith.

Two-hour pilot: "Encounter at Farpoint"

Two-hour finale: "All Good Things..."

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) (the fifth Federation vessel to bear the name and registry and the seventh Starship by that name).

The series is set about 70 years after the final mission of the original Enterprise crew under the command of James T. Kirk.

The Klingon Empire is now allied with the United Federation of Planets

Major foes include: the Romulans plus new species the Ferengi, the Cardassians and the Borg (“We are the Borg ..... Resistance is futile.") and Q, an omnipotent cosmic force who features in the first and last episodes.

Prime Directive: the guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets which prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations.

Tasha Yar is killed by the creature Armus in "Skin of Evil".

Several episodes revolve around the adventures connected with the ship’s holodeck – a virtual reality facility – including pastiches of Sherlock Holmes (“Elementary, Dear Data") and Film Noir (“The Big Goodbye”).

The saucer of the Galaxy-class Enterprise can separate and re-dock, a feature used sometimes to leave its civilian population behind when the stardrive section goes into combat.

Lieutenant Commander Data is an artificial intelligence and synthetic life form designed and built by Doctor Noonien Soong. He has a positronic brain which allows him impressive computational capabilities. Originally unable to feel emotion or understand certain human idiosyncrasies an "emotion chip" was eventually added. Lore is Data’s “evil twin” and Data has a pet cat called Spot.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard                                             Patrick Stewart

Commander William Riker (first officer)                      Jonathan Frakes

Geordi La Forge (chief engineer)                                LeVar Burton

Tasha Yar (security officer)                                         Denise Crosby

Worf (security officer)                                                  Michael Dorn

Doctor Beverly Crusher (medical officer)                    Gates McFadden

Doctor Katherine Pulaski                                             Diana Muldaur

Deanna Troi (ship's counsellor)                                  Marina Sirtis

Lieutenant Commander Data                                      Brent Spiner

Wesley Crusher                                                           Wil Wheaton

Lwaxana Troi                                                               Majel Barrett

Miles O'Brien (transporter chief)                                 Colm Meaney

Keiko O'Brien                                                               Rosalind Chao

Q                                                                                  John de Lancie

Guinan (bar tender in Ten-Forward)                           Whoopi Goldberg

Reginald Barclay                                                         Dwight Schultz

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) – 1993-1999 (176 episodes)

Set in the years 2369–2375 on a space station formerly run by the Cardassians during their occupation of Bajor, a planet which the space station in initially orbits before it is moved near the mouth of a newly discovered Bajoran wormhole. This allows access to the distant, unexplored Gamma Quadrant. It becomes a centre for exploration, interstellar trade, political manoeuvring and open conflict.

Antagonists include the Maquis (a human resistance group), the Dominion (a ruthless empire in the Gamma Quadrant) and the Cardassians (not to be confused with the Kardashians).

The Romulans become Federation allies and the Ferengi are neutral.

First episode: "Emissary"

Last episode: "What You Leave Behind"

Benjamin Sisko (Commanding Officer)                       Avery Brooks

Kira Nerys (First Officer)                                              Nana Visitor

Odo (Chief of Security)                                                René Auberjonois

Julian Bashir (Chief Medical Officer)                           Alexander Siddig

Jadzia Dax (Chief Science Officer)                             Terry Farrell

Ezri Dax (Counselor)                                                   Nicole de Boer

Worf (Strategic Operations Officer)                             Michael Dorn

Miles O'Brien (Chief Operations Officer)                     Colm Meaney

Keiko O'Brien                                                               Rosalind Chao

Jake Sisko                                                                   Cirroc Lofton

Quark (Bar Owner)                                                      Armin Shimerman

Lwaxana Troi                                                               Majel Barrett

Star Trek: Voyager – 1995-2001 (172 episodes)

Set during the 2370s and follows the adventures of the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager, which becomes stranded in the Delta Quadrant while searching for a renegade Maquis ship. The result is that Voyager has to make the estimated 75-year journey home whilst crewed by a mixture of Starfleet personnel and Maquis rebels.

Pilot episode: "Caretaker"

Series finale: "Endgame”

The Doctor is an Emergency Medical Hologram.

Kathryn Janeway (Captain)                                         Kate Mulgrew

Chakotay (First Officer)                                               Robert Beltran

Tuvok (Second/Security/Tactical Officer)                   Tim Russ

Tom Paris (Helmsman/Medic)                                     Robert Duncan McNeill

B'Elanna Torres (Chief Engineer)                               Roxann Dawson

Harry Kim (Operations Officer)                                    Garrett Wang

The Doctor (Chief Medical Officer)                             Robert Picardo

Neelix (Cook)                                                               Ethan Phillips

Kes (Nurse)                                                                 Jennifer Lien

Seven of Nine (Annika Hansen)                                  Jeri Ryan

Reginald Barclay                                                         Dwight Schultz

Star Trek: Enterprise (ST: ENT)2001-2005 (98 episodes)

A prequel to the Original Series.

The theme song, "Where My Heart Will Take Me", was written by Diane Warren and sung by Russell Watson (so non-instrumental!). It was originally written for the film Patch Adams, where it was sung by Rod Stewart and titled "Faith of the Heart".

Set aboard the Enterprise NX-01, Earth's first starship designed for long-range exploration of the galaxy and the first to be Warp 5-capable.

It covers the period from 2151 (115 years before the Original Series) and 2161 when the United Federation of Planets is founded.

First episode: “Broken Bow”

Final episode:"These Are the Voyages..."

The main antagonists are Klingons, Romulans, Suliban (some of whom are members of the Cabal, involved with the Temporal Cold War and taking orders from the future) and Xindi (a terrorist enemy bent on annihilating humanity).

Archer’s dog is a beagle named Porthos.

Captain Jonathan Archer                                             Scott Bakula

T'Pol (Science Officer)                                                Jolene Blalock

Charles "Trip" Tucker III (Chief Engineer)                   Connor Trinneer

Malcolm Reed (Tactical Officer)                                  Dominic Keating

Hoshi Sato (communications officer)                          Linda Park

Travis Mayweather (helm)                                           Anthony Montgomery

Dr. Phlox (Chief Medical Officer)                                John Billingsley

Stephen Spielberg’s Amazing Stories – 1985-1987 (45 episodes)

This was a fantasy, horror, and science fiction anthology series created by Steven Spielberg.

Stitchers – 2015-

A secret government agency "stitches" Kirsten Clark into the memories of the recently deceased in order to solve murders and other mysteries.

Kirsten Clark                                             Emma Ishta

Cameron Goodkin                                    Kyle Harris

Linus Ahluwalia                                         Ritesh Rajan

Marguerite "Maggie" Baptiste                   Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Camille Engelson                                      Allison Scagliotti

Detective Quincy Fisher                           Damon Dayoub

Stone Tape, The – BBC 1972

A one-off play written by Nigel Kneale. A team of scientists move into their new research facility, a renovated Victorian mansion that has a reputation for being haunted. Whilst investigating the phenomena they unleash a dark malevolent force.

Peter Brock                                               Michael Bryant

Jill Greeley                                                Jane Asher

Roy Collinson                                            Iain Cuthbertson

Eddie Holmes                                           Michael Bates

Strain, The – 2014-

Created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name.

A worm borne virus which transforms people into vampires ravages across New York.

Dr. Ephraim "Eph" Goodweather              Corey Stoll

Professor Abraham Setrakian                  David Bradley

Dr. Nora Martinez                                     Mía Maestro

Vasiliy Fet                                                 Kevin Durand

Eldritch Palmer                                         Jonathan Hyde

Thomas Eichhorst                                     Richard Sammel

Jim Kent                                                    Sean Astin

Gabriel Bolivar/The Master                       Jack Kesy

Kelly Goodweather                                   Natalie Brown

Augustin "Gus" Elizalde                            Miguel Gomez

Dutch Velders                                           Ruta Gedmintas

Mr. Quinlan                                               Rupert Penry-Jones

Strange – BBC 2003

A former priest hunts down demons.

John Strange                                            Richard Coyle

Toby                                                          Andrew-Lee Potts

Kevin                                                         Timmy Lang

Jude                                                          Samantha Janus

Joey                                                          William Tomlin

Canon Black                                             Ian Richardson

(The Adventures of) Superboy – 1988-1992

A version of Superman’s early life which involved numerous cast and location changes during its run. (It was renamed The Adventures of Superboy in Season 4). Originally set at Shuster University (a nod to Superman co-creator Jerry Shuster) it moved on to Clark and Lana being interns at a government agency - The Bureau for Extra-Normal Matters. In addition to Lex Luthor (originally Clark’s classmate at Uni) the show gradually introduced some of the well-known villains such as Mister Mxyzptlk (Michael J. Pollard) and Metallo.

Noel Neill and Jack Larson (who portrayed Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen on the 1950s TV series Adventures of Superman (see below) made guest appearances.

Clark Kent/Superboy (Season 1)             John Haymes Newton

Clark Kent/Superboy (Season 2-4)          Gerard Christopher

Lana Lang                                                 Stacy Haiduk

Jonathan Kent                                           Stuart Whitman

Martha Kent                                              Salome Jens

Lex Luthor (Season 1)                              Scott James Wells

Lex Luthor (Season 2-4)                           Sherman Howard

Professor Peterson                                   George Chakiris

Supergirl – 2015-

Superman’s biological cousin, Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth as a 13-year-old to protect the infant Kal-El but her spacecraft was diverted into the Phantom Zone by a shock wave from Krypton's explosion. She eventually landed on Earth still aged 13 despite 24 years having passed since she was launched into space. She is adopted by Superman’s friends, the Danvers, who already have a daughter, Alex.

The series begins with Kara working as a PA for media mogul Cat Grant and having to reveal her powers (as Supergirl) when her sister’s life is threatened in a plane crash. Kara then begins to help her adoptive sister, Alex, as part of the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO).

The series is set in National City.

Dean Cain (Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (see above)) plays Kara’s late adoptive father Jeremiah Danvers and Helen Slater (who played Supergirl in the 1984 film of that name and Lara-El in Smallville (see above)) plays her adoptive mother Eliza Danvers.

Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl        Melissa Benoist

James Olsen                                             Mehcad Brooks

Alex Danvers                                            Chyler Leigh

Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr                        Jeremy Jordan

Hank Henshaw/J'onn J'onzz                    David Harewood

Cat Grant                                                  Calista Flockhart

Alura Zor-El and Astra In-Ze                    Laura Benanti

Eliza Danvers                                            Helen Slater

Jeremiah Danvers                                    Dean Cain

Maxwell Lord                                             Peter Facinelli

(The Adventures of) Superman – 1952-1958

The first screen appearance of the Man of Steel.

Superman's usual enemies from the comic books such as Lex Luthor, The Prankster, Toyman, and Mister Mxyzptlk did not make an appearance in the series.

The series was cancelled following the deaths of both Reeves and John Hamilton.

Noel Neill had a cameo in the 1978 film Superman as Lois Lane's mother.

Phyllis Coates played Lois Lane's mother in an episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (see above).

Noel Neill played the multi-millionaire dying wife of Lex Luthor and Jack Larson was a bartender in the 2006 film Superman Returns.

Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El                    George Reeves

Lois Lane                                                  Phyllis Coates (Season 1)

Lois Lane                                                  Noel Neill (Season 2-6)

Jimmy Olsen                                             Jack Larson

Perry White                                               John Hamilton

Inspector Henderson                                Robert Shayne

Supernatural – 2005- (227 episodes)

The Winchester brothers hunt down evil supernatural creatures, mostly demons.

Sam Winchester                                       Jared Padalecki

Dean Winchester                                      Jensen Ackles

Survivors – BBC 1975-1977

A group of people survive an accidentally released plague ("The Death") – which kills nearly the entire human population of the planet.

Abby Grant                                                Carolyn Seymour

Charles Vaughan                                      Denis Lill

Greg Preston                                            Ian McCulloch

Jenny Richards                                         Lucy Fleming

Survivors – BBC 2008-2010

A group of people survive a viral pandemic ("European Flu") which kills nearly the entire human population of the planet.

Apparently this was not a remake of the above 1975 series of the same name but based on the novel based on the above television series (both written by Terry Nation).

Roger Lloyd-Pack was the only actor to appear in both the 1975 and 2008 series.

Abby Grant                                                Julie Graham

Tom Price                                                  Max Beesley

Greg Preston                                            Paterson Joseph

Dr. Anya Raczynski                                  Zoe Tapper

Al Sadiq                                                     Phillip Rhys

Najid Hanif. Najid                                      Chahak Patel

Sarah Boyer                                              Robyn Addison

Taken – 2002

Aka Steven Spielberg Presents Taken.

Humans are abducted and implanted by aliens in an attempt to create a human/alien hybrid. The series focuses on 3 families (Clarkes, Crawfords and Keys) over 5 decades (1944-2002).

Allie Keys                                                  Dakota Fanning

Dr. Chet Wakeman                                   Matt Frewer

Lisa Clarke                                                Emily Bergl

Mary Crawford                                          Heather Donahue

Colonel Owen Crawford                           Joel Gretsch

Charlie Keys                                             Adam Kaufman

Tales from the Crypt – 1989-1996

A horror anthology series with most of the content taken from the 1950s comic book of the same name and similar publications.

Tales from the Darkside – 1984-1988

An anthology horror, science fiction and fantasy series created by George A. Romero.

Tales of the Unexpected – ITV 1979-1988

Aka Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, the series originally used various stories from Roald Dahl's anthology books but later series used other writers and the name was changed to Tales of the Unexpected – Introduced by Roald Dahl (although he stopped doing an intro in Season 3). In the US, John Houseman eventually replaced Dahl as the opening narrator.

TekWar – 1994-1996

Aka William Shatner’s TekWar.

Set in 2045, a disgraced (but framed) cop works to try and clear his name and battle the Tek Lords who deal in tek (an illicit narcotic-like substance).

Jake Cardigan                                           Greg Evigan

Sid Gomez                                                Eugene Clark

Centra                                                       Catherine Blythe

Beth Kittridge                                            Torri Higginson

Nika                                                           Natalie Radford

Sam Houston                                            Maria del Mar

Walter Bascom                                         William Shatner

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – 2008-2009

A spin-off from the Terminator series of films which picks up the story following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (but ignoring the events of the next films in the franchise).

Sarah Connor                                           Lena Headey

John Connor                                             Thomas Dekker

Cameron                                                   Summer Glau

James Ellison                                            Richard T. Jones

Derek Reese                                             Brian Austin Green

Riley Dawson                                            Leven Rambin

Cromartie/John Henry                              Garret Dillahunt

Catherine Weaver                                     Shirley Manson

Terra Nova – 2011

A temporal rift enables people from an overpopulated and dying Earth of 2149 to travel back to a Cretaceous like period of an alternate Earth and establish a colony.

James "Jim" Shannon                              Jason O'Mara

Dr. Elisabeth Shannon                              Shelley Conn

Josh Shannon                                           Landon Liboiron

Maddy Shannon                                        Naomi Scott

Zoë Shannon                                            Alana Mansour

Mira                                                           Christine Adams

Skye Alexandria Tate                               Allison Miller

Dr. Malcolm Wallace                                 Rod Hallett

Commander Nathaniel Taylor                  Stephen Lang

Time Tunnel, The – 1966-1967

Project Tic-Toc is set-up to construct a time machine but is threatened with closure unless it is tested. Tony Newman sends himself into time and project leader Doug Phillips follows shortly after to rescue him. The result is that they are both lost in time, switching between time periods with episodes covering both the past and the future including Tony and Doug become participants of notable past events like the sinking of the Titanic (episode 1), the attack on Pearl Harbor, the eruption of Krakatoa and Custer's Last Stand.

Intro: “Two American scientists are lost in the swirling maze of past and future ages, during the first experiments on America's greatest and most secret project, the Time Tunnel. Tony Newman and Doug Phillips now tumble helplessly toward a new fantastic adventure, somewhere along the infinite corridors of time.”

Dr. Douglas Phillips                                  Robert Colbert

Dr. Anthony Newman                               James Darren

Lt. General Heywood Kirk                        Whit Bissell

Dr. Raymond Swain                                  John Zaremba

Dr. Ann MacGregor                                  Lee Meriwether

Tin Man – 2007

A miniseries which took the Wizard of Oz story and added science fiction elements. A small-town waitress named DG is pulled into a magical realm called the O.Z., ruled by the tyrannical sorceress Azkadellia.

Glitch (=Scarecrow)                                                                 Alan Cumming

DG (=Dorothy Gale)                                                                Zooey Deschanel

The Mystic Man (=the Wizard of Oz)                                      Richard Dreyfuss

"Lavender Eyes" (=Glinda the Good Witch of the South)       Anna Galvin

Tutor (=Toto, the dog)                                                             Blu Mankuma

Wyatt Cain (=Tin Man)                                                            Neal McDonough

Azkadellia (=Wicked Witch of the West)                                 Kathleen Robertson

Raw (=the Cowardly Lion)                                                       Raoul Trujillo

Torchwood – BBC 2006-2011

A Doctor Who spin-off series (Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who). The Victorian Torchwood Institute, featured in the Doctor Who episode "Tooth and Claw".

Torchwood is a covert organisation based in Cardiff which investigates extraterrestrial incidents and acquires alien technology for its own use.

Series 3 was called Torchwood: Children of Earth and was a single storyline. Having been given 12 children as a tribute in 1965, aliens called the 4-5-6 arrive in the present demanding a greater share of the Earth's population.

Series 4 was called Torchwood: Miracle Day. Also a single plot-line – on Miracle Day, death ceases and Jack and Gwen seek to restore it.

Jack Harkness                                          John Barrowman

Gwen Cooper                                            Eve Myles

Ianto Jones (series 1–3)                           Gareth David-Lloyd

Owen Harper (series 1–2)                        Burn Gorman

Toshiko Sato (series 1–2)                        Naoko Mori

Rhys Williams                                           Kai Owen

Rex Matheson (series 4)                          Mekhi Phifer

Esther Drummond (series 4)                    Alexa Havins

Oswald Danes                                          Bill Pullman

Traveller in Time, A – BBC 1978

The series was based on the 1939 Allison Uttley novel of the same name.

When Penelope goes to live with her aunt she finds herself travelling back in time to witness the Babbington family trying to rescue Mary, Queen of Scots.

Penelope                                                   Sophie Thompson

Uncle Barnabus                                        Gerald James

Aunt Tissie                                                Elizabeth Bradley

Tabitha                                                      Sarah Benfield

Francis Babington                                     Simon Gipps-Kent

Mistress Babington                                   Mary Maude

Tru Calling – 2003-2005

Tru Davies is working in the city morgue when a woman’s corpse appears to wake up and ask for her help. She then discovers that she can relive the previous day and try to prevent the death from happening.

Tru Davies                                                Eliza Dushku

Harrison Davies                                        Shawn Reaves

Davis                                                         Zach Galifianakis

Lindsey Walker                                         A.J. Cook

Luc Johnston                                            Matt Bomer

Meredith Davies                                        Jessica Collins

Gardez                                                      Benjamín Benítez

Jack Harper                                              Jason Priestley

True Blood – 2008-2014

The series was based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris.

Set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, half faerie, telepathic, Sookie works as a waitress two years after a scientific discovery of a type of synthetic blood (“Tru Blood”) enables vampires to co-exist with humans.

Sookie Stackhouse                                   Anna Paquin

Bill Compton                                             Stephen Moyer

Sam Merlotte                                            Sam Trammell

Jason Stackhouse                                    Ryan Kwanten

Tara Thornton                                           Rutina Wesley

Eric Northman                                           Alexander Skarsgård

Lafayette Reynolds                                   Nelsan Ellis

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur                           Carrie Preston

Andy Bellefleur                                          Chris Bauer

Hoyt Fortenberry                                       Jim Parrack

Twilight Zone, The – 1959-1964

This was a science fiction anthology series of unrelated stories depicting disturbing or unusual events with each story typically featuring a moral and a surprise ending.

Opening series narration: “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.”

UFO – ITV 1970-1971

Live action series created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson.

In 1980 a secret, high-technology international agency called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation) is established to defend Earth and humanity against an alien invasion, of which the masses are unaware.

Cmdr. Ed Straker                                      Ed Bishop

Nina Barry                                                 Dolores Mantez

Col. Paul Foster                                        Michael Billington

SHADO Operative                                    Ayshea Brough

Col. Alec Freeman                                    George Sewell

Lt. Keith Ford                                            Keith Alexander

Joan Harrington                                        Antonia Ellis

Lt. Gay Ellis                                               Gabrielle Drake

Col. Virginia Lake                                     Wanda Ventham

Ultraviolet – Channel 4 1998

A secret paramilitary organisation supported by the British government and the Vatican is tasked with hunting down vampires.

Vampires are known as “Code Five” (Five =V=Vampire) or leeeches.

Detective Sergeant Michael Colefield      Jack Davenport

Dr. Angela March                                      Susannah Harker

Vaughan Rice                                           Idris Elba

Father Pearse J. Harman                         Philip Quast

Kirsty                                                         Colette Brown

Frances                                                     Fiona Dolman

Under the Dome – 2013-2015

The small town of Chester's Mill is cut off from the outside world by a giant, transparent, seemingly indestructible dome.

Dale "Barbie"                                            Barbara Mike Vogel         

Julia Shumway                                          Rachelle Lefevre 

Linda Esquivel                                          Natalie Martinez  

Angie McAlister                                         Britt Robertson    

"Junior" Rennie                                         Alexander Koch   

Phil Bushey                                               Nicholas Strong   

Joe McAlister                                            Colin Ford

Dodee Weaver                                          Jolene Purdy       

Carolyn Hill                                               Aisha Hinds         

"Big Jim" Rennie                                      Dean Norris         

Norrie Calvert-Hill                                     Mackenzie Lintz   

Sam Verdreaux                                         Eddie Cahill         

Undermind – ITV 1965

It is discovered that aliens are using high frequency signals to brainwash people - into committing subversive acts as a prelude to a full-scale invasion.

Drew Heriot                                               Jeremy Wilkin

Ann Heriot                                                 Rosemary Nicols

Uninvited, The – 1997

The village of Sweet Hope falls into the sea and its 200 inhabitants are replaced by aliens.

Steve Blake                                               Douglas Hodge

Chief Supt. Philip Gates                           Leslie Grantham

Melissa Gates                                           Lia Williams

Joanna Ball                                               Sylvestra Le Touzel

James Wilson                                           David Allister

Urban Gothic – Channel 5 2000-2001

A series of seemingly unrelated stories set in London where an underlying storyline is eventually revealed.

Kali Cunningham                                      Ania Sowinski

Rachel Winter                                           Kelle Spry

Milton                                                        William Mannering

Severin                                                      Terrence Hardiman

V – 1983 miniseries, 1984 sequel (The Final Battle) and a 1985 TV series

The 1983 miniseries was followed by a sequel V (The Final Battle), from which the events of the 1985 series followed.

A genocidal alien race of reptilian humanoids disguised as human beings and known as the "Visitors" (hence “V” or alternatively “V” for Victory by the Resistance movement) try to take over Earth.

The story was underpinned with the aliens approach to conquering the Earth having a similarity to the workings of the Nazis.

Diana                                                         Jane Badler

Mike Donovan                                           Marc Singer

Lydia                                                         June Chadwick

Pamela                                                      Sarah Douglas

John                                                          Richard Herd

Elizabeth Maxwell                                     Jennifer Cooke

Willie                                                         Robert Englund

Dr. Julie Parrish                                        Faye Grant

Kyle Bates                                                 Jeff Yagher

Ham Tyler                                                 Michael Ironside

Nathan Bates                                            Lane Smith

Robin Maxwell                                          Blair Tefkin

Robert Maxwell                                         Michael Durrell

Elias Taylor                                               Michael Wright

Father Andrew Doyle                                Thomas Hill

V – 2009-2011

A remake of the above 1983 miniseries.

Erica Evans                                               Elizabeth Mitchell

Ryan Nichols                                             Morris Chestnut

Father Jack Landry                                   Joel Gretsch

Tyler Evans                                               Logan Huffman

Valerie Stevens                                         Lourdes Benedicto

Lisa                                                           Laura Vandervoort

Kyle Hobbes                                             Charles Mesure

Anna                                                          Morena Baccarin

Chad Decker                                             Scott Wolf

Vampire Diaries, The – 2009- (142 episodes)

A series based on the book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith.

Set in Mystic Falls, Virginia, a small town haunted and surrounded by supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves and witches. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert, a teenage girl who falls for Stefan, a 162-year-old vampire.

Stefan Salvatore                                       Paul Wesley

Damon Salvatore                                      Ian Somerhalder

Bonnie Bennett                                         Kat Graham

Caroline Forbes                                        Candice King

Matt Donovan                                           Zach Roerig

Tyler Lockwood                                         Michael Trevino

Elena Gilbert                                             Nina Dobrev

Jeremy Gilbert                                          Steven R. McQueen

Vanishing Man, The – ITV 1998

When Nick Cameron is sent to prison he is subjected to experiments, and finds that after contact with water he becomes invisible.

Nick Cameron                                           Neil Morrissey

Ms. Jeffries                                               Jill Baker

Sara                                                          Helen Grace

Visitor, The – 1997-1998

Adam McArthur is abducted by extraterrestrials and returns to Earth 50 years later to help improve life for humanity.

Adam MacArthur                                       John Corbett

Agent Douglas Wilcox                              Grand L. Bush

Agent Nicholas LaRue                              Leon Rippy

Agent Craig Van Patten                            John Storey

Colonel James Vise                                  Steve Railsback

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea – 1964-1968 (110 episodes)

A series based on the 1961 film of the same name.

The futuristic nuclear submarine S.S.R.N. Seaview is based at the Nelson Institute of Marine Research (NIMR) in Santa Barbara, California. Its mission is to explore the oceans whilst at the same time battle threats from foreign governments, sea monsters and aliens.

Admiral Harriman Nelson                                            Richard Basehart

Commander Lee Crane                                               David Hedison

Lieutenant Commander Chip Morton                          Bob Dowdell

Lieutenant Commander O'Brien                                  Derrik Lewis

Chief "Curly" Jones                                                     Henry Kulky

Chief Petty Officer Francis Ethelbert Sharkey            Terry Becker

Kowalski                                                                       Del Monroe

Sparks                                                                          Arch Whiting

Patterson                                                                     Paul Trinka

Walking Dead, The – 2010-

After sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies - "walkers" and "biters" who spread an unknown pathogen by biting and eating everything in their path. He reunites with his family and becomes the leader of a group of other survivors.

Set in and around Atlanta and later in Virginia.

Rick Grimes                                              Andrew Lincoln

Shane Walsh                                            Jon Bernthal

Lori Grimes                                               Sarah Wayne Callies

Andrea                                                      Laurie Holden

Dale Horvath                                             Jeffrey DeMunn

Glenn Rhee                                               Steven Yeun

Carl Grimes                                               Chandler Riggs

Daryl Dixon                                               Norman Reedus

Carol Peletier                                            Melissa McBride

Merle Dixon                                               Michael Rooker

Morgan Jones                                           Lennie James

Maggie Greene                                         Lauren Cohan

Michonne                                                  Danai Gurira

Warehouse 13 – 2009-2014

Secret Service agents Lattimer and Bering are transferred to work in Warehouse 13, a repository of supernatural artifacts in South Dakota. The first such Warehouse was established by Alexander the Great in 323BC and since then the Warehouse has repeatedly relocated to stand in the most powerful empire of the day, under the reasoning that it will be best defended there.

Each artifact has been imbued with something from its creator, user, or a major event in history but any use of an artifact can also have a downside – W. C. Fields' juggling balls induce drunkenness and blackouts.

Artie Nielsen                                             Saul Rubinek       

Pete Lattimer                                            Eddie McClintock

Myka Bering                                              Joanne Kelly        

Claudia Donovan                                      Allison Scagliotti  

Steve Jinks                                               Aaron Ashmore   

Leena                                                        Genelle Williams  

Mrs. Irene Frederick                                 C. C. H. Pounder 

James MacPherson                                  Roger Rees         

Helena G. Wells                                        Jaime Murray       

Jane Lattimer                                            Kate Mulgrew      

Dr. Vanessa Calder                                  Lindsay Wagner  

Wayward Pines – 2015-

Based on the Wayward Pines novels by Blake Crouch.

U.S. Secret Service agent Ethan Burke finds himself trapped and unable to leave the mysterious small town of Wayward Pines, Idaho whilst investigating the disappearance of two fellow agents. Any attempt to escape is punished by a public execution known as a "reckoning."

Ethan Burke                                              Matt Dillon

Kate Hewson                                            Carla Gugino

David Pilcher                                             Toby Jones

Theresa Burke                                          Shannyn Sossamon

Harold Ballinger                                        Reed Diamond

Adam Hassler                                           Tim Griffin

Ben Burke                                                 Charlie Tahan

Beverly                                                      Juliette Lewis

Pamela "Pam" Pilcher                              Melissa Leo

Sheriff Arnold Pope                                  Terrence Howard

Wonder Woman – 1975-1979

Based on the DC Comics super-hero. An Amazon from Paradise Island in the Bermuda Triangle, she has bullet-deflecting bracelets and also receives a golden lasso which is unbreakable and forces people to obey and tell the truth when bound with it. She transforms her clothes magically into her uniform by spinning (although this effect was changed on occasion during the run).

The first series was set in the 1940s with Wonder Woman usually pitted against Nazis. The latter two series were set in the 1970s (Wonder Woman doesn’t age very quickly!). Her sidekick in the 1970s was the son of her 1940s colleague Steve Trevor (who was luckily virtually identical to his father).

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman                  Lynda Carter

Major Steve Trevor (and his son)             Lyle Waggoner

X-Files, The – 1993-2001 (202 episodes) + 2016

“The Truth is Out There”.

Sceptic Scully is assigned to make scientific analyses in order to help fellow FBI special agent Mulder in investigating X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder’s unwavering belief in the paranormal springs from the abduction of his sister, Samantha, by extraterrestrials when he was 12. Initially Scully is a sceptic but eventually becomes a "reluctant believer" who manages to explain the paranormal with science.

A further 6 new episodes were broadcast in 2016.

Fox Mulder                                                David Duchovny

Dana Scully                                               Gillian Anderson

Walter Skinner                                          Mitch Pileggi

John Doggett                                            Robert Patrick

Monica Reyes                                           Annabeth Gish

The Smoking Man                                    William B. Davis

Alex Krycek                                               Nicholas Lea

Xena: Warrior Princess – 1995-2001 (134 episodes)

A spin-off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (see above), the series follows Xena on a quest to seek redemption for her past sins against the innocent by fighting for the greater good. She is accompanied by Gabrielle, a farm girl who eventually becomes Xena's comrade-in-arms.

Xena                                                          Lucy Lawless

Gabrielle                                                    Renee O'Connor

Joxer                                                         Ted Raimi

Ares                                                           Kevin Smith

Callisto                                                      Hudson Leick